What does it mean to be visible and truly seen?

Choosing “Visible” as my Anchoring Word for 2023

Every year I choose a word to help anchor my focus and intention. This year the word is “visible”. I wanted to share some thoughts with you about what this means. And why I have chosen to focus on visibility in 2023.

Quick recap – intention not resolution

Let’s start by recapping briefly. Last week I spoke about intentions rather than resolutions. This is hugely important for me. I find resolutions too restrictive and often punishing in nature. They are like big sticks that we beat ourselves with.

So that is why I choose to focus on intentions. And I back that up with focusing on how I want to feel, like I said last week. So where does the need for an anchoring word come in?

Best Year Yet

This idea actually came about as part of my work with my art mentor, Michelle Lloyd from United Art Space. Every year she runs a series of free workshops called “Best Year Yet“. I’ve been in Michelle’s hub membership now for more than 3 years.

She asks us to reflect on the year just gone to celebrate our wins and reflect on things that happened – both good and bad. This period of reflection is great because we often forget how far we have come in a year. That’s why I always do my end of year review too.

Visualisation and Feeling

Then she asks us to visualise and feel into what we want to bring forward in the coming year. As part of this process we mind-map, create vision boards and start the process of setting some goals for the year. If you’re a member of Soul Food Circle you may want to work on a vision board next Friday during our creative co-working space!

Once we have this done, she asks us to come with a word to anchor our focus. Why? Because it is so easy to forget what you’ve said you’ll do. And when you have an anchor word then it helps you remember and stay on track.

Anchor Words

For example, last year my word was “FLOW”. I wanted to experience being more flexible, fluid and mindful. To go with the flow of life. And also to experience more flow and fluidity in my art. I even did some fluid art projects last year.

This year I have chosen “VISIBLE”. Why? Because I want 2023 to be the year that I truly show up as myself. To be truly seen for who I am and what I bring to the world. Like in the Avatar movies when they say to each other “I see you”.

What does being visible mean?

What does being visible mean? Literally it means “to be seen”. But what does being truly seen mean? And why does it even matter?

visible definition

Human beings literally cannot function properly without authentic and meaningful connection. And that all begins when we are seen by another.

Feeling seen means you feel recognised and accepted for who you are by another person. We need this in our personal relationships. We want and need our partners, friends and family to really know us and “see” us. To know who we are and what really makes us tick.

The person doing the seeing may feel like a kindred spirit because they simply understand you or what you’re going through with little to no explanation. You will know who these people are in your life – they tend to be the people or person you gravitate towards because they see you.

Sometimes, you can feel seen after someone reaches an understanding about you because they truly listened and acknowledged your point of view.


I think of it as being acknowledged by another person, whether that person is your parent, child, friend, partner, coworker, boss, or even a stranger.

Our innate need as humans to be seen is evident in how our culture thrives on likes and follows on social media. Not to mention how it gives us a quick dopamine boost in our brains!

Yes, it can come from being online. And from an online business point of view that is one important element for me. But remember that social media, particularly Instagram, often has only a person’s highlights reel.

Being visible through creativity

Being truly seen can also come from creating art, composing music, writing poetry. From cooking from the heart, or telling your story in a variety of creative ways. In other words, being seen can come from people consuming that which you make or create. And this where I want to focus my intention and vision for the year.

That’s because creating requires you to explore pieces of your soul and inner self and then make it available for consumption. Public or private consumption, that is. So, when someone consumes what you’ve created, they’ve truly seen a piece of your authentic self. It goes both ways too – when you consume a creation from the heart, you get to see part of the creator.

The vulnerability of visibility

And this can be scary. When you create something and share it with the world (or even privately to close friends) it can leave you feeling vulnerable. The inner critic will often arise. Fear pops up. What if people don’t like it. I’m not good enough. People will think I’m showing off.

When we begin to truly allow ourselves to be seen, we have to face that vulnerability. We open up our hearts and souls and really begin to shine our own unique light into the world.

Not everyone will like it. Some people will maybe think you aren’t good enough. Others might be activated negatively by your light. And that is OK. You cannot please everyone – nor should you try.

Conclusion and Summary

So for me, this concept of choosing the word “VISIBLE” – is all about mindset and being open. It is about me bringing my creativity to the forefront of my life. No longer hiding away parts of myself. It is time to really dig into expressing myself through my art, writing and my work in Soul Food Circle and Rocks n Rituals.

It will most definitely be a work in progress! But the intention is there for the year ahead. And “VISIBLE” will be my anchor point, reminding me to stay open and to build connections with people who truly see me.

What about you? Do you have a word for the year ahead? Or have you created your vision board, goals and intentions for 2023? Tell me in the comments.

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