Voxer Days

Woman holding her phone on a Voxer Day

Imagine having me in your back pocket all day!

How productive could you be and how much work would you get done, knowing you had an experienced, and supportive coach at your beck and call all day?

Introducing Voxer days – simply the best value for your money where you get the best of yourself and me – all day!

This is an alternative to a 1:1 Zoom session where we only have a limited time together. Instead of having a 1:1 Zoom call, you have me in your pocket for the entire day (usually 9 am – 5 pm), where we exchange voice messages (or you can text if you prefer) during the day.

Here you get the inspiration and information of a clarity session, but spread over a full day of action taking. As you are implementing and coming up with questions, I will be there to guide you and encourage you. This day will boost your productivity and your confidence; you will achieve more in this one day than you thought possible.

How does it work?

We pick a day that works for us both and get you booked into the diary. I only do a couple of these a month so get yourself booked in asap.

Once you have booked your session, I will send you a short questionnaire to help you focus on what area you want help with during the day. This helps to keep both of us on track and on the same page.

I will check in with you the day before the session to make sure we are all set up and ready to go – to make sure you have Voxer downloaded (or we can use WhatsApp if you prefer). I will also check that your planned focus and objectives are still valid.

I will be available from 9am UK time. If you are an early bird feel free to start sending messages before that and I will respond from 9am. We’ll finish up no later than 5pm, it’s highly likely you will have hit your objectives much earlier but you have me in your pocket until 5pm.

We will communicate with each other using voice messages, or you can text if you prefer, at a steady pace. It’s ok to have other things going on throughout the day – this type of session is designed to fit around your life and your daily schedule, whether that is the school run, meetings or meals!

I won’t be glued to my phone and I don’t expect you to be either but I will check in if I haven’t heard from you to make sure you are doing OK and that you get the most out of our day together. You have me in your pocket for the day so make the most of it!

Example Objectives for our Day

  • Mindset coaching & mentoring

      • Having healthy boundaries
      • Falling back in love with your life
      • Work/Life Balance
      • Overcoming limiting beliefs or negative thinking
      • Establishing routines in your life that lead to freedom
      • Mindfulness in your day
      • Boosting your confidence and ditching Imposter Syndrome
      • Ways of developing your intuition and trust
  • Business-related brainstorming/Tech Help
      • Developing your new business idea
      • Brain dumping ideas and prioritisation
      • Mapping out your services and offers
      • Understanding your business model
      • Developing your content strategy
      • Developing your ideal client avatar
      • Planning your diary & time management techniques
      • Policies and procedures
      • Disaster recovery and backup policies for your business
  • Career Performance Coaching
      • Getting more out of your team at work
      • Being a more effective leader
      • Focus and performance at work
      • Interview preparation
      • Building your portfolio for that promotion or new job
  • Art or Creativity
    • Finding ways of bringing more creativity into your life
    • Exploring your emotions through creative writing or art therapy


There are so many other things we can use these days for – these are just some examples.

Let’s make it happen! You can book by emailing me –  debibarr@rocksnrituals.co.uk