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About Crystals & Healing

Our world is rapidly changing and quite often we feel the need to find more peace and harmony in our increasingly hectic lives. A fantastic way to do this is to harness the power and beauty of the mineral kingdom. The natural world is a delicate ecosystem where everything is balanced and inter-connected. If we upset the balance of any of nature’s kingdoms we end up suffering from our actions. The human body is the same – we are not just a physical body – we are much more than that. We are made up from energy and our mind, body and spirit are are connected – just as we are also connected with the Earth and the natural world around us.

Everything in the universe is interconnected, from the smallest grain of sand on Earth to the largest planet. We are all made of the same atoms and minerals. Crystals take millions of years to form within the mineral kingdom, soaking up the subtle energies and vibrations of the Earth and the rays of the sun. It is therefore reasonable to assume that gemstones and crystals which come from the Earth can work with our bodies on a sub-atomic or spiritual level to help rebalance or heal.

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Auras & Chakras

You may have heard of the aura – this is like the body’s atmosphere. Just like looking at Earth from space and seeing the haze of the atmosphere that surrounds it, we also have a haze or aura that surrounds our physical bodies. The aura is actually many different layers of energy bodies which extend outwards from us. Have you ever felt someone invade your space by standing a few feet away or perhaps have you walked into a room and felt the residual energy of a recent argument? What about when you rub your hands together and then bring them slowly apart and back together again over and over – can you feel a resistance there between your palms? This is the subtle energy of the aura. Life force energy (Chi, Prana, Qi) runs through our bodies and through our auras. The aura’s main function is to collect energy and break it down into its elements and send it to the chakras.

Chakras are the body’s energy centres. There are 7 widely accepted major chakras: Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown. Each resonate with an energy that relates to a specific colour – Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. Others colours can be used such as Clear Quartz for the Crown for example. We can then use these colours with crystals of the same colour plus music to help balance and re-align our energy centres to promote health and well-being. It is thought that when our chakras are out of balance that our bodies manifest illness or ailments.

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A typical crystal therapy session costs £40 with Shannon Barr. You should allow one hour for your treatment which will include a consultation so that the correct crystals are used for you as well as aura clearing and balancing.

How to book an appointment?

You can use the online booking system to book your appointment with Shannon or you can email and she will provide full details and an appointment time for you.

What is a crystal healing session like?

Crystal healing is a gentle, non-invasive therapy. It is similar in some ways to Reiki in that it is an energy healing system. Before the session begins Shannon will take some details from you to ensure that the therapy is suitable for your needs and to check if you have any underlying medical conditions. You will also discuss what you want to get out of the healing session. It is important that you play an active role in your treatment.

You will then be asked to lie on the massage table, fully clothed, while Shannon places some crystals on and around your body. Shannon will then ask you to close your eyes and take some deep breaths in order to relax. Shannon will begin the session by opening your chakras and asking for healing to take place.

She will work then to clear the negative energy from your aura. You may notice a shift or change in your energy at this point or you may simply feel light and relaxed. The opening and clearing process takes around 10-15 minutes in most cases. Shannon will work with crystal pendulums and crystals during the session. She will explain exactly what will happen during your treatment before you begin.

Before the session you will have discussed the goals for your session. You may have asked for strengthening to help you release the past or balancing to help you deal with difficult emotions. After the initial clearing, Shannon will then work with you to balance or strengthen your aura using specifically chosen crystals which will be placed on your body. Shannon will then leave you for 15 minutes to relax with the crystals on your body as they continue to heal and balance your system.

Shannon will then return to you and will close and ground the session before receiving your feedback. You may require more than one session. Regular clearing and strengthening sessions can really help you to discard old negative patterns and bring new fresh energy into your life. 

Shannon is a Crystal Reiki Master and a member of the Reiki Guild.

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