Responsibility – Earth & Us

Responsibility, Earth & Us

It’s all about taking radical responsibility this week. Shamanic medicine is natural. We are all naturally drawn to this ancient tradition. The message in the cards this week, as we move into eclipse season, will resonate with many. Because it is a time for taking responsibility. For your life, health and wellness – and that of the Earth.

This week’s cards are taken from the Mystical Shaman Oracle Deck. These stunning cards, illustrated by Jena DellaGrottaglia, were created by Alberto Villoldo, Colette Baron-Reid and Marcela Lobos. All wonderful shamanic teachers.

Cards from the Mystical Shaman Deck - Responsibility, Earth & Us
Responsibility, Earth & Us


The essence of this card is that Earth represents the gift of life. The imagery on the card refers to the body of the plant, our human body and nature herself. We are reminded that we are all born of the earth and we, as humans, are the stewards of life on this planet.

Life is what we make it

Our life is what we make it. Our health, wealth, security, grounding and stability are all in our hands. We must take full responsibility for this wonderful gift of life. This material world of matter and form is a gift from Spirit and as such, it must be treated with respect and dignity. That includes you!

So what are we being told by this card?

When this card appears it represents a need to focus on reverence and appreciation for the natural gifts that are always coming your way. You are very much part of this world. Much more can be accomplished when you focus on living with grace and ease rather than pain and suffering.

Many realities exist

Yes, there is pain in the world. That is one reality. But it is not the only reality. When we focus on living life in compassionate and reverent service to the earth, we become more free and prosperous than we can ever imagine.

Walk lightly on the earth. Live each day, acting in integrity, gratitude and humility. Success is assured to you when this card appears and you allow yourself to be healed by the earth.


If you feel ungrounded or thrown off your path lately then refocus. What nurtures you? Open up to nature and see the abundance of Mother Earth all around you. Do not allow yourself to fall into poverty consciousness. Your needs will always be met when you work with the flow of life, rather than against it.

Perhaps you have not been eating well. or have been overworked or stressed? Have you forgotten to stop and breathe in the beauty of your natural surroundings?


The medicine of this card reminds you of the need for self-care. Take a walk in nature. Focus on the consciousness of abundance. Miracles can and do happen!

The Hummingbird

The essence of this card is about the tenacity and endurance of these little birds. Despite their diminuitive stature they are great journeyers. The migrate between North and Central or South America each year to feed on summer nectar. They are fiercely territorial little creatures too!

Listen to the quiet inner voice

Hummingbird teaches us to be gentle to ourselves. And to protect our personal space. She invites you to embark on your epic quest. Bypass the old dung pile of pain and distress. Head for the flowers. Learn to trust that inner calling you hear ever so softly. That still, inner voice that speaks to you in the quiet moments.

The buzzing you feel is the sound of the Hummingbird’s wings! Preparing you for a new adventure. Stop lingering on what is wrong. Trust in the rightness of this moment and take bold action! Your success is assured – even if you must face challenges or tests along the way.

Trust your inner knowing

The medicine in this card comes to teach you about stillness in motion. To trust your inner knowing. The sweetest nectar is assured. Failing to act when the moment is right will spoil your wonderful journey. Stop second-guessing yourself. You are overthinking it!

If you feel your safety, comfort or day-t0-day survival are more important than saying yes to your new adventure, then you will end up having to work much harder than you need to. Look at what is being offered to you right now. Sieze the day!

Still your mind, even in the most hectic of days. Heed that gentle voice that calls to you. Test your wings. Trust your flight!

The Earthkeeper

The essence of this card is responsibility. Just as you are responsible for co-creating your reality on this Earth, you are also a steward of the Earth. Earthkeepers are dedictaed to the stewardship of the Earth and all life. They choose to dream a new reality. One where we all live in peace and where the rivers and air are free from pollution. Remember – your actions have an impact for up to seven generations.

Dream Big

This card shows that you have outgrown your small dreams. It is time to dream big! Reach out for possibilities far beyond your wildest expectations. Become an Earthkeeper.

Reach out to a friend you may not have seen for some time. Take care of your animals. Feed the strays that cross your path. Clean up your outdoor space – it is a reflection of your relationship with the Earth.

It is no longer “me” but “we”

This card is a reminder that life is about us all. When you care for the Earth and take responsibility for the dream you are creating – you help to create it for us all. Grow this sacred dream and your personal life will flourish.

As you care for your body you show care for Mother Earth. Begin with stewardship of your own health. What are you putting into your body? How beautiful is your mind garden? Are you filling up on food or thoughts that are not good for you? Start doing what you know will be good for you today. Take responsibility for your own wellness and you will naturally assist the wellness of the collective.

In summary

I hope these cards resonate with you this week. As we move fully into the eclipse season over the next 6 weeks I trust you will find your natural balance once more.

I am excited to see what the coming weeks bring. I will be using these next two weeks to clear any clutter – physically and mentally. Then during the eclipse window I shall be free to move forward. I will lean into this more with you over the coming weeks.

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