New Year Intentions, not Resolutions

It’s the start of a brand new year. And for me that means intentions, not resolutions.

I love the fresh energy of a new year. It is like a blank canvas just waiting for the artist to paint a stunning scene. Or like a blank page in the writer’s notebook, crying out for a story to tell.

We hold the power within us to write that story. And to paint that picture. To weave our energy and intention into the new year and set plans in motion so we can live life on our terms.

How do you want to feel this year?

That is a better question than what do you want to do, don’t you think? How do you want to feel? Happy? Contented? Peaceful? Organised? Purposeful? Soulful? Healthy? Well?

Be Happy - Smiling Face

So many powerful words to express how we may want to feel. Those are just some of mine. Let’s take one – feeling happy.

Finding Happiness

Happiness for me comes from within. For me, it is a sense of contentment and inner peace. Knowing that I am living my life the way I want to live it. That I have the time and space to design my life my way.

External things certainly can assist with happiness but ultimately happiness comes from inside. And for me, I am happiest when I am organised, purposeful and soulful. They all feed into each other.

You can choose to be happy no matter what the external circumstances are. And I am not talking about toxic positivity here – that is a definite no-no.

I am talking about radical responsibility. About understanding that true happiness comes from deep inside you. And that you can grow that happiness by feeding your Soul with the things that you love and the things you are drawn to.

The world could be falling down around me and everyone could be screaming about everything that is wrong in the world – but give me a paintbrush and some paper and I can lose myself in my happy world of painting. Finding islands of happiness in the sea of despair all around me.

Happiness in the midst of sorrow

I’ll give a more personal example. As you may know, my mum died a few weeks ago, in mid-December. I had the honour and privilege of sitting with her as she drew her final breath. And yes, it was painful for me to watch and I cried many tears at her loss.

But I am still happy. I am happy to know in my heart that I did my best for her in her final months. That she is no longer suffering in pain and discomfort. And I remember happy moments and laughter which helps ease the pain of her loss.

I could focus on the hole she has left in my life or I can focus on the ways I can remember her and bring happiness to myself, the family and other people – by doing what I love. Focusing on ways to fill that gap with things that make me happy.

So you see, ultimately we have a choice every day – to choose to lean into happiness and joy or focus on pain and sadness.

That’s why I choose to set intentions and to focus on how I want to feel, rather than setting unrealistic resolutions. Resolutions often limit us. They punish us. We end up feeling defeated and demoralised.

Let’s shake it up in 2023.

Let’s focus on feeling good. And then we can ask ourselves each day – what do I need to do today to feel good?

Is this choice helping me feel good or bad? Am I moving in the right direction or am I sabotaging myself?

Intentions and feelings help us to navigate through the year. Add this to a supportive community and doing the things you love to do and you have a winning combination.

That’s why I have created Soul Food Circle. And I am so excited to get started with my founding members on Monday 9th January. The doors are still open for another few days so you can come and join us if you want – click here to find out more.

For now, I would like to wish you a happy new year. May you consciously choose happiness each day and remember to always feed your Soul.

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