Personal Responsibility – Pentacles and Swords!

Big theme of Personal Responsibility – Pentacles and Swords this week as we move into February.

Personal Responsibility

We’ve left January behind and you may have mixed emotions about that. Perhaps you don’t feel you’ve got as far as you wanted to with your “new year, new me” intentions. Let me please remind you we are only 32 days into a new year – give yourself some grace.

Maybe you are glad January is over and done with. It can often feel like it has 101 days rather than 31. February does have fresher energy – as both February and March are the only 2 months this year with NO planetary retrogrades.

Now that might challenge you – if you are used to blaming planets when things don’t go your way! Dare I say that personal responsibility may be a theme this month and next??

Remember that this is an ‘8’ year. That means we need to have determination, drive and ambition as we manifest our dreams. It is the year for entrepreneurial spirit. A year for finding balance between the spiritual and the physical.

We also have solar maximum approaching. So the cosmic energy is intense. Later this month we step into the energy of the Wood Dragon with Chinese New Year. There will be times when tempers may flare and hot headedness shows up.

We only need to look out into the world at large to see the anger, unrest and fear.

It is our job as soulful people to be the anchors and hold the light. To be lights in the darkness, showing people that there is a better way.

Our cards this week are reflecting much of this energy.

Cards from Light Seers Tarot reflecting personal responsibility with Pentacles and Swords

The Cards this Week

The 5 of Pentacles shows up to remind us that we need to shift our focus from lack. Rather than hanging our heads and only seeing problems, we need to squarely address them. And then look for the doors of opportunity that will shift things for us.

The Knight of Pentacles reminds us that we have to take charge of our lives. We need to plant the seeds and build strong foundations. It’s about finding the joy in the journey rather than being annoyed that we haven’t reached the destination yet.

And the Queen of Swords breezes in to remind us to keep a cool head when everyone around us is losing theirs. Her calm demeanour offers wisdom and clarity. Check your communication this week – both inwardly and outwardly. Be the voice of wisdom and step away from gossip as you level up this week.

You can watch the full card reading on YouTube below or head over to Facebook and watch it there if you prefer! An audio version is available here for you if that works better for you. Enjoy!

If you are ready to take personal responsibility and walk through the doors that are opening then come and join us inside Soul Food Circle. See you on the inside!

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