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Rocks n Rituals is owned by Debi Barr BA SHNS Dip

Reiki Master Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner, Tarot Reader and Mindset Mentor.

Based in Bangor, County Down, Northern Ireland.


Through extensive experience and broad expertise, we always offer the highest quality.
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Reiki Workshops

Accredited training for both personal and professional use 

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Shamanic Training

Shamanism is one of the oldest healing traditions, connect with nature and heal

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Online Courses

Online courses for anyone to learn and enjoy the workshops online 

Reduce overwhelm with Powerfully Soulful

Wellness Programme

Join our Powerfully Soulful 3 month programme for empowering steps to health


I am here to help you live your best and most authentic life

You probably don’t even tell too many people what you really want out of life – maybe you aren’t even sure yourself what really makes you tick. I can help you find your way. I work with people who are ready to put the work in to find out who they really are. Are you ready to dig deep into the hidden corners of your ‘psyche’ – To root out your limiting beliefs and face your fears?
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What our customers say

We always strive for fantastic results and do our best to meet our customers’ needs.

Debi has the balance of being professional and friendly, making you completely relaxed and welcoming Debi is very intelligent with a special gift I would highly recommend Debi
Shamanic Training
If ever you need to feel more balanced, calm and de-stressed, I could not recommend Debi enough. Not only is she a great teacher she is a true professional who emanates warmth and compassion a truly gifted and wonderful person.
I just wanted to thank you again, I honestly cannot believe how different I feel...I can literally feel the energy flowing freely... physical sensations that I've never felt before... a huge heaviness has lifted from my lower body and my heart space. I feel soo much lighter. There is still some pain but it's more localised and a million times more bearable...so from my heart and soul to yours I thank you 🙏
Energy Healing

Ready for a Challenge?

Would you like to bring mindfulness into your daily life?

Why not take our 28 day mindfulness challenge and reduce overwhelm and stress as you relax more and find your inner peace?


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Shamanic Courses

Shamanic Training is available in person and online. Please use the Learn More button to find out which courses are available.


Reiki Training

Reiki courses are available from Level 1 right up to teacher level. Use the Learn More button to discover the right course for you.


Crystal Courses

Crystal Healing courses are available from Level 1 to Level 3 for personal and professional use, learn more via the link below.

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