So, what does Reiki actually do?

In this short post we will take a look at what Reiki does. As a Reiki Master Teacher, this healing energy has been an integral part of my life for more than 10 years. But there is a fair bit of misunderstanding out there about what it is all about.

What Reiki does

People sometimes think that it is a miraculous cure all. Like a cosmic magic wand that will cure all ills. It is often marketed and sold as a healing tool that will take away all your worries, concerns and illness.

This is NOT what Reiki does.

“Reiki doesn’t remove, it uncovers, it clears away the confusion to help us recognise and identify the underlying causes that need our attention in order that we can begin to help and heal ourselves. The belief that Reiki is a miracle cure is far more palatable to most people, and easier than the reality of helping you get your shit together.”

Phillip Hawkins – “Reiki hold my beer I’ve got this!”

This quote sums up exactly what Reiki is really about. It shines the light into the dark corners and illuminates what needs to be addressed. Healing is a matter of deep personal introspection. Being brave enough to look into the shadows and face what is there. It helps you bring to the surface all the things that are holding you back.

What is Reiki

Active Healing

Usui himself knew that in order for healing to take place, we must take an active role and make changes in our own lives. He called Reiki “his system”. The word Reiki was given to this system later, along with the hand positions, symbols and other hoops we now all tend to jump through.

Usui recognised that we are all connected to this life force within us and around us. And that true healing comes from within. Reiki is a system of personal and spiritual development. The healing of others is simply a side effect of the work we do on ourselves.


It’s funny how from a physical perspective we will certainly change things if we hurt ourselves. For example, if you burn yourself you learn not to put your hand in the fire again. Or if you cut yourself you know not to pick the scab to allow it to heal.

From an emotional or spiritual perspective though we tend to repeat patterns. And then we wonder why we are still hurting. Still having negative thoughts and repeating a cycle of behaviour. This healing system helps you see what changes need made and then it is up to you to decide to make those changes.

Are you brave enough to take the first step and let Reiki into your life? If so check out the training options, mentoring and healing sessions which are available to you. For me, Reiki changed my life. It can do the same for you – if you let it.

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