Choose who YOU want to BE.

Choose who YOU want to BE.

Get curious, be unapologetically yourself, strongly root your foundations and drive forward.

Choose who you want to be – this week’s message in a nutshell!

Choose who you want to be. 4 cards from Light Seers Tarot. Page Swords, Judgement, Ace Pentacles & Chariot

Page of Swords

We have the Page of Swords with the energy of youthful curiosity. It doesn’t matter what age you are. You can still have a beginner’s mindset when it comes to learning. This card may suggest you are restless and have a lot of ideas. Maybe you aren’t sure how to get them all out into the world. This card speaks of intelligence, communication and being inventive. There is an air of doing lots at once – so make sure you keep those feet on the ground!


Judgement reminds us to drop the mask. It is time to shine your light into the world. To be unapologetically yourself. Be who you want to BE! Let your soul essence out. Embrace all parts of yourself – the light and the shadow. We are soul, spirit, consciousness and matter. In an act of radically self acceptance, forgive yourself for hiding up until now. And step forward into the light of your soul. Your higher self is calling!

Ace of Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles shows up with a positive omen of success. But you need to plant the right seeds and tend to the soil. This means having discipline and determination. Creating solid foundations for the life you want to live. Everything is possible – there is an air of optimism with this card. It shows freshly rooted new beginnings. Hold on to that optimism. And take ACTION – go and make things happen!

The Chariot

The Chariot hammers this point home. YOU are in control of your destiny. Nobody else is. So choose who you are becoming and run towards it. Act with conviction and consistency. If you feel pulled in opposite directions coax the energy back in the direction your soul wants it to go. Tap into the messages from your higher self. Take inspired action and trust the process.

What a message! You can check out the full reading in the video below, or if you prefer audio then listen here.

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