Time for a Challenge – Week 4

It is the final week of my 28 day challenge. This week I let my inner child out to play. Good energy means good fun!

So here I am in week 4 of my challenge. I’ll be checking in with you this time next week to let you know how it went. For now, let me tell you how week 3 was.

Recap of Week 3

Week 3 went quite well. I must confess that I did slip off the healthy eating wagon though! After all, it was a bank holiday weekend and my anniversary. Excuses? Yes, probably!

I did practice Qi Gong and meditation every day though and I did drink enough water. So that’s good right?

Unfortunately I didn’t quite hit my step target of 10,000 steps per day. However, I think that is down to two reasons. Reason 1 – I don’t have a wearable step counter, I use my phone. Reason 2 – Work was busy and the weather wasn’t great.

Inner Child for Week 4

I did let my inner child out to play. On bank holiday Monday, my partner and I went to Slieve Gullion Forest Park. It is a magical forest park just outside Newry, County Down.

Entrance to the Fairy Kingdom, Slieve Gullion during week 4 of the challenge
Careful not to tread on the fairies!

Not only did I get my step count up, I also had fun. Having fun is so important. I love all things magical and being in this forest park really sparked my imagination.

We enjoyed a picnic, time in nature and lots of fairies! Best day ever and a great start to week 4 of the challenge.

Moving into Week 4

I am now into my final week of the challenge. I weighed myself as usual yesterday morning. No change. Not great, but at least no gain.

I went out walking just before dusk last night to my local forest park. The energy of the woods is amazing. I love the betwixt and between times. Dawn and dusk, don’t you?

As Autumn comes in I feel my energy naturally rise. This is my favourite season. So now I am determined to make this last week a good one. Today I’ve already done an hour’s Qi Gong and a 15 minute meditation. Tonight I intend to go for a walk. My plan was to go early this morning to catch the sunrise on the beach. However the weather had other plans and I decided not to go. The rain was lashing down. Apparently it is to be better later so sunset walk instead!

Change of priority

To be honest when I started this challenge, I wanted to lose weight. I have lost 4-5 pounds which is great. It’s not quite as much as I wanted to shift but I have other benefits. My energy levels are higher than before. As well as that, my skin is better and sleep has improved. My mind is clearer and I just feel better inside. This has definitely been worth doing, and I will keep it up.

As a mind, body and spirit wellness advisor, I know the importance of good energy. This challenge has cleaned up my energy. My mood is better and all in all it has give me a boost.

I’ll let you know next week how this final week of the challenge goes. For now, I must go and do some work. Online courses don’t write themselves! And training manuals for in person courses also don’t magically materialise. Maybe I should have asked the fairies to help?!

What about you?

Please do let me know how you are as we move into Autumn. Do you like this time of year? What intentions are you setting as the seasons shift and we move into the last part of 2020?

Leave me a comment and let me know. Please remember to like and follow the blog to be kept up to date when new posts are released.

Much love, Debi x

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