How to stay resilient in the face of adversity

I had so many plans in place, for last week and the coming month. And quite a few have gone awry. Unexpected curveballs have come my way. So I thought I would ask the cards for advice. How do we stay resilient in the face of adversity?

How do we stay resilient in the face of adversity?

I have decided to use the Tarot of the Old Path. This is the deck I use for professional readings. So it made sense for me to use it today. My question, as above – How do we stay resilient in the face of adversity?

Be resilient in the face of adversity - cards for this week
Cards from Tarot of the Old Path

King of Wands

The King of Wands sits on his throne. In the traditional Rider Waite deck he holds a blossoming wand in his hand. A symbol of life and creativity. His throne and cape are decorated with lions and salamanders. Both symbols of fire and strength. The salamanders biting their own tails represent infinity. And the ongoing drive to move forward against all obstacles.

In my card we don’t see the exact image described above but the vibe is the same. You can feel the strength emanating from this card. He represents pure fire energy in its masculine form.

The visionary leader

As a King, he is unlikely to be directly involved in the implementation of ideas. So when this card appears, it is often a sign for you to step into a leadership role. It is time to be a visionary leader. Time to direct your people towards a common goal. You have a clear vision of where you want to go. Now you are manifesting that vision with the support of those around you.

As such, you are likely to be charismatic and determined. People naturally gravitate towards you. They believe in you and your vision. So allow them to support you. Accept the help and don’t try to do it all yourself.

Purpose and Intention

This card reminds you to lead your life with intent. Have a vision and a long-term view. You have a grand idea of what is truly possible. Because you will remain focused, you achieve a lot. Stay clear about your future direction and how you will get there. Do not waste your time on things that don’t serve your purpose.

You can create any outcome you wish, so be mindful about your intentions and vision. Another reminder – you hold the power!

This is very relevant for me just now. I have had to ask for help. It’s time for me to take the lead. To step into a director’s role. And to move out of the comfort zone and seek help. To build a team that can assist and allow things to move forward safely. What about you? Does it resonate for you?

The Magician

The Magician card is numbered One in the Major Arcana. This is the number of new beginnings and opportunities. This card is also associated with the planet Mercury.

The Magician is connected with nature in my deck. He is grounded yet has open antlers on his head. Symbolising connection above and below. He has runes on the ground and a sword in his hand. A wolf protects his back. Fire blazes and a cup sits on the stone beside him. A unicorn stands in the background beside a stone circle. And the moon is full in a starry sky.

The alchemist

This card is about the relationship between the spiritual and material realms. The Magician uses this relationship to create and manifest his goals in the physical realm. The conduit that converts energy into matter. He has all the tools (and elements) he needs to manifest his intentions into being.

The Magician brings you the tools, resources and energy you need to make your dreams come true. Everything you need right now is at your fingertips. You have the spiritual (fire), physical (earth), mental (air) and emotional (water) resources to manifest your desires. The key is to bring these tools together synergistically. Then the impact of what you create is greater than the separate parts. This is alchemy at its best!

Act on your inspired vision

It is now the perfect time to move forward on ideas you’ve been having. You are being called to take action on seeds you have planted. It is time to bring your intention to fruition.

Your life experience so far has led you here. You are ready to turn your ideas into reality. Don’t be afraid. It is time to step up.

We know that we must establish a clear vision. The cards have been hammering the message home of empowerment and manifestation. What do you want to create and why? It is not enough to be motivated by ego (money, status, or fame). You need to have a soul connection to your goals and intentions. Remember, you are a powerful, creative being. This is your opportunity to bring your Higher Self into alignment with your day-to-day actions. Now is the time to create the future you want most.

One thing at a time

When you are clear about your ‘what’ and your ‘why’, The Magician calls on you to take inspired action. This means you will need focused attention and intense concentration. So, focus on the ONE thing that will move you towards your goal. Commitment to your path is essential. so drop any distractions. Anything may draw your focus away from what you want to achieve. Be methodical.Stay on track and carry out your tasks. One thing at a time!

I feel this card is reminding us that we can handle anything that comes our way. The question was about dealing with plans going awry. So I feel we need to be flexible. Yes, have methodical plans in place but also have a plan B! And most importantly, focus on one thing at a time. Otherwise you can get overwhelmed.

It is also about the law of attraction. Your energy and intent creates your reality. So when life throws you lemons, you need to deal with them. Either fall into a sour pile of lemon juice or make lemonade! Or if tequila floats your boat go for it haha!

Ultimately it is not the things in life that stress us. It is how we deal with them. That’s from philosopher Epictetus. And he is right. We have the power to choose a positive response. Hard as that is when things go wrong. I know – the last few days have been tough!

Queen of Swords

Finally the Queen of Swords has made an appearance for us. So we have the mental clarity and intellectual power of the suit of Swords. And we have the maturity and receptiveness of the Queen. What does this mean? It represents having the ability to use your intellect and unbiased judgement. But also represents you remaining flexible and open to receive input from other sources.

This card is about the head leading the heart. Using your rationality. Not allowing emotions to influence your decisions. Discernment is the key to the situation. Perhaps in this situation, empathy or compassion towards others will distract you from the task at hand. This deeply resonates with me just now.

Intellect vs Emotion

To help you make sense of your environment, you need the facts. That is what will help you navigate this situation. It is not that you do not care about others. Rather you connect with other people through an intellectual understanding rather than an emotional one.

You are a truth-seeker. Open to hearing the thoughts and opinions of others. But you must filter that information to decipher what is true and what is not. Get to the heart of the matter without engaging in gossip or hearsay.

This card suggests you have an innate ability to tell it like it is. You are a quick thinker and highly perceptive. Able to pierce through the confusion to get straight to the point. You are upfront and honest in your views. And you expect the same from others. For this reason, many people respect your opinion. They may come to you for advice when they need clarity.


It reminds you that you are a determined, independent and resilient person. Clear boundaries are required. This character often comes across as cold or unfeeling. But this is not the case. She has a deeply soft, nurturing side. But only those closest to her can see that.

I feel this card is telling us to stay strong. Discern fact from hearsay. Rationally consider all the options. On this occasion, do not let emotions get in the way. A clear answer to our question. How do we stay resilient in the face of adversity.

Again, for me this makes perfect sense and resonates deeply. What about you?

Our Answer

In summary. Our question was “How do we stay resilient in the face of adversity?” The answer is clearly given by these 3 cards.

Firstly, take the lead and get a supportive team around you. Use the help offered to navigate towards your inspired vision.

Secondly, stay focused. Do one thing at a time. Monitor your intentions and thoughts. You are powerful, so listen to your inner guidance. Take the necessary action that you know is required. Always have a plan B!

Thirdly, clear thinking is needed. Remove the emotional intensity from the situation and be discerning. Establish clear boundaries and be determined to hold them in place. You are strong and determind.

I hope this helps you if you are in a tough place just now. It has helped focus and clarify things for me. As I navigate the choppy waters of caring duties and house moves, these cards have helped. Let me know if they speak to you. And if you need any help, check out the services on offer. Or get in touch with me.

Much love, Debi

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