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What is Shamanic Healing?

Shamanic Healing is a session based on the ancient healing tradition of Shamanism and offers a powerful and intense healing session which you take an active role in. Unlike Reiki which is a relatively passive treatment, you will be encouraged to visualise the energy and healing during the Shamanic Healing session. You will be encouraged to share your experience as it happens and to take action to move energy when needed. Tools such as drumming, rattling and smudging will be used to facilitate your healing journey and you will be empowered with techniques you can use at home to help maintain your health and happiness.

A typical session lasts one hour and costs £45.

Shamanic Healing can be taken further and specialised packages are available for Soul Retrieval and Power Loss, two of the biggest causes of illness from a Shamanic point of view.

Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval can be done in a number of ways however this is how I currently work –

The process is done over a period of time to suit your specific needs – each person is unique and therefore their journeys and needs will be different, however the process is the same –

Step 1 – I provide details of how to safely enter into sacred space and prepare yourself for journeying (deep meditation). We will meet via Zoom for this and I will provide written notes so you can refer to them at home. At this introductory session I will also go through a consultation with you and will answer any questions you may have about the process. This introductory session and practice with the breathing techniques and importance of sacred space is £25, all the remaining stages are priced at £35 each and are payable as you reach each session in your own time.

Step 2 – You visit the Chamber of the Original Wound. I provide you with a guided journey to carry out which you do in your own home at a time that suits your needs. You will enter into sacred space using the techniques that I gave you at Step 1. The purpose of this journey is to meet with your wounded self and to understand why your soul fragmented in the first place. Once you have completed your journey you then will spend time writing about your experience in your journal and carrying out a dialogue style exercise with your wounded self to gain more details. It is important that you take time to carry this exercise out fully. We will arrange to meet via Zoom for a follow up chat once you have completed stage 2, before you move to the next step.

Step 3 – You then go to the Chamber of Soul Contracts and find out what soul agreements you had previously entered into. You then work to renegotiate these contracts so that you no longer carry things that don’t serve you. This will allow your healed self to return to you in the next stage. Once again I will provide a guided journey for you to use at home and then once you have completed the journey you spend time again writing in your journal, renegotiating your agreements and then carrying out a second journaling exercise called “Dialogue with the Divine”. I will explain more on this at the time. We will arrange to meet via Zoom for a follow up chat once you have completed stage 3, before you move to the next step.

Step 4 – You go to the Chamber of Grace. This is where you meet your soul fragment as your healed self and welcome her back. Again I will provide detailed instructions and a guided journey for you and once again there are journaling exercises afterwards to help you integrate this into your life. At this stage we will also create personal affirmations for you to work with going forward. We will arrange to meet via Zoom for a follow up chat once you have completed stage 4, before you move to the next step.

Step 5 – You go to the Chamber of Treasures – during this journey you will discover a tool that you can use in real life. The exercises that follow include finding this tool in real life and also journaling with it to discover its real purpose. We will then meet via Zoom once you complete this stage.

Step 6 – This is an optional add on to the healing but one that is very worthwhile – you journey to your Power Animal and retrieve it so that it can assist you with healing and your day to day life going forward. Soul loss is almost always accompanied by Power Loss so retrieving your Power Animal is a worthwhile way to cement the healing that you already have. This exercise allows you now as your healed self to go and retrieve the Power Animal that is ready for you now.

So, as you can see, this is a detailed and in depth programme of healing and that is definitely what is required when it comes to soul retrieval work. The introductory session is priced at £25 and then the follow up sessions are £35 each. If you choose to complete all 6 steps including the Power Animal retrieval then the total cost will be £200 (but payable over instalments), without the Power Animal stage it comes in at £165 in total.

This covers your guided journey recording, detailed instructions and follow up 30 minute Zoom call each time. There is no time limit on completing this healing however it is important to commit to moving through each stage in order to get the benefit from it. I would recommend taking at least 2-4 weeks at each stage but it is a personal journey and the timing is therefore up to you.

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