Mid-Year Review

It is time for my mid-year review. Every year I create a vision board. This sets my intentions for the coming 12 months. I usually do this at the beginning of January. It helps me set the tone for the year ahead. Now that we are approaching the half-way point of the year, it is time to review things. This is important. It is good to know if I am still on track or if I need to make adjustments.

Tomorrow, 24th June 2021 the moon will be full. It will also be the third supermoon in a row this year. This moon also falls in Capricorn, my own sun-sign. It asks us to check in and bring to fruition plans we set in motion in January. It is the perfect time to do my mid-year review!

Review of original plan

In order to do a mid-year review, it is important to look at the original plan. This year has been so fast. I can’t quite believe it is this time already!

I spent some time this morning reading my journal. It is bonkers how quickly you forget things. So much has happened already this year. So to begin, I took a look at my vision board, to remember my intentions for this year. There is a picture of it below.

My 2021 Vision Board

My intentions for 2021

I started this year with several intentions. Firstly, I wanted to be more creative. Art is important to me. As you can see from the vision board, there are quite a few arty references. I also wanted to be myself. To be more authentic, grateful and bold in my choices. I wanted to really remember why I am here and my connection with Spirit. I intended to be healthier in body, mind and spirit. Oh, and I needed a new car!

It may seem silly to put these intentions into a vision board. I can assure you, it makes such a difference! By getting the ideas out of your head and onto paper, you manifest them. You make them a reality rather than an elusive thought. It helps ground the idea into physicality. If you don’t write them down you will forget what you set out to achieve.

The vision board is only part of the yearly plan. It is vitally important to have goals set in place. Goals that you can measure. My board is an overall vision for the year. I break down my goals and actions into 90 day chunks usually. I set the intention to create a watercolour collection of birds and animal paintings. This meant creating at least 10-14 pieces in a similar style. Furthermore, I set the intention to purchase a new car to replace my old one. And I decided to stop drinking alcohol for the first few months of 2021.

Review of progress

When I look back over the last 6 months I am amazed at what I have achieved. The watercolour collection was created and several limited edition prints were sold. I also created a second watercolour collection of flowers. Plus, I was blessed to have an oil painting commissioned by a customer. So all this art kept me busy for the first few months of the year. You can check out the artwork on my art website – www.debigarrettart.com – if you like!

I also took part in an art course called Make Your Mark – you can find out more about that in my blog post about it. That helped me identify my voice a little more. Rocks n Rituals got really busy with Reiki classes and wellness sessions but I still found time to keep learning new things. After studying with Sandra Ingerman I have a new shamanic course ready for next year. I also did some work on using my voice – which pushed me out of my comfort zone!

I made enquiries with a spiritual teacher about The Mystery School. This is pending for the second half of the year. I am still not drinking alcohol. It has been almost 6 full months and I feel so much better for it. I am looking after my mind, body and spirit with more regular self-care. Going for Reiki and acupuncture has helped. Reading more, for pleasure rather than for work is also a bonus. I even got the new car – not the one in the photo – but a new car nonetheless!

Overall, I have pretty much stayed on course. While reading my journal this morning I did notice an undercurrent of tiredness and overwhelm creeping in. With the pandemic lockdown dominating the first part of the year, that is hardly surprising. I know I am not alone there! However, with mindfulness and self-care I am definitely moving away from overwhelm.

Moving forward

There are still goals I want to achieve. Moving into the second half of the year, my focus will be on physical health. My diet and exercise needs work so that is where I will focus my attention. Where attention goes, energy flows. I am currently not eating between meals and am consciously drinking more water. This has helped over the last 4 weeks. I do feel better but there is a long way to go. Those lockdown pounds won’t shift themselves!

Whilst I have been super busy with Rocks n Rituals, teaching and supporting clients, I have also been working on my art. My intention for the second half of this year is to try and fuse the two together. Art and Spirituality. For me, this will mean getting in touch with my creative inner muse. Creating pieces from the heart and allowing my essence to come out and play.

I’ll probably think about creating a new vision board to hone in on specific goals as the year moves on. Usually around September as the year begins to draw to a close. That is a good time for a more specific vision board. Review is always needed and I’ll be able to stay on track!

In conclusion

In conclusion, it would seem that so far I am making good progress. The temptation, for me, is to add lots of new things. I get bored quite easily! However, I am learning to only take on 3 things at a time. It takes discipline and focus but it works.

It is important I practice what I preach. That means going for regular wellness sessions with other therapists. It means finding time to feed my soul with art. And it means being organised, setting clear intentions and then taking action. All the things I tell my clients!

How has your year been so far? Let me know how you bring your intentions and plans to fruition. I’d love to hear from you so please do leave a comment, follow the blog and keep in touch!

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