Weekly Musings – Self Love & Surrender

Weekly Musings – Self Love & Surrender

Hello! Here we are again – it is time for the weekly musings once more. The theme this week is all about self love and surrender. It’s quite funny because today I wore a T shirt with a heart on it that says “love yourself more”. I had no idea that the cards were going to come out as they have today. They have connected with the theme of self love and surrender. Letting go of burdens and diving deep into your own inner wisdom.

Did you remember to put your clocks forward yesterday for British summertime? The weather was delightful. Hopefully you managed to enjoy it and get out in the sunshine. I know I did! With my bare feet in the grass for a little while over the weekend. It’s just beautiful to recalibrate and recharge the batteries. It was very, very needed. So how are you? I hope this week finds you well and that all is good with you.

Recalibrate under the cosmic energy

There’s been quite a lot of solar activity lately. I follow Elizabeth Peru and refer to her quite a lot. She has been talking about a shift in consciousness and in the Schumann Resonance which is the heartbeat of the earth. Sometimes that can leave you feeling a bit sore and tired. We also have four cosmic bodies in Aquarius. The Moon, Venus, Mars and Saturn are in Aquarius just now and so that does help us leave this month on a more positive vibe. However you may find if you’re sensitive to energy, your body may be sore or tense. My body gets quite painful during these times. So that’s why it was very important for me to get outside with my feet in the grass. It recalibrates and brings healing to the body.

Last week, we were talking about the web of life and your connection to source. We began by acknowledging that we have the right to stop and enjoy life. To pause and take in the beauty of life all around you. We realised it was okay to stop. Okay to reflect and think about what you were putting out because that would come back to you. To not give up on your dreams and to just generally realise that what you’re thinking and what you’re creating really impacts reality all around us. So that was last week. And the cards for today follow up on this concept.

Weekly Musings - Self Love & Surrender Cards from Starseed Oracle
Cards from the Starseed Oracle

I am using the Starseed Oracle. I’ve used these before. Lovely cards by Rebecca Campbell with artwork by Danielle Noel. This week the theme has been very much about tuning into this need to care for ourselves a little bit more deeply. It’s something that resonates very much with me at the moment.

We The Hathor

The first card that came up is this card “We The Hathor”. It’s all about deep love and the cosmic mother. Birth as a portal. This is very timely card with UK Mother’s Day yesterday. It reminds us that you are a child of the cosmic mother. You’re being called to be held by her never ending grace and her love. This earth walk that we’re on as human beings on this planet can sometimes be really lonely and rocky. Sometimes downright difficult. This card reminds us to rest more deeply and lean into the cosmic support. It is a potent card really full of divine feminine energy. Asking you to touch base with your own femininity, whether you’re male or female. The divine feminine energy is within all of us, as is the divine masculine. It’s asking you to really surrender to the Sacred Feminine.

A card about creation and birth. To Mother yourself and others. To create and to surrender to your creations. Remember that you’re loved much more than you know. Trust that web of life and the love is all around us. Trust that everything will work out. If you’re finding yourself in a transition at the moment, where you’re transitioning between one part of your life into another, or if you’re going through things at the moment, just hold on. Hang in there. You’re in a sacred container. Remember that sacred feminine energy is a vessel. It’s a container. So allow yourself to be nurtured. Allow yourself to be held and supported. Open your heart and surrender deep into the love within yourself.

Weight of the World

The second card that came up is the weight of the world card. Now this card has come up before. So, I don’t know whether it’s particularly a reference for myself or somebody else. I can take it personally. I know that I am carrying an awful lot at the moment. And I have had to set some stuff down recently. We don’t like having to stop and set things down because we often feel like we’re letting people down. But let me put it to you this way. If you were on an aeroplane and there was a loss of cabin pressure, then the oxygen masks drop down. You’re told to put yourself first. You have to put your mask on first.

You cannot take on all the world’s problems and the problems of everybody around you with depleted energy. So you have to set really good boundaries. And that might mean stepping away from something that you maybe thought was good for you but turned out wasn’t. Or maybe you have to step away from social media for a while. Perhaps you have to lessen your contact with certain groups, people or things that are you’re finding difficult and that’s okay. It’s about setting those boundaries. Create boundaries. Let stuff go. It’s not yours to carry. What are you carrying that isn’t yours?

World Events and Collective Energy

It’s really difficult at this time not to feel overwhelmed by everything that’s going on in the world. The unrest in Russia and the Ukraine. We have difficulties with rising energy costs and the cost of living. There are wars going on elsewhere in the world. The health crisis is still going on with COVID and NHS pressures. All the other things that are happening in life. People are taking in this collective energy like sponges. So it’s really important that you establish some really clear boundaries. Practice good energetic hygiene for yourself. Wash off what’s not yours to carry. Check in with your body and notice what you are carrying. Are you carrying other people’s expectations? Carrying judgments? Are you taking on problems from other people that aren’t even yours?

It’s really important that you start to think about how you can clean this up. What can you do to establish better boundaries? Instead of reaching for your phone first thing in the morning and consuming negative content or scrolling through social media, spend 10 minutes meditating. Take a break from the old patterns. Clean up your newsfeed. Unfollow things that don’t resonate with you. Choose to follow more positive, uplifting content. Listen to pods that are uplifting and that give you motivation and guidance to move forward. Establish better boundaries of what you’re allowing into your mind garden? Your diet is much more than what you eat. It’s what you surround yourself with. The company you keep, the thoughts you think, the things you read. All these things form part of your energetic field around you. So it’s important that you don’t let things in that aren’t yours.

Multiply your Time

I have been reading a couple of books this week by Rory Vaden, a business coach. He talks about multiplying your time. And it’s not about time management because that’s really one dimensional. It’s not even about the urgent, important matrix, as that is simply two dimensional. He takes it bigger and asks, how long is something going to be significant? So it’s about multiplying your time. He says right, okay, you’ve got stuff coming at you. Do you actually need to do this right now? What can I do today that will find me more time tomorrow that will multiply my time tomorrow? What can I eliminate from my day? Quite often the things we can eliminate are the things that are energetically draining. Things that perhaps we’re finding ourselves doing mindlessly. For example, spending time scrolling through your newsfeed and watching TV. Listening to things that are not feeding our soul. Participating in gossip, judging other people. Looking outside of ourselves everywhere for answers.

Think about your working day. Email is a big timewaster. It is really other people’s priorities in your inbox, not yours. So why not set aside time and only check your email maybe once or twice a day. That is better than having it open in the background. Getting a notification every two seconds, interrupting you. There’s lots of different ways you can clean up what you’re taking on. I would recommend his books – “Take the Stairs” and “Procrastinate on Purpose.” They’re very good.

Cosmic Heart

The third card that came up today is the cosmic heart card. This is about self love,and the love of the cosmos. So this is about surrendering to a state of devotion, making your life a moving prayer. By taking the focus from outside and looking inside yourself for answers. Looking deep within yourself, really understanding that divine intelligence of your inner temple. Your sacred temple, your heart and living your life in devotion to this sacred temple. Doing what feeds your soul. So when you find yourself doing something, ask yourself why am I doing? Does this feed my soul?

Sometimes we are doing so many things we get burned out. We get really exhausted. We’ve taken on so many things. From other people’s expectations to job roles and other things that we have said we will do. And then we realise that we’re exhausted. We can’t remember why we said we would do any of these things in the first place. So remember your why when you lose your way or wonder what you’re doing. Why so you want the thing or why are you doing it? What does it give you? Is it something that other people are telling you is good for you? Or is it something that is good for you personally?

Look within

Turn your gaze deep within for these answers. Life flows in cycles and seasons. Seasons for planting and seasons for harvesting. This is a season for planting soul seeds. Again, as I mentioned Rory Vaden previously. He often says, “What can I do today that will find me time tomorrow?” He’s planting seeds today that will come to fruition tomorrow for him. So what can you do today that will feed your soul? And that will then allow you to live your life on purpose tomorrow.

Do what makes your soul happy, not what makes other people happy. And let go of the judgement as well. Sometimes we judge ourselves really harshly. We worry that by putting ourselves first people will think less of us. But what other people think doesn’t matter. Remember, you’re not going out of your way to hurt anybody. You’re putting yourself first and caring for yourself. As we established last week, every action you take helps to feed the collective. So when you care for yourself, you’re actually getting nurtured and putting care and love into the web of life. It’s definitely not selfish to do that!

In summary

Our first card was the Divine Cosmic Mother and the nurturing divine feminine energy of being in that sacred container. Surrendering to the most nurturing support available to us. Card number two was about dropping the weight of the world. Letting go of the burdens you don’t need to carry and setting good energetic boundaries. And card three was about leaning and surrendering into the divine wisdom and intelligence.

So hopefully these cards have resonated with you this week. As always, you can listen to the audio version on Soundcloud, or watch the video of the full reading on YouTube. Leave me a comment and let me know how things are with you and if the cards spoke to you this week.

Enjoy the last few days of March. Set a positive intention for yourself and remember to love yourself more. Care for yourself more and lean into that nurturing cosmic energy. Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts before the snow comes again later in the week. See you next week!

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