Psychic Vampires!

Do vampires exist?  You bet they do!  OK so they don’t take the form of scary blood-sucking evil creatures that stalk their vulnerable prey after sunset. Nor are they the beautiful sparkly beings from Twilight but they do exist.

What on earth are psychic vampires?

I am referring to psychic vampires.  You know those people that completely drain the life out of you?  The people that make you feel tired or lethargic.  Those that make you feel depressed or negative.  Those people are psychic vampires.  Quite often they are completely unaware that they are sucking your positivity and energy from you.  Their negative outlook on life has thrown them out of balance and sub-consciously they try to re-balance by drawing in any energy or positivity they can find.

Imagine the scene – you are full of the joys of spring and in a great mood.  Your friend has called and asked you to come for a coffee so off you go expecting a lovely chat and a sticky bun.  When you arrive your friend is in a dark mood and is feeling thoroughly depressed with her life.  You immediately offer a friendly shoulder to cry on and do your best to help.  When you leave your friend an hour later your good mood has disappeared and you feel a bit rotten.  Sound familiar?

Spiritual Power

Your friend, completely unknowingly, sucked the good mood right out of you.  She is a psychic vampire and you were her unsuspecting victim.  So what can you do to prevent this happening?  You can’t avoid your friend – after all she needs you to help her through this tough time.  You need to put some protection in place.

Protect yourself

So by now you are probably imaging wearing a great big shield and full body armour before you see your friend again.  There is no need to go that far but you are on the right lines.  The difference is that your shield is invisible and so is your armour.   You can put protection in place by simply visualising it.

There are lots of ways from visualising white light surrounding you to asking Archangel Michael if he will walk with you and use his shield to deflect trouble.  My favourite way is to step into a bubble.

Imagine that you are completely surrounded by a transparent bubble which keeps you completely safe and protected from the outside world.  Any negativity or attempt to suck your positivity away will bounce harmlessly off the bubble.

Reiki Bubbles

You can enhance the powers of your bubble by visualising the Reiki symbol Sei Hei Ki all over the bubble.  This symbol, which is revealed to you as part of your attunement process to Level 2 Reiki is used to combat negativity and helps clear your aura of any emotional imbalances.

You can also make the bubble any colour you wish.  I like to imagine mine as a soft pink as this helps me stay compassionate but yet protected.  You may like to use pure white light for spiritual protection or green for healing.

The beauty of visualising your protection is that you can use what works for you.   As a Reiki Master and alternative therapist I know the benefits of putting protection in place – it keeps me from absorbing negative or low vibration energies from clients who are ill.  Whether you work as a healer or not self-protection is vital.  We all pick up energy from our surroundings so stop those psychic vampires in their tracks.  Get into your bubble – and if visualising bulbs of garlic around your neck works for you then go for it!

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