Time for a Challenge – Week 1!

No more excuses. It is time for me to move more, eat less and feel better! Time to get back to a decent morning routine and activate my own healing energy.

Challenge time. Don’t you just hate when you see photos of yourself that are not very flattering? You know those ones that show all your lumps and bumps?

Well, I saw a couple of those last week. It has given me a kick to do something about my ever increasing waist line. I must admit, I’ve got into some really bad habits over the last few weeks and months. Sitting at the computer for longer and my exercise or activity periods have slumped. I even dropped away from my regular Qi Gong and meditation practice.

Time to shake things up! No more excuses – this sh%t just got real. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I know that when I practice my morning Qi Gong and meditation routines it really helps balance me. For me, Qi Gong is a moving meditation which in turn reduces my chronic joint pain. It elevates my mood and helps me to have more energy in the day. The meditation practice helps me tune into my inner sat nav. Both these practices really set me up for the day. So why did I stop?

As usual work got in the way – or should I say, I let work get in the way. You can practice a short Qi Gong session in less than 10 minutes if needs be! I heard myself saying, “I’ll just pop into my office and do this one thing and then practice”. Yeah right. I was still at my desk 6 hours later. That is one of the issues of working from home, your boundaries aren’t as good as they were before.

A morning routine challenge

So I have set myself a challenge. To bring back my daily Qi Gong and meditation practice and to walk at least 5 km every day. No matter the weather -rain, hail, sleet or snow. My target is to do this for the next 28 days. By setting an achievable time frame I can motivate myself to do this. I am also watching what I eat over these next 28 days. The hope is that I will not only feel better within myself but I may shed a few pounds too!

This is week 1 and I am already feeling the benefits. I have a monthly video subscription with Holden Qi Gong. 3 new classes a week plus the option to attend live virtual classes with him. I was somewhat ashamed when I logged into my account and saw how many I had missed! Time to put that right by logging in every day and choosing the routine I want to do.

My morning walks also help clear my head. I am very blessed to live by the coast. It really is a pleasure to walk by the beach and listen to the waves. I know it may be more difficult on a wet morning however there is something to be said about walking in the rain. Therapeutic cleansing with rain water!

My biggest challenge will be on Friday when I am on duty with St John. I will be sitting in an ambulance track-side at a motorbike event all day and therein lies the danger! Sometimes when we are not keeping active, we find ourselves snacking. I know only too well that me sitting in the ambulance quite often means extra coffee and chocolate! I’ll let you know how I get on!


I’m writing this blog to keep me accountable. Another part of the challenge! I have told you all now and I will check in next week to let you know how I am getting on. In the meantime – let me know how you find the balance in your life. Do you have a regular practice?

Keep in touch and let me know!
Much love,


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