Web of Life – Weekly Musings 21st March 2022

Web of Life

Welcome to this week’s musings all about your connection to the web of life. We have just arrived in Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s been lovely here in Northern Ireland and the sun is shining again. It feels good to welcome positive, uplifting energy. I think people have been in better moods. I have noticed more smiles – have you?

We had a full moon towards the end of last week which helped release old energy. I know that for me, personally, I had a lot of old things come to an end. Stuff that had been hanging on for a long time! And it was really, really good just to let it go and to welcome in newness. But it doesn’t always happen that way. Sometimes when you’re releasing stuff, you can feel a little bit worse before you feel better. And sometimes you can struggle a little bit to set the old stuff down. You may want to hold on to it because it’s your story. But I would urge you just to take time for you. Welcome this fresh new energy of Spring. And welcome this lovely period of healing. It is not selfish to heal.

We are all connected

Remember, we are all intrinsically linked. You are connected to everything around you. You are part of the web of life. We are all connected. So when one person takes time for healing, it benefits everybody. Because the energy ripple moves outwards. Therefore it’s not selfish to take time for yourself. I’ve seen that people are struggling with this at the moment. We see world events and the things that are going on. It makes us feel helpless and we feel almost guilty if we’re enjoying ourselves. You shouldn’t feel guilty! We must allow ourselves to live our lives. Absolutely we need to do what we can to help other people where possible. But you also need to put yourself first and fill your own cup first. Because if you’re exhausted or burned out, not looking after yourself, then you’re not going to be able to be of service to other people.

Self care is not selfish

That’s something I’ve had to work on because I would constantly be trying to help other people. And then sometimes I realise that I’m burned out. I’m running on empty. I took some time for me this morningand am just back from seeing the fabulous Connie Mercer. It was a great healing session working on my dodgy shoulder so I feel much better now! Self care is not selfish!

I don’t know if you’ve been on my social media today. You may have noticed I shared a post that was a quote by S C Laurie,

“You have every right to stop and sit down, to watch the beauties around you…to walk slow and feel the sun kiss your forehead, to feel the wind breathe on you…you have every right…to be…to do what you need to do that brings ease to your heart. Take your time with you today…don’t be so hard on yourself. Not today. Not anymore.”

S C Laurie

That quote just completely sums up what I say to you today.

Wisdom of the Hidden Realms

Today I have used the Wisdom of the Hidden Realms oracle deck. As always the cards really reflect what I want to say to you. They’re always drawn at random. Yet it always amazes me each week they are so on point.

Cards from the Wisdom of the Hidden Realms

Lady of the Mirror

The first card is the Lady of the Mirror card. This card is all about remembering the law of attraction. What you are, you attract. That means whatever energy you’re putting out into the world is what’s coming straight back. So when you’re constantly stressed, exhausted and burned out, it’s all coming back to you. You have more reasons to be stressed and exhausted and burned out. If you’re putting out blessings, love, peace and kindness then you have more of that coming back to you. Your reality begins to reflect what you’re putting out into the world. But that’s not to say that there are things in life that come along to try us. You know there’s no victim shaming and blaming here. Challenges come our way in life to help us grow. They help us to learn because if everything was wonderful all the time we would never grow. We would never learn. And we would never understand the difference in the range of human emotions. But generally overall what you focus on and put out, is what you get back.

The card does not ask you to pass judgement. It asks that you observe yourself in the mirror. Observe and monitor how you respond to life’s challenges and honour your story. Everything you’ve been through has made you who you are today. So reflect and honour yourself. Don’t be afraid to take full responsibility for where you are because that’s important. I see a lot of people blaming everybody else around them for things in their life that aren’t going their way. Making constant excuses. We’ve all done it. But when you actually take responsibility for where you are in your life things start to shift in the most positive way.

Dream Walker

The next card is the Dream Walker card. It came up reversed today. Upright, it says consider your dreams. We have a small self dream for our life and we have a divine self or soul level dream for the greater good that we fit into. And sometimes the small dream may be different. We need to ask ourselves if the dream fits into our divine soul purpose or if it is taking us away from it. Perhaps the small dream is actually not what we are supposed to be doing.

The reversed meaning says it’s time to wake up from any sort of restless dream. It’s time to trust the Divine Source. Source will help you escape from the nightmare that you might find yourself in. But it’s up to you to remember your dreams. Remember who you are and what you actually really want to do. Don’t give up on your passions and don’t give up on your dreams.

Web Weaver

The final card is the Web Weaver. Again, this is another one reminding you that your creativity has far reaching consequences. Everything you do for healing, creativity, joy, and gratitude, ripples outwards. Your actions and your very being, impacts the web of life. Notice how this happens. Watch for the synchronicities in life.

Whenever we are making decisions, ask for a sign. Then look for it! Like when you buy a red car then you see them everywhere. This is because you’re on the frequency for it. So ask and then see it. Doors will open for you and the signs will be clear.

In Summary

So in summary, maybe take some time for this week to reflect on where you are. Where are you in the web of life? See your life reflected back at you in the mirror. What part did you play in life events so far? Don’t judge yourself just honour your story. Everything you’ve been through has made you who you are today. Then wake up from the dream and remember who you are. Recall your passions. Remember that you have the ability to life life in accordance with your soul’s purpose. You came here for a reason. You know what that reason is – you just need to remember! And the web weaver reminds you that your creativity feeds all of creation. Don’t give up on your dreams. Remember to play your inherent part in the web of life.

Move forth into this lovely new Spring vibe with renewed purpose and a sense of optimism. Hopefully this has inspired you to make some changes or to do what you need to do to live your dreams. Remember to take time for you and just to simply be and enjoy life. Enjoy the better weather. Get outside into nature and breathe the fresh air.


Just a reminder that in the UK the clocks will move forward by an hour at the end of this week. That will take us into British Summertime and will make your day feel a little longer with bright evenings. This time of year is lovely. Work with the seasons. The balance of Equinox, the release of the full moon. Allow yourself to honour yourself and honour your story.

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Much love and I will chat to you again next week!

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