Step into the Light

Step into the Light

This week’s cards are from Doreen Virtue’s Angel Therapy Oracle Deck. It is time to step into the light. Over the last few weeks the cards have been very clear. They are hammering home the fact that you are a powerful being. That you have a bright light within you. And that you are here to shine!

This week the message is crystal clear. All about stepping into the light! Leave behind fear and embrace your true purpose!

Cards from Angel Therapy Oracle by Doreen Virtue

Earth Angel

The first card that has come up is Earth Angel. This card reminds you that you are full of love. Whether or not you work as a healer or light-worker, you have light within you. You are made of pure, divine love. And it is your job as an Earth Angel, to share that love.

No matter what you do each day, your presence brings love. Compassion, listening, serving others. It is in your nature. Keep up the great work! Your presence brings healing to others.

Just like the entire purpose of Reiki is to learn to Be Reiki, you are here to be the light. It is time for you to step fully into this role. Don’t be afraid.

Remember to honour your needs too. Love yourself first. This is so important. Why not write a list of all the things you admire about yourself. It’s a private list so do it! Don’t censor yourself. Show yourself some love and care. And then spread that high vibration love into the world!


The second card is Crystals. This card has two meanings. It can either refer to actual crystals and gemstones. Or it can relate to people who are crystals – natural transmitters of healing energy. You know which one of these meanings is relevant for you.

Crystals are wonderful powerhouses of healing energy. They come from Mother Earth. Each has a different set of properties. And each stone has a unique vibration. Some are great for bringing peace, others for protection. Some help to release fear and others open your heart. There is a crystal for everything!

I often give my clients crystal prescriptions! A set of carefully chosen stones to work with in between sessions. Crystals were my first love. It was learning about crystals that opened the door for Rocks n Rituals to come about!

If you are interested in learning about them check out my accredited Crystal Healing Practitioner course here.

The second meaning of this card ties in with the first card. The natural energy transmitters of healing energy – known as Crystal People. These are usually the children in the family, or the younger generation. Just like Earth Angels they are here to heal. To restore balance and harmony. How wonderful!

Vacuum away fear

The final card this week is “Vacuum away Fear”. This is appropriate. Because when we step into the light and embrace our purpose, we can feel the fear. What if people laugh at me? Or what if I lose people along the way? Maybe people will think I’ve lost it!

These are all valid concerns. But let me ask you this. By playing small and hiding your light, who are you serving? When you are not able to be your true self, you diminish your light. Your spirit weakens and you often find yourself depressed. Is that worth it? Do you want to put other people’s desires before your own needs?

Ask Archangel Michael to vacuum away any fear-based energies that you have taken on. This is important to do often. We pick up lower energy vibrations each and everyday. Energetic hygiene is just as important as physical hygiene! Something I talk about in Reiki classes alot!

Once Michael has removed the fear based energy, ask Archangel Raphael to step forward. Raphael will fill you with the emerald green healing ray. This will bring a sense of balance and peace. Why not take some time out to do this today?

In summary

In summary, the cards are reminding you that it is time. Time we all stepped into the light. It is time for us to move beyond fear. To work with natural healing energy and crystals. And to emit love into this world. For above all, love is the master healer.


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