2024 – An ‘8’ year – who do you want to be?

It’s 2024 – Happy New Year!

We have 3 beautiful cards to kick start our weekly tarot insights for 2024. Strength, The Ace of Cups and The Emperor. Strong cards for a strong year! 2024 is, numerologically speaking, an ‘8’ year. It is a year about stepping into your entrepreneurial spirit, being the leader of your own life, abundance and prosperity.

It is also a year of balancing the physical and the spiritual. Think of the number 8 – when laid on its side it becomes the infinity loop – with the balance point in the centre.

Strength, Ace of Cups and Emperor from Light Seer's Tarot


We have the 8 reflected in the Strength card – both in its number – it is card 8 of the Major Arcana, and in the infinity loop on the card itself. I’m using the Light Seer’s Tarot by Chris-Anne for this reading.

You’ll see in the image of the card that it depicts a woman wearing a simple white dress. Her face is half lion, half female. She has long blonde hair on one side and lion’s mane on the other. So the lion energy is clearly masculine. This says to me we need to balance the masculine and feminine energy within us in order to have strength.

This card reminds us that strength doesn’t have to be aggressive. In fact we are advised by this card that gentle, graceful, strength is often the best way. It is a card of self-leadership. Of stepping into your powerful presence.

You can be gentle and strong. You can be fiercely protective and fabulously compassionate. The lion and the lamb. It also symbolises animal instincts and working on being in touch with your physicality.

Ace of Cups

This is a beautifully positive card and reflects our new beginning as the year starts. Now I am not suggesting you need to jump on the bandwagon of “new year, new me”. It is winter here in the Northern Hemisphere and we need to work with the seasons not against them.

However 2024 carries a new energy than 2023. You can feel it already. You can use this time before the astrological new year in Spring, to work on yourself.

To bring in that quiet strength as you open your heart. To fully accept yourself and embrace who you are. And to consider who you want to be as 2024 unfolds.

You are exactly where you are meant to be right now. Open your heart. Allow your emotions to be expressed. Your power lies in an open heart, not a closed one.

Look at this card – the heart in the cup between the character’s hands is positively glowing. Radiating light and love out from the heart centre. And that is what we do when we connect to our heart.

We drop out of our heads and into our heart space. To our soul centre. And that allows us to remember who we really are. Divine creators of our own reality!

So lead with grace, love and compassion – and that starts with YOU. Open your heart to yourself. Learn to love yourself and give yourself as much time as you need right now to step into who you want to be this year. There is no rush – it’s only the 4th day of the new year!

The Emperor

We round off our insights this week with another Major Arcana card. This time number 4, The Emperor. There is a sense of stability and presence with this card. It depicts a masculine character sitting on a seat that resembles a globe. Lots of red in the card and he is holding a chess piece – the King. A Ram’s skull is on the wall behind him.

This is a typical Aries card and another reminder that we don’t need to rush. The astrological new year doesn’t begin until the Equinox in March.

The character on this card isn’t running about jumping on the latest diet fad or making all sorts of resolutions. He is sitting still. Contemplating his next move.

Kings in chess can only move one square at a time so they have to move strategically. I feel that this is an important message. Think about your strategy.

If you are in business, you need to consider how things are changing, particularly in the online world. What worked in 2023 will not work as easily in 2024. Make sure you are booking time with your mentor and showing up in your business community spaces to work on your business strategy.

I’ll be doing that with the members inside my business community Soulpreneur Space. And I have invested heavily in my own development and am working closely with my own mentor this year too.

If you’re not in business, you still want to use the energy of this Emperor card. How do you want 2024 to go? Who do you want to be this year?


A great thing to consider – imagine you’ve had your best year ever and you are looking back on it. Why was it your best year – what happened? What did you have to overcome to get there? And most importantly – who did you have to become to get there?

This is the perfect time to consider these questions.

Yes, there is a collective pressure to run ahead into this new year. It can feel overwhelming or you feel left behind if you don’t do what everyone else is doing.

But trust me – taking some time now to really work out your strategy for 2024 will serve you better in the long term.

It’s an 8 year remember? Balance, Abundance, Prosperity – and Leadership.

All of which are reflected in these 3 cards. I’m excited for 2024 – what about you?

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