Healing, Spirituality & Surrender

This week, let’s talk about healing, spirituality & surrender. I’m so excited for the 5-day HEAL experience next week—shoutout to everyone who signed up! It’s always a blast diving into meditation, card work, and a bit of everything. I’ve been having some cool conversations about healing and spirituality with some of you guys. If you haven’t shared your take, hit me up with a comment or message and let me know what healing and spirituality mean for you.

Cards for 18 January 2024

Healing, Spirituality & Surrender

Now, onto the cards for today. There’s a theme—kind of like a tale of two halves. One side nudges us to surrender, let go of the need for instant answers and control. On the flip side, we’ve got some good vibes with the Ten of Cups, promising joy and love. Using my favourite Light Seers Tarot deck by Chris-Anne, so let’s break it down – here is a brief synopsis of what I’ve talked about in today’s video.

The Moon: Riding the Waves of Emotions

The Moon card sets the stage, telling us to loosen up and surrender. Life’s a bit like floating in deep water under the moon, not sure if you’re sinking or swimming. It’s OK to not have all the answers right now, tapping into intuition without the pressure.

Four of Cups: Choosing Where to Look

Then there’s the Four of Cups, a reminder to watch where we’re putting our focus. It’s easy to get bored or dissatisfied, especially when things aren’t going how we want. But hey, there might be some good stuff just out of our sight. Time to lift our heads and check out the rainbow.

Ten of Cups: Building Our Own Happiness

Now, the Ten of Cups brings some positive vibes—love, support, and heart-centered goodness. It’s a reminder that we can create our own happy ending by spreading a bit of kindness. Even in the midst of life’s challenges, let’s focus on the good things.

The High Priestess: Grounded Wisdom

Finally, we wrap up with the High Priestess, bridging the gap between the everyday grind and the spiritual realm. She’s all about being connected but staying real. Grounded wisdom, you know? Surrendering to the unknown and trusting our gut brings a deeper understanding of life.

So, this week, it’s about finding that sweet spot between letting go and finding joy in the little things. Dive into the unknown, choose where you focus, spread some love, and let wisdom flow. Excited for the HEAL experience next week, and if you haven’t signed up, you can do that now – click here!

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Catch you all next week!

HEAL - healing spirituality and surrender

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