Time for a Challenge – Wellness Overview

The 28 day wellness challenge has come to an end. In this article I'll let you know my results and how I feel as a result.

My 28 day wellness challenge has now come to an end. As promised last week I am checking in with you to give you an overview and my thoughts on it as a whole.

Lady walking in nature
Walking in nature helps wellness

Wellness Overview and Recap

So, the challenge was to try intermittent fasting for 28 days. I also decided to add in a few more tasks! For example – practice Qi Gong and meditation daily, drink more water (at least 2 litres per day) and aim for 5 km or 10,000 steps daily.

If you have read the other blog posts you will see that Week 1 went well. Week 2 wasn’t bad and then Week 3 could have been better. Week 4 has just ended and to be honest it was decent enough.

Last week just flew in. I honestly can’t believe how quickly it went. It feels like 2 minutes since I wrote the last post, yet a lot has happened.

Rising energy

Personally I have noticed a distinct rise in energy. I know that there is a lot of cosmic energy at the moment too. I follow the very wonderful Elizabeth Peru. She reports daily on the cosmic weather. You can check her out here on her website if you like.

Alongside my daily Qi Gong and meditation practice, I read her Tip Off each day. I have started to journal about it and note the important energy days in my diary. This has really helped me tune into my own energy and intuition. As a result, from a wellness point of view, I feel great.

Now that we are into September, can you feel the new energy? I was speaking to my shamanic students at the weekend. Quite a few mentioned that it felt like a new year. Maybe it is because the new school year has started, who knows?

For me, it feels more uplifting this month. I can feel the feminine energy rising and I feel urged to get things done. I have learned to call back my energy and work with my chi. This greatly helps wellness on all levels.

Woman meditating for wellness
Meditation – the key to wellness

Daily practice

If this challenge has given me anything, it is the dedicated daily practice of tuning into myself. As a wellness advisor I know the benefits of this, but we don’t always practice what we preach, do we?

Over the last 28 days I have dedicated time every day to some form of meditation. For at least 24 of the 28 days I have practised Qi Gong for at least 20 minutes. Because I’ve been working with energy, I am thirsty. This has helped me drink more water – often much more than the 2 litre target.

Due to drinking more water, I have noticed I am less hungry. I am learning to listen to my body. To notice the difference between hunger and thirst. Because I am trying to walk more, often in the evenings, I have shifted my routine.

Instead of sitting on the sofa in front of the telly, I am out walking. Initially I thought morning walks were best. However, I have noticed that evening walks have wellness benefits too. They allow you to set down the day’s events. By walking in the evening you get fresh air and better sleep.

Going forward

Going forward, I intend to keep up my daily wellness practices. Whilst I didn’t miraculously lose a lot of weight, I did shed 5 lbs in total. That is definitely a win.

Overall, this challenge has allowed me to look within a little more. That has helped me tune into my own inner sat nav. I feel guided by my energy and my body’s innate wisdom.

I feel the coming months will be huge from a cosmic energy point of view. As we move out of the energy of 2020 and into the Aquarian age, life will shift. The more we can tune into our own energy, the more we can remain grounded and in our power.

I have found myself saying, “Look after your own energy and the ripple will change your world”. What I mean by this, is that if we choose to focus on our energy. Focus on what makes us feel good and we put positive energy into the world as a result, then this extends outwards. Like a ripple in a pond. The energy vibe moves and shifts. As a result, so does your reality and your world.

What are your thoughts?

I would love to hear your thoughts? How are you feeling as September gets into full swing? Are you buoyed up with the energy or are you feeling tired?

Remember that you are your life’s work. Do something each day that makes you feel good. Need some help with that? Then please do get in touch. It is my mission to help people feel good in mind, body and spirit. For more information about the services on offer, please visit www.rocksnrituals.co.uk.

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Much love,

Debi x

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