Weekly Musings – Goddess Guidance

Weekly Musings – Goddess Guidance for 7th March 2022

Here we are again with the weekly musings and Goddess Guidance oracle cards for 7th March 2022. I hope you’re well and that life has treated you kindly this last week. How have you got on since we tuned in last week? Have you been managing to tap into the cosmic breath?

Remember, last week we discussed the importance of learning to let go of control and to lean into the flow of life. To trust divine timing and allow things to just fall into place. So let me know in the comments how you got on last week. Were you able to let go of the need to control things? Did you feel better about yourself? Perhaps life started to flow in a more positive way?

Goddess Guidance Cards
Goddess Guidance Cards for 7th March 2022

I am fully aware that there is a lot of fear at the moment. That there is a lot of negativity, worry and concern. There is stress about rising energy costs and fuel. Some people are really finding it difficult to switch off from that fear. I would urge you all to just tune into your heart. Tune into your own path and find what’s right for you. Sit in your own power. Don’t allow yourself to be swayed by the fear being bombarded by the media. It is really important that you remember you are a divine being. And that you have all this light within you. Choose where to place your focus.

I thought in honour of International Women’s Day tomorrow, I would use the Goddess Guidance oracle cards. These ones are by Doreen Virtue. I thought I would just lean into that Divine Feminine flow and intelligence. In honour of IWD, so you can let me know how these resonate.

Damara – Celtic Goddess of Fertility

First card that’s come up today is the Damara card. The Celtic Goddess of Fertility. It’s all about guiding children. Finding that inner childlike nature in yourself. Children are little sponges of wonder – they just see magic everywhere. We want to try and maintain that innocence. Damara brings peace and harmony to households. So perhaps maybe this is what’s needed this week. Perhaps there’s been a little bit of friction at home? Maybe the children in your life are not feeling heard or perhaps they’re frightened with what’s going on in the world at the moment.

It’s your job then to guide, nurture and support them. You can be a fierce protector but you can also be really gentle. Take time to listen to them. Listen to their wisdom as well. We can often learn a few things from the children in our lives rather than thinking we know it all. Be like a child yourself. See that magic and wonder everywhere. Look past all the negativity and fear that’s being peddled at the moment.

Look into the wonder of the fairy kingdom. Spend time with children, talk to them, play with them. Perhaps it means you’re thinking about parenthood yourself. This is a fertile time to bring new ideas to the fore as well. To nurture them and take care of your own inner child along the way. It will serve you well.

Lakshmi – Hindu Goddess of Abundance & Benevolence

The second card today is Lakshmi, a Hindu goddess. This benevolent Hindu goddess brings abundance. She works in tandem with Ganesh, the Divine Presence of optimism and overcomer or of obstacles. The two work together very well. She is associated with elephants, lotus flowers, water, and again with fertility. So again, there’s a kick back to this first card. There’s a fertility aspect to this as well. Lakshmi reminds you that you’ve not to worry. Things will work out as they’re supposed to. It’s all about bright futures. Stop worrying. Everything will be fine.

At the moment, as I said last week, the Fear Factory is just ramping up again. We need to turn that off. To stop focusing on the fear and start to focus on our life. We need to quieten our minds and find that peace within ourselves. To trust that we are the light. That we have divine presence. We can shine that light depending on where we want to put it. So the more you release fear and accept abundance, joy, magic and innocence into your life, the more you are promoting the vibration of peace. Sending healing and love into the world, which is what we desperately need right now.

Energy flows where attention goes – focus on love, not fear

If you worry and you allow yourself to be full of anxiety and fear then you’re projecting that identity to the world. You’re actually feeding the darkness. Bringing more into it. As a result, that fear becomes massive. So think about that. Think everyday about where you choose to place your focus. Love or fear.

Find the hope and find the optimism. Visualise your desired outcome. Hold those positive thoughts. Absolutely acknowledge where people need help for there’s things that you can do to provide assistance. But don’t fall into the fear of suffering. Don’t dive into the shadow and become part of the fear.

Maat – Egyptian Goddess of Fairness & Balance

Our final card is the Egyptian goddess, Maat. All about fairness. She says the situation will be handled in a fair and just manner. So maybe you’re waiting for some legal or business news. This card would indicate it will be handled fairly. Everything will work out. It is very much about surrendering into your personal agenda in favour of the greater good.

Surrendering the need to be right. And again, like last week, letting go of the need to micromanage. Leaning into the wisdom of the whole. Trusting the wisdom of the Divine.

This Egyptian goddess Matt weighs souls with a feather on the scales. So look at your actions. Let go of guilt and shame. Surrender anything that needs to go. Ask for any forgiveness that you need to have. Let go of it and surrender. Trust the direct resolution will come your way and that it will be fair. Everything will be balanced in the scales. That requires a lot of trust to let go of the need to control. We talked about this last week.

The Divine Feminine

I feel that the Divine Feminine guidance this week is very much about nurturing. Goddess Guidance is very much about holding the space. Holding the vibration of love, acceptance, harmony and balance. Shining your light into the world and not feeling the fear. And surely we can do with a lot of that because the world is full of fear and anxiety. We don’t need to feed into it.

Hold on to that light. Trust that you’re on the right path. Focus on what it is you want, rather than what you don’t want. You will see that this week will come to you in a much more balanced flow.

So I hope that the Goddess Guidance has uplifted you. That it has given a little bit of positivity in what can be seen as quite fearful times. Please do share your thoughts and your feelings with me. Let me know what’s going on in your life. I will speak with you again next week. Thank you so much as always for joining me.

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