Tarot – scary devil cards or a tool for self analysis?

Is the Tarot a set of scary devil cards? Or perhaps are they a wonderful tool for self analysis? In this post, which follows on from last week, I want to look at these questions.

So many people are terrified of these cards. And many others are simply wary of them. I felt that way myself when I first heard of the Tarot. It had been drummed into me that they were devil cards and I should avoid them at all costs!

I have since discovered that this is nothing more than scare-mongering and fear tactics! The Tarot are simply cards with images on them. So long as you work from a place of love and treat them as a tool to answer your questions, then you cannot go wrong.

Tarot cards provide an objective tool in the pursuit of self-analysis. The cards never lie – you get what you get. Many people turn to the Tarot because of its archetypal significance and symbolism. It allows you the chance to develop your own choices. This helps your journey in life and brings a greater awareness of your sense of purpose and destiny.

The cards are timeless and symbolic. They help you look at situations in your life in new and different ways. The Tarot can inspire, educate and guide you on your journey through life. It can also bring you closer to the spiritual and intuitive side of your nature. You are tapping into the energy of the moment and your own psyche when you read the cards – this is an amazingly empowering tool for self-awareness and self-development.

Tarot cards

The seemingly random choice of cards at any one moment is a powerful signifier of the meaning of that moment. You are tapping into the collective consciousness of your higher self and the universe. It is almost like the cards pick you.

All of us project unconscious issues on to objects which are in the physical environment around us. We perceive our reality through the lens of our own nature, through our thoughts. We therefore similarly project our inner issues on to each Tarot card. However there is a message in every symbol and a meaning behind every image in the Tarot.

The Tarot awakens us to the powerful patterns of human nature and gives us answers and solutions that we subconsciously already knew but didn’t see before.

Your future is not set in stone. You have free will and your future will change depending on the choices you make each day. The Tarot can certainly give an indication of what may lie ahead for you if you stay on the current path but you should not give away your power to the cards by relying on them to tell your future.

It is my mission to try and dispel some of the myths and fear that surround the Tarot, as well as help people to use the cards for themselves. I recently wrote a book called “Rocks n Rituals Tarot Tales“. The book was designed to help you learn the Tarot easily and many people have found it very useful in helping them recall the cards.

Learning the Tarot relies on your natural human ability to recall stories. The best Tarot readers can look at the cards and tell a story from them, rather than reciting static meanings from a book. In the book, I have used my personal Tarot reading experience in order to help you use your intuition to decipher the meanings of the cards. Why not check it out – you can even take a free look inside via Amazon.

You can learn to become a respected and light-filled reader who people come to again and again for helpful guidance and advice. This is why I run live workshops and on-demand classes to help you develop this skill.

If you need help, guidance and support with your Tarot journey you are very welcome to connect with me via Facebook or get in touch with your questions by commenting below.

Enjoy your Tarot journey and lose the fear!

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