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Hey, you’ve found this page because you’ve likely seen the “link in bio” section on one of my social media accounts or you are looking for ways of working with me.

This is a quick and simple place to find all the ways you can work with me and see some recommended resources as well!

You will also find the link to joining my mailing list where you’ll always be the first to know about what’s coming up.

I’ve also dropped my social media links so you can make sure you are following me on your favourite platform.

You’ll also find freebies I have on offer along with special events that are coming up.

And you can, obviously, also check out the rest of the website while you’re here!

So have a look around, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for – shoot a message to and one of the team will point you in the right direction!

Can’t wait to work with you!

Debi x


Community Spaces & More!

Voxer Days give you access to me during normal working hours via an app called Voxer, which is just like WhatsApp, only better!

We will arrange in advance what you want to work on and you can chat to me throughout the day, dropping questions and thoughts for me to respond to.

Voxer Days give you time and space to work through the things we are working on rather than forcing you to sit for a Zoom session.

This way we both get the best out of each other and you get headspace to work with me throughout the entire day.

Packages can also be arranged for longer than 1 day if you wish. Ask for details!

Deep Healing Sessions allow you 2 hours with me in person or via an online call. 

We will work on the prevalent issue that is bothering you and with a mixture of mentoring, coaching, healing and cards, we will get you feeling better and on the road to health, happiness and confidence once again.

Perfect for you if you are going through a relationship breakdown, negative thought patterns, work changes or if you are simply in need of doing the deep inner work that helps you become who you were meant to be!

Get in touch and book your healing session with me today – due to the deep nature of these sessions I recommend committing to a minimum of 3 sessions to get the very best out of your healing journey.

90 Minute Clarity sessions use a mixture of coaching and card reading to help you get to the bottom of any issue that is holding you back.

Perfect when life has thrown you a curve ball or if you need objective eyes on a project you are working on.

Leave the session feeling lighter and brighter – with a clear plan of action for how to move things forward.

You can also bundle these sessions into longer coaching packages of 3, 6 or 12 months – so please do ask for details if this is something you would like to explore. Monthly mentoring and coaching retainers are available – let’s talk about whether it is a good fit for you!