Healing with Spiritual Light

Transfiguration, transmutation and embodied Shamanic practices

Healing with Spiritual Light

Background to this course

This course is based on information channelled by Sandra Ingerman. She was guided to offer this training to the world and as such, has instructed everyone who completed the Healing with Spiritual Light course with her, to please pass the teachings on. If you feel called to honour the guidance of the helping spirits by learning to work with spiritual light then please consider this course. Upon completion, please pass the teachings on to those in your community in a way that feels right for you. 


You need to know how to journey. If you have no shamanic experience you may find it helpful to take our Introductory Course before embarking on this particular course. 

Course Agenda & Planning 

Class 1 – class ended, new dates to follow

Course Introduction – concepts and preparation for this course

Opening ceremony work and spirit invocation

Transforming toxic thoughts – journey to the helping spirits for ways to transmute when we are triggered by someone or something

Practical exercise of making eye curtains and learning how to move around in journey space

Finding our Spirit Song and using our voice

Bone Dance & Dismemberment Journey

Class 2 – class ended, new dates to follow

Transfiguration work – concepts and background

Journey to experience being in a transfigured state

Working with the Elements

Merging with Water

Walking by the water and talking to it about our experience

Dropping our burdens, learning to release so we can transfigure

Journey to the Creator

Creative time – exploring and reflecting on the creator journey – writing/painting

Transfiguration Ceremony 

Class 3 – class ended, new dates to follow

Singing to the Sun and other transmutation songs

Transmuting our thoughts – an exercise in dis-identification

Journey to merge with an unlimited power

Nature walk and “Mother I feel you under my feet” song to ground

Understanding the power of words

Journey to experience the energy behind our words

Talking to air – listening to the messages on the wind

Class 4 – class ended, new dates to follow

Using transfiguration work with others

Healing with light – partner work

Reflections on the healing work

Inner Chamber of Light ceremonial practice

Understanding the nature of the Shadow

Pod journeys to our Descendants

Class 5 – class ended, new dates to follow

Fire as a living being

Merging with fire

Creation and manifestation of your dreams

Creating in the void – Journey

Nature walk to gather supplies for a dream talisman

Creation of the talisman

Fire Ceremony

Class 6 – class ended, new dates to follow

Living this work – bringing into your daily life and sharing it with others

Journey to the helping spirits for guidance – a simple practice for daily life

Merging with the Earth

Journeys to the Spirit of the Land and to the Hidden Folk

Reflections on advice and guidance and what we have learned in this course

Closing ceremony with gratitude, love and blessings.

Investment and Location

6 module course – one class per month – new dates to follow for 2023

£300 in total, payable as £50 per class by direct debit (or PayPal) on 1st of each month

Venue – TBC

Certificates of completion will be issued at the end of the course.

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