Weekly Musings – 14th February 2022

Welcome to this week’s musings for 14th February 2022. Today, I am going to use the gorgeous Dreams of Gaia Tarot Deck. The artwork in this tarot deck is absolutely stunning. So, so beautiful.

Weekly Musings – 14th February 2022

Here are the cards that have come up this week.

Weekly Musings 14th February - Cards from Dreams of Gaia
This week’s cards for weekly musings.


Firstly, the “Self” card. The Self card is from the major arcana in the Dreams of Gaia deck. Now this deck is slightly different to a traditional tarot deck. It is broken into different segments. This particular card comes from the Reasons of Being segment. There are eight reasons for being. They are knowledge, wisdom, healing, love, union, self abundance, and destiny. So the Self card is the sixth reason for being.

This card really asks you to look at who you are. Who are you? What do other people see when you show up? What masks are you wearing? How many personas do you have? How many masks do you wear? Because we all have various different personas. You know we have our work face, we have our home face, we have the face that our kids see, our family sees. We have the face that strangers see – we have all these different personas. And it’s not a bad thing. But at the same time, sometimes we can get lost in being these other people.

The Ego

We need to have a personality. An ego, in order to get through this physical three dimensional world that we live in. There’s an awful lot of ego bashing that goes on in spiritual circles. I don’t like that because the personality, the ego, is required. It is the face of your soul. The problem arises when the face of your soul (the personality) is away over here, and your soul as away over there. Completely out of alignment and the two aren’t meeting together. This card asks you to bring your soul and your personality into alignment. So that you really know who you are. And that can be very difficult. Because if you have constantly been someone else, if you have always been saying yes to other people, or people pleasing; if you have been allowing yourself to be labelled in certain ways and to have certain beliefs imposed upon you, or have been following other people’s paths rather than your own, then it can be very difficult to know exactly who you are, and what it is you want out of life.


This requires quite a lot of courage to take an honest look and sit with yourself to understand who you really are. What really makes you tick? Are there things you like to do? What makes your heart sing? These are all questions that we work through in the Intuitive Life Design coaching programme. You’re more than welcome to join us anytime, jump in, let’s work together and figure this stuff out. Because this card is really about your journey of undoing. Your journey of unf***ing yourself up.

It’s time to understand that you do not need to be who people have told you to be. You need to be yourself. So, what masks do you wear? What journey of undoing and unlearning, do you need to do in order to be and become the person that you are? To be the person that you want to be in order to live the life that you want? Finding your centre, finding your fulfilment, finding your peace and your acceptance of yourself.

That’s what this card is all about. Does that speak to you? Let me know in the comments, if you are struggling with knowing who you really are. Do you understand what your self is all about? I mean your eternal, unchanging Self underneath it all.

Remove the labels

We put labels on ourselves all the time. And then we limit ourselves into falling within that little label. What if you took the label off? It’s a little bit like the concept of formlessness that I talk about in my shamanic classes with my students. Quite often people put form on to spirit. And that really limits the power. Whereas when we take our labels off, we don’t put form on ourselves. We actually embrace our full potential and the majesty of our own power. Then we can create whatever we want. But it starts with really knowing who you are and finding that alignment within yourself.

So let me know in the comments, if that’s something that you struggle with. Do you know who you are and what you want? Or is that something that’s quite difficult for you? Have you been constantly indoctrinated into someone else’s way of life? Have you just gone with the flow for them, rather than follow your own path?

1 Water

The second card follows on from this and is the one of water card in this deck. It depicts a water dragon here. The heart chakra is really glowing and is all opened up, feeding up into the throat.

As you start to learn who you are, and learn what makes you tick, you start to really develop a sense of stepping into the flow. You begin to feel safe enough to open your heart. Quite often, when we are feeling a little bit frightened, we close off to try and protect ourselves. But actually, there’s so much more protection and love and healing energy that can come from our open hearts. If we open up and we dare to follow our hearts, we dare to step into the flow of life.

This is a water card. Water typically represents emotions, and relationships – quite appropriate for Valentine’s Day today. It signifies new emotional beginnings, taking that leap of faith and following your heart. Stop fighting your feelings -deep down inside, you know exactly what it is you really want to do. What’s holding you back?

Tune into your heart and come out of your head. Place your hands over your heart and take three deep breaths into your heart centre. Ask yourself what it is that you know you need to do. Your heart will tell you and it will not guide you wrong.

11 Water

The final card that came up today is the 11 of water which is the emotional intellect card. This card is very, very much about understanding the need for balance. To balance the head and the heart. Balance the emotion and intellect, to understand your behaviour. Are you acting out of love? Or are you acting out of fear? What’s going on with you?

Love vs Fear

Love and fear are two sides of the same coin. We need both. Okay, because we need to have a healthy dose of fear sometimes to stop us doing stupid things. Like sticking our hands in a fire or running out into traffic. But at the same time we don’t want fear to paralyse us. Depending on how people look at things may also give you an insight into this. You might leave a relationship. Someone might look at that and say, you left because you were afraid of getting hurt. And someone else might look at it and say, you left because you had enough self love to honour yourself more. One sees the behaviour as love and the other sees it as fear. Different sides of the same coin.

But is there an imbalance? Are you living life predominantly fear based? So are you allowing fear to dominate your life? Or are you doing everything only out of love and having no fear whatsoever? That isn’t 100% healthy either. Because we need both. Same as light and dark, you can’t stay always in that toxic positivity of being in the light all the time. You also have to recognise the shadow. The light and the dark, the love and the fear, the two things are both required.

Life in motion

life needs constant motion – there’s a constant shift. Imagine it like a seesaw, it needs to constantly go up and down otherwise there’s no movement. If it’s perfectly balanced, it’s just static, and it gets stuck. Life never remains completely still, there’s always movement. There should always be give and take, light and dark, love and fear.

This card asks you to balance head and heart. Look at that, honestly, don’t let fear be your dominant force. You need to honour your emotions. The the one of water came up and said about stepping into the flow of life and honouring your heart. Remember that the flow can lead you in lots of different ways. It can lead you into the rapids and it can be all quite turbulent. Or it can lead you down a waterfall or down a gentle stream. The secret is to go with the flow and let it carry you, rather than trying to paddle upstream. Rather than trying to make a square peg fit a round hole.


So it’s about stepping into the intuitive awareness of your heart. This ties back into the first card, which is about knowing yourself. Because if you don’t know yourself and know what makes your heart sing, then you might find it very difficult to listen to the guidance of your heart. And to trust and honour that guidance as it comes through for you.

Hopefully, this message has given you a little bit of something to think about this week. Do you know who you really are? And what makes you tick? Or do you struggle with it? Are you happy to step into the flow of life and trust your trust your heart and stop second guessing yourself? To just go with it and step into the flow?

Are you able to balance your head and heart so that you allow your rational mind space to tell you what it needs to do but you also honour the intuitive guidance of your heart? So that you’re balancing love and fear and moving forward in your life in a way that’s completely in alignment with your desires.

Let me know in the comments. Hopefully it has resonated with you. Keep an eye out for next week’s post and in the meantime if you want to check out Intuitive Life Design, you can do so here.

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