Our upcoming events are detailed on this page and it is regularly updated as events are added. Please note dates may be subject to change.

Reiki Share

Level 1 Reiki

Level 1 Courses are offered periodically throughout the year. This is the foundation and starting point for your Reiki Journey

23 January 2021

Reiki Hands

Level 2 Reiki Practitioner

This course leads on from Level 1 and deepens your knowledge, introducing you to sacred symbols and remote healing

21 November 2020


Level 3 Reiki Master

This 2 day course will take you to Reiki Master level. You must have completed Levels 1 and 2 before taking this class

22/23 November 2020


Art of Crystal Healing - Level 1

Crystals have been used since ancient times for healing purposes and you will learn how to unlock their secrets for your own personal benefit in this wonderful course

16 January 2021

Art of Crystal Healing - Level 2

Learn about crystal wands and repair leaks or blocks in your energy field. You will uncover the secrets of sacred geometry and learn how to harness the power of crystal grids

20 March 2021


Art of Crystal Healing - Level 3

In this advanced workshop, about practising crystal healing in a professional realm, you will learn about colour energy, ethics & contra-indications to crystal healing work

22 May 2021


8 Week Beginners Tarot Classes

Learn how to understand and connect with the ancient art of the Tarot in this 8 week beginners’ course. Runs weekly for 8 weeks

Starts Monday 3rd February 2021


4 Week Intermediate Tarot Course

Understand the need for good questions and powerful spreads and layouts. This 4 week course deepens your tarot knowledge.

Starts Monday 3rd May 2021

Tarot Cards

4 Week Advanced Tarot Course

This 4 week course delves into Astrology and the Tarot plus using the cards for manifestation and vision boarding.

Starts Monday 7th June 2021