Weekly Musings – 21st February 2022

Welcome back, it is time for the weekly musings for 21st February 2022. This week’s cards are taken from the gorgeous Angels and Ancestors oracle deck by Kyle Gray, with artwork by Lily Moses. The theme is trusting your instincts, honouring your emotions and trusting you are cherished and protected by Mother Earth.

Cards for Weekly Musings - 21st February 2022
Beautiful cards from Angels & Ancestors Oracle Deck

Weekly Musings – 21st February 2022

Storm Franklin appears to have finally started to blow himself out. So that’s great. I hope you’re well and that you’re safe. Hopefully you haven’t had too much storm damage. It seems that the UK has just been battered with storms over the last three or four days, each one with a brand new name. So who knows what we’ll get this week! But as always, hopefully you are keeping well. Let me know whereabouts you are in the world and if you have crazy weather at the moment.


Last week, we talked about the “Self”. We talked about the concept of everybody having a persona and masks that they wear in comparison to their real self. About the courage that it takes to step beyond the limitation of labels that we put on ourselves. And the courage it takes to step forward into being your real self.

Let me know if that spoke to you last week, did you manage to be a little bit more true to yourself? Did you step into your own bar a little bit more. Did last week’s musings speak to you?

We also talked about stepping into the flow of life and leaning into your emotions. Trusting the heart and trusting the emotional responses in your body. We also discussed a little bit about the balance between head and heart. Intellect and emotion and the balance between those. Are you making choices, out of love or out of fear?

Did it resonate?

I hope that that resonated with you throughout the week as you moved through the week. Were you able to look at that, honestly, to decide where if you were thinking and acting out of fear or out of love.

Sometimes we sometimes we put things off or we procrastinate a little bit because we’re frightened of moving forward or we are a little bit stressed perhaps. It’s lovely to actually lean into understanding that and then taking a look at it. Being gentle with yourself and saying, “Okay, I’m feeling the fear, but I’m going to move forward and do something anyway.”

This week – Angels & Ancestors

This week, I’m using the lovely Angels and Ancestors oracle cards by Kyle Gray. The artwork on these is by Lily Moses.

The first one that came up this week was the winter card. And I chuckled when I saw this card because I thought yeah, we know it’s the winter, it’s freezing.

There’s been storm after storm after storm. But I looked at it a little bit more. I thought, OK, we’ve got the wolf going on here. We’ve got winter, it’s time to take care of your needs. What do I need to do to be at my absolute best? Considering, what do I need to do in order to help me find the courage to be myself? To move past limitations that I might have imposed on myself? That’s what this card is all about.
Wolf Medicine

Yes, it’s about the winter energy. At this time of year a lot of the animal kingdom are hibernating. We may feel the need to draw in and hibernate. But the wolf is active all year round. The wolf doesn’t hibernate. Wolf medicine comes in here and it reminds you of the primal driving force that is keeping you going. It is keeping you moving. You might have to be on your own. Maybe you’re a lone wolf at the moment. But that means you’re the Alpha. You’re working away and are the alpha of your own pack, of yourself. Move forward with that knowledge.

Alternatively, maybe you are you leaning into the pack. Working with others for the greatest good of all. Wolves work very carefully together for the greatest good. Think, what is it you need to do – to be your best? What nourishment do you need in your body? Are you drinking enough water? Is there enough good nutrition? Honestly, are you moving your body enough?


Are you driving forward with that primal instinct leaning into your instincts, trusting your gut? Because the wolf is a very instinctual animal. And it’s a very powerful ally. It’s a good protection card as well. So if you’ve been feeling a little bit vulnerable know that you can draw on the wolf medicine to bring a little bit more protection and strength into your life.

Water Guardian

The second card that came up is the Water Guardian card. It is very similar to last week’s two water cards. Last week, we had the one of water and the eleven of water from the Dreams of Gaia deck. Now, this Water Guardian card is asking you again to connect with your emotions. To tune in to your emotion sensitivity is a blessing, not a curse. So if you’re a natural Empath, you may feel everybody else’s stuff. You need to know which is your feeling and which is someone else’s. But it’s a blessing to be able to feel emotion because many people shut it off.

The water Guardian card she asks you to really know yourself. To dive in deep into the waters of your soul to the waters of your emotions come up. Let them be there. Because when you push them down, when you try and suppress them or lock them away, they build up like water behind the dam. And eventually it has to burst out from somewhere. Whereas, if you allow them to be there and allow them to come in. To raise up like a wave, they’ll reach a crescendo and peak. Then they will move away.

Energy in Motion

Emotion is just energy in motion. The other thing about ignoring feelings is that emotions can get trapped and stored in your body. One of my Reiki students at the weekend, who’s a yoga teacher said to me, “The issue is in the tissue”.

Because the emotions get stored in our body tissues. Our body tissues, muscles and cellular structure, remember all our emotions. They hold on to it. Which is why sometimes if you’re doing stretches or yin yoga you can have an emotional response and cry. As you as your body relaxes, that lets go of the emotions. So it’s okay to feel emotions, it’s okay for them to be there.

Also, if you’re suppressing emotion, you might also then be blocking out intuitive guidance that’s coming your way. You might be missing important messages from your body. From your emotional responses that are giving you intuitive flashes or psychic awareness that you need to know for your life.

The wolf card at the start, remember very instinctual, very, very powerful medicine from this card. So leaning into your instincts and trusting your emotional responses will make you one of the most powerful people around. And it is not weak to express your vulnerability and to express your emotions.

Mother Earth

The final card that came up is the Mother Earth card. This card depicts the divine feminine. There’s the maiden, mother and crone symbolism on the card. She is wrapped in leaves. She has a pregnant belly in the card, which is the shape of our globe and coloured like the globe. And there are various different butterflies and berries and different symbols on this card. All of this reminds us of the vulnerability of our earth – of our mother planet.

But at the same time, there is strength there. There is something really deeply intuitive and loving about this Mother Earth card. She reminds you that you are her child. You are part of her. There to be cherished and to be nurtured and to be protected by her.She is able to adapt to the changes that come her way. The planet adapts and does everything it needs to do in order to maintain its equilibrium. And she asks you to do the same.

Remember you are a Child of Earth

She asks you to remember that you are nurtured as a child of Earth. You are her baby, you are her child, she will protect you. Likewise, you want to nurture yourself and nourish yourself. Remember, the winter card came up with the wolf and asked you what do you need to do to be at your best? What nourishment do you need? Beautiful nourishment from earth.

Remember that despite whatever daily challenges come your way, you are a protected child. You have enough light within you to navigate the dark period of the winter. At this time of year we often find ourselves in this darkness. We sometimes can maybe lose our way a little bit. And we maybe get buried and overwhelmed with emotions that come up for us. However, trust that you have enough light within yourself. Trust you’re protected in love and light from Mother Earth.

Dispel the shadows

Shine the light into those areas where you might be feeling vulnerable or overwhelmed. Bring those emotions to the surface where you can work with them. Where you can lean into them and remember the lessons from last week. To open your heart and have that strength of being open. Of being totally true and honest with yourself.

No hiding from the feelings. When you face your feelings, with an open heart, and a fearlessness of seeing what comes. Yes, it might be painful. There might be something that has been repressed and suppressed over years. All of a sudden it comes up. You have to find the courage within yourself to deal with it. But when you do that, you step further into your light. And you step further into your power. These hidden things can’t hold hold any power over you anymore.

The fear isn’t there anymore, because you have faced it you have leaned into it. You have faced it head on and said “Come on, show me what you’ve got”. Which is kind of like the wolf, isn’t it? Because a wolf is fearless.

Be fearless this week!

So as you go about your week this week, be fearless. Embrace your emotions. And remember that you are a child of Mother Earth. She is here to nurture and support you. And you can nurture and support her right back.

Hopefully that has resonated with you in some way. Leave me a comment, let me know what’s going on with you. And as always, you can also pick this up on YouTube and on SoundCloud.

Have a great week!

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