How I prioritise self care in my business

As a wellness therapist I know the importance of self care. As a business owner I recognise the demands of the work/life balance. This article is an inside look at how I prioritise self care in my business.

In this article I will share a little about how I prioritise self-care in my business. You know the saying, a cobbler never mends his own shoes? Well, quite often we therapists don’t always practice what we preach. Sshhh, don’t tell anyone! We are human too.

Often I am so consumed with my business, I get tired and stressed. Just like you. I am getting better at prioritising self-care. After all, my mantra is “You cannot give from an empty vessel”. My clients hear me say this all the time. Personally, I think if you don’t walk your talk, then you aren’t a good example for your clients – right?

This is what I try to do, to prioritise self care in my business.

Morning Routine for Self Care

Before I even step into my office, I set up my day. When I wake, I spend a few minutes visualising how I want my day to go. I see myself being productive and efficient. It also gives me an excuse to have an extra 5 minutes in bed. Win all round eh?

I spend at least 30 minutes doing Qi Gong and meditating. This is a non-negotiable. If I don’t do it, I notice the impact it has on my day. Qi Gong, (pronounced “chee-gong”), is an ancient healthcare system. It is designed to help you relieve pain, boost immunity, and transform stress into vitality.

Even though it was created some 4,000 years ago, it’s still regarded around the world as one of the most powerful methods of preventing illness, healing dis-ease, and prolonging life. For me, it allows me to start my day in flow, feeling well and at peace. I usually eat breakfast after this workout and before I start work.

qi gong challenge
Take the Qi Gong Challenge

Set proper working times

I aim to be at my desk no later than 10am. Often I am in the treatment room much earlier. If I have an early client session booked then I am here from before 9am.

It is important for me to have set working times. I work from home, so I don’t have to commute. This is great but it is also difficult sometimes. When you work from home you are tempted to either work too much or not enough. It is tempting to just do that pile of laundry rather than write the article. I sometimes procrastinate. Maybe I will put off my accounting admin so that I can just give the house a quick clean. This is not good for me or my self care. If I do the housework rather than my actual work, it leads to stress. I end up not getting things done and then I work later than planned. Not good from a self care point of view.

I rarely work evenings. This is a conscious choice to fit in around my family’s needs. The house is noisier at night. It is also time for me to relax with my partner. I finish at my desk no later than 4.45pm – this allows me to prepare a healthy dinner to share with the family.

calendar planner
Plan the week

Take regular breaks

Regular breaks are important. You cannot stay focused for hours on end. It is vital to take a break from the screen. If I am working on the laptop, I usually work for 1-2 hours then take a break. For example, start work at 10am and then have coffee at 11.30am. Work from 11.45am until 1.15pm then have a break for lunch. I sometimes will go for a walk at lunchtime if I didn’t go first thing in the morning. Other times, my walk has to wait until the evening.

In the afternoons I make sure I have worked through my planned list of activities. I create a note of what needs done the next day. This helps me reduce stress and overwhelm. I break things down into manageable chunks.

Book monthly sessions and treats

As a therapist, I urge my clients to book regular, monthly sessions. It means that you value yourself and your health enough to devote time to it. A regular healing session such as Reiki or Crystal Healing can help reduce tension.

These energy healing sessions clear heaviness and debris from your aura. Massage and other such sessions are also wonderful for self care. They help you relax. When your body relaxes, your mind relaxes. A relaxed body and mind means health and vitality.

I go for acupuncture with a local therapist, Connie Mercer, once a month. She is wonderful and helps keep my energy clean and clear with Traditional Chinese Medicine. I would be lost without a regular session. It is my time to recharge and reconnect. After all, I can’t expect you to attend regular appointments with me if I don’t do the same.

I also aim to have one weekend a month off. Usually I work Saturdays and sometimes Sundays. I try to keep one weekend a month free. This allows me to go on a road trip with my partner. Or sometimes we simply have a date weekend. Occasionally I just chill and read – a fabulous treat for me!

Therapist session
Therapist giving advice


Prioritising self care in my business means setting good boundaries. You can see from the above points that this is important. One last vital thing is to turn off or set down the mobile phone. As a self employed therapist, my phone is essentially my business. It constantly pings, alerting me to new emails. I get notified when someone posts on social media. It just buzzes and flashes all day. Very distracting. I am now in the habit of setting it out of sight. When I am writing or working online, I put it away from my desk. I only check it at various points in the day.

In the evening I put it on to do not disturb mode and peace reigns! Lush. No buzzing, flashing or beeping. This is important because otherwise work creeps into my down time. I find myself just replying to a client email at 8pm. Or maybe I respond to a comment on social media at 9pm. Boundaries are needed. In order to prioritise self care, I must have boundaries.

Tell me about you.

How do you prioritise self care in your life? Do you make time for regular wellness sessions? Maybe you practice meditation daily and are totally zen. Perhaps you notice stress or tension creeping in. Let me know where you are with self care. If you need any help with it, whether that is coaching or a wellness session, just get in touch. You can find out more about me and the services I provide by visiting the website –

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