Weekly Musings – Breath of the Cosmos

Welcome to the weekly musings for 28th February. I hope you are enjoying these weekly musings and are able to resonate with the cards each week. This is the transcript from the original weekly musings recorded on 28th February 2022 live on Facebook. This week we are talking about the Breath of the Cosmos!

Stepping back into life and the breath of the cosmos!

It’s great to be here and to communicate with you. I have spent the last five days in my bedroom isolating because I had a positive COVID test. Thankfully, I’m absolutely fine. I had nothing more than a little bit of a cold, but I had to stay in my room to protect the rest of the household. So I finally managed to get out of my bedroom today after testing negative – yay!

I hope you’re well and that this last week has treated you kindly. We talked last week about tuning into your emotions, allowing yourself to trust your instincts. To be nurtured by Mother Earth and to be fearless. Let me know how that was for you. How has your week been?

As I said, my week has been very quiet. I have been in the bedroom, watching Gaia all week. Catching up on sleep and catching up on my list of things that I have been meaning to watch and things that I’ve been meaning to read. Whilst it’s been nice on one level, I’m very glad it’s over. It’s also really important to be careful what you wish for. I said a couple of weeks ago, that I would have loved a week off in bed to do nothing. And that’s exactly what I got. So please be careful what you wish for!

Starseed Oracle – Rebecca Campbell

This week, I am using cards from the Starseed Oracle by Rebecca Campbell with artwork by Danielle Noel. We have a real theme this week of trusting the flow. Trusting that even though things may not be what they seem, that you can step into the flow of life. And that you can learn to trust and set good boundaries for yourself. It’s very easy to get caught up in the Fear Factory.

People are finding it difficult to process what’s going on with world events at the moment. It would be remiss of me not to mention there’s a lot of pain and suffering going on in the world. The Fear Factory is winding itself up again. So it’s really important that you don’t feed that fear. Don’t tune in to the fear. Step into your own power. And that’s what the cards are really saying this week.

The cards for this week’s musings – Breath of the Cosmos, Lifting the Veil & Weight of the World

Breath of the Cosmos

So the first one that’s come up is the Breath of the Cosmos card. This is asking you where are you being a micromanager. Are you not trusting the mysterious force of the universe? Perhaps you are trying to force things to happen, to bend things to your will?

Are you trying to make a square peg fit into a round hole? Maybe trying to force the issue somewhere? You’ll know if you are, because you keep hitting a brick wall. Things will feel difficult and stuck. That is an indication that you’re micromanaging. You are living from a space of trying to do something rather than just allowing it to flow and to come to you.

It’s difficult because we think that we have to we think we have to force things. We think we have to continually move forward like this, but we don’t. The secret to life is to stop and to surrender to the flow of the energetic Breath of the Cosmos. And that’s what this card is about. Breath of the Cosmos. Surrendering to the flow of energy that’s coming from the Universe. It is carrying you forward if you let it. But if you’re trying to make swim upstream, you’re going to have a really hard time. So ask yourself where are you? Where is your focus? What are you trying to force? Are there things in your life that are you trying to make happen? And where do you really need to stop? To surrender and to ask for guidance or to be led to the answer because that’s much easier than forcing the issue?

Are you micromanaging life?

It’s time for being really honest. Look at yourself, where are you forcing the issue? Where are you micromanaging your life? How are you micromanaging things and trying to force energy into a situation where it really doesn’t want to go? Where are you feeling that you’re hitting against a brick wall? I have this going on in my life at the moment. So this card’s very appropriate for me. There’s stuff going on in my life that’s causing me to feel that I need to push for things to happen. Yet I know intuitively that I need to stop and I need to just let it come to me. Patience is key. It’s just difficult sometimes when you’re in it, but what I would say to you is to stop. Take a breath if necessary. Do some work with the violet flame to burn away and the need to control things and then come back to your centre and allow yourself to be led to the solution.

Lifting the Veil

The second card that’s come up is called Lifting the Veil. So lift the veil, question everything. Anything that’s out of alignment must go. Often,as I’ve said before, when we are encountering a brick wall all the time, we’re nearly forcing something to happen. It’s not actually in alignment with where we’re supposed to be right now. Maybe where you’re supposed to be right now is to stop and pause and wait.

Perhaps everything isn’t quite as it seems. And maybe you do need to ask questions. This is a time of remembering who we are and remembering our power. This is a time for us to recall all the ancient memories that have been lost. A time for you to remember your power. So, what’s no longer in alignment for you? What things in your life have you outgrown? Where do you need to let things go?

It’s also asking us to lift the veil and to shine the light on things that are wrong. To shine the light on things that are inauthentic. And to question things, to speak for those who have no voice and to stand up for what’s right. It is time to restore harmony, peace and balance.

We are not helpless

Quite often we can feel that we can’t do anything. Particularly with the world events that are going on at the moment we feel helpless. So what we can do, is tune into the energy. What energy are we feeding? Are we feeding peace? Or are we feeding fear? Are we able to visualise and send out positive ripples of healing energy into the world? Yes, we are able to do that. Let’s create a wave of positive intention on the whole situation.

This is a time where the old guard is being replaced. Old systems have to go. As a result, there is chaos right now. But that chaos is necessary. Again, it’s about trusting the flow. It’s about trusting the breath of the universe, Breath of the Cosmos. This wind needs to blow through to clear away all this clutter. And then you can lift the veil and see exactly what is there to be seen.

Weight of the World

The last card that came up today is Weight of the World. It may be that you’re feeling that you’ve got the weight of the world on your shoulders right now. The card thanks you for everything that you do to care for others and those around you. But it also reminds you that you need to fill your cup first.

Working from a place of energetic depletion does not serve you or those that you want to help. So what do you need to let go off? What do you need to set down? Ask yourself, what are you carrying that’s not even yours to carry?

So ask yourself two questions. What am I carrying and is it even mine? Why am I carrying this and micromanaging? Then you can ask – What can I set down? Are there things I can surrender? Can I let go of this heavy weight?

Can I surrender?

Yes you can. So in the morning, rather than reaching for your phone and scrolling through your newsfeed. Turning on the media or listening to the news. Rather than do that, set yourself energetic boundaries. Instead of starting your day taking on all that stuff, why not start your day with meditation? Why not start your day perhaps with some mindful intentions? Boundary setting for yourself to create the ripple of energy that you want to experience? Maybe exercise, journal, look within or do some work that’s for you personally. And then go about your day – you filled your cup.

I often say that you cannot serve from an empty vessel. If you’re making someone a cup of tea you have to fill the kettle first. So fill yourself first before you go to serve others. Then you will not feel like you’re carrying the weight of the world because you’re full of energy. Because if your burnt out and you’re constantly to be striving for things, you are really just working against yourself. You’re depleting your energy. So at the end of the day repeat a self care exercise to rid yourself of what you have picked up through the day.

Positive action steps

There’s an exercise I do all the time. I usually do it in the shower. So I will say I wash off what I’ve picked up that’s not mine to carry. I call back to myself, any power that I’ve given away. And then I see myself surrounded in love and light within a healthy boundary. That small activity morning and night really helps keep me grounded. It keeps me sane and it may work for you too. So hopefully that will help.

Let me know what you think if any of these cards have spoken to you this week. Let’s recap. Breath of the Cosmos. Lean into the flow, trust the flow. Stop trying to micromanage everything. Move from a place of “trying to” and allow yourself to rely on your own intuition. Trust that what will be will be. Remember it may be that right now the message is pause and reflect.

Spring is coming!

As we move into Spring, March comes to us tomorrow. It is a new energy month. February has been a bit difficult. But now we are in a retrograde free world. Time for things to move forward. With Spring fresh energy coming in. Things will move you just need to trust. So trust, trust, trust.

Lift the veil, question everything. Speak up for injustice. Speak up for those who have no voice question things but restore harmony. Trust yourself, trust the natural flow of your energy and your intuition.

And the weight of the world of card reminds you to set clear boundaries. To set down the things that aren’t yours to carry. To give yourself the joy and the benefit of filling your cup. So that you are able to move through your life feeling full of energy and not depleted.

So hopefully that’s helped. As always this is also available on YouTube. It is also available as a podcast on SoundCloud. Let me know what you think. Leave me a comment. Let me know how you are and what plans you have for March.

For those of you who are on the mailing list you’ll get links to all the various content this evening in the usual weekly mail shot. And then you’ll have your March newsletter tomorrow.

I will check in again next week. Have a wonderful week!

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