Potent Energy – Full Moon in Leo and Pluto in Aquarius!

Potent Energy

What potent energy! Today we have a full moon in Leo and it is bringing all sorts to the surface. Heightened emotions, tension, being seen – even if you don’t want to be!

Add to that the fact that Pluto has moved into Aquarius and will stay there until early September – and we have a potent energy mix on our hands.

Pluto is giving us a taster of what the next 40 years will be like – so we gotta get used to it. Things are changing and shifting – even if you don’t want them to!

Full Moon in Leo

This moon will be giving you a shove in the direction of looking at parts of yourself that you may have been hiding. And Pluto in Aquarius will be asking you to find your community or your tribe. It’s time to bring in a new world. And that means letting go off the old ways of thinking and behaving.

The cards have reflected all of this and more this week. We have the Lovers, The Queen of Cups, The 3 of Swords and the Empress all in play this week. So the cards are also full of this potent energy – with two Major Arcana cards coming out to play!

Here is a summary of what I’ve talked about in today’s full reading.

The Lovers

The Lovers, symbolising our need for deep rooted connections and partnerships. Humans are not solitary creatures – we need people around us. What is your circle like? Is it time to find a space where you can really be yourself? Where you can find yourself and feel like you belong. This is becoming more and more important this year.

Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups, the imagery on this card is about tapping into emotion and intuition. Lots of water and flow in this card. Looking upwards, palms open and receptive – awaiting divine guidance and intervention. But remember we still need to act on our guidance – awareness without action is worth nothing.

Three of Swords

The Three of Swords highlights our dark night of the soul. The pain underneath the serenity of the Queen of Cups. When we begin to heal and shift and change, we need to allow the pain to surface. This is also hugely symbolic of allowing the old things to pass away so we can welcome in the new energy of the Aquarian era. Anything that is not evolving and growing will become increasingly uncomfortable now.

I also feel that this card is representing the pain the world right now and we need to ensure we are doing what we can to bring love, compassion and healing to our fractured planet right now.

The Empress

The Empress brings the hope of a new world. New beginnings. Nurturing energy and you can see she is drawing down the moon in the imagery of this card and it once again reminds us that we are all connected. As the moon moves into its fullness today, take time to honour it and your needs. What is coming up for you and what needs to change?

You can watch the full reading in YouTube video below or click here for an audio version.

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