Time for a Challenge – Week 3!

As promised here is my weekly check in. I am now into week 3 of the 4 week challenge - it is getting tough!

I am now in week 3 of my challenge. If you have been following my blogs so far, you will know all about the challenge I set myself. If not, why not check out Week 1 and Week 2 here before reading on.

Review of week 2 before we get to week 3

Well, I better be totally honest with you. Week 2 started well and I got to Saturday before it all went wrong. I made the mistake of stepping on the scales too soon. You see I should only weigh myself once a week, on a Tuesday morning. But no, I decided to check in on Saturday morning.

What a mistake. The scales showed that I had gained weight! What? How on earth was this possible? I was doing everything I set out to do. Walking more, exercising more, eating less. Why were the numbers on the scales going the wrong way?

Grumpy Girl

I will not lie to you, I was a grumpy girl. Because of the number on the scales, I was fed up. It made me feel like giving up. The saving grace for that day was teaching Reiki. Thankfully I had a Level 1 class to teach so it took my mind off the scales and my bad mood.

However, I had already decided that I was taking the rest of the weekend off this stupid challenge. My partner and I ordered an Indian takeaway. My goodness it tasted amazing! I also had a bottle of wine. Fasting? No, not tonight.

Week 3 Time to reset

To be honest, I didn’t go too mad. I did walk on Sunday and didn’t eat too much extra. The treats on Saturday were not the end of the world. Just because I had a takeaway and a night off doesn’t mean the challenge is over.

From Monday until now as I write this I am back on track. I walked with my daughter on Monday morning. It was a stunning day – check out the photo below.

Week 3 begins walking on Bangor Coastal Path
Coastal path, Bangor County Down

Yesterday, (Tuesday), Storm Francis came to play so I didn’t actually get out walking. However, I did do an hour of Qi Gong and spent extra time in meditation. All is not lost!

Moment of Truth

Week 3 begins. I hesitated yesterday morning. Standing on the scales after Saturday’s experience was scary. Despite my fears, I stood on them, fully expecting the worst. I had lost a pound! Wow – how did that happen?

That tiny weight loss has spurred me on to keep going. Moreover, it has inspired me to be flexible. I am listening to my body and only eating when hungry. Also, making sure to drink at least 2 litres of water as many times I feel hungry but am actually just thirsty.

I am now into week 3 of the 4 week challenge. It is important that I see it through. In fact, I am glad I have this accountability blog. Because of you guys I feel I have to keep going.


My hormones are at that peri-menopausal stage so I know weight loss will be slower for me. I have accepted this. I mean, expecting the weight to fly off like it did in my 20’s is just silly. As a 45 year old woman my body is different now. So I am accepting that I need to listen to my body. Honour its needs and gently lose the weight.

The scales are going in the right direction and as I work through this 4 week challenge, I am seeing benefits. My skin is better and I am sleeping well. Due to my daily Qi Gong practice I am feeling more energised. Meditation every day is also keeping me calm while the world goes mad. So all in all, things are good.

How are you?

Let me know how you are doing in these crazy times. What keeps you motivated and inspired? I will check in with you again next week as I go into week 4 of the challenge. In the meantime do get in touch and let me know how you are.

If you need any help or want to check out the services I provide then you can find out more about me on the website.

Chat soon!

Debi x

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