May – Intense Cosmic Energy

Cosmic Energy

We move into May under amplified cosmic energy. After the partial solar eclipse at the weekend, we now experience powerful cosmic energy. This is a time to stay positive. Focus on being uplifted and do what makes you feel good. For the next couple of weeks everything you focus on will be increased.

May is a month where we have many opportunities to grow and develop. It is a time to set powerful intentions. To step forward and shine our lights. A time to step into the flow of life and refocus our intentions.

Stay Uplifted and in Flow

This week why not try to go with the flow? Meditate daily, stay fresh and positive in your outlook. This coming Sunday is the halfway point between the Spring Equinox and the coming Summer Solstice. So use this week to powerfully harness the cosmic energy. And on Sunday you can refocus and balance your energy for the rest of eclipse season.

Make sure to follow the wonderful Elizabeth Peru and her Tip Off for detailed cosmic energy forecasts every day. It makes such a difference when you can plan ahead for the coming days. When you know what is stirring in the cosmic energy pot!

Cards for this week

I am using the Wisdom of the Hidden Realms cards again this week. As I am packing up to move house, quite a few of my cards are boxed up. You will therefore notice that I am using the same 4 or 5 decks over the coming weeks – but they are all lovely cards!

I have also pre-recorded the video for this week as by the time you read this or watch the video, I will be out on duty in the ambulance. May is full of St John duties for me – most of which covering motorbike events. My favourite!!

This week we have drawn The Wise Woman of Wonderland. Also, The Camel Boy and The Lady of Lightning. So let’s dive in and see what they have to say.

Cards from Wisdom of the Hidden Realms - Cosmic Energy
Cards from Wisdom of the Hidden Realms

Wise Woman of Wonderland

The Wise Woman of Wonderland speaks of integrity and truth. She asks if you have been compromising yourself. This card tells you that so long as you operate from a place of honesty and integrity all will fall into place. The Wise Woman of Wonderland will support you. Be true to your word. Stay faithful and loyal to your path and the dividends will be greater than you can imagine.

Compromise is not always an option. You must stay true to yourself. Even if that makes you feel like you will lose something as a result. You can never lose what is truly yours.

Be fearless

She also reminds you to be fearless. Go after what you really want. Don’t compromise out of fear. Have you settled for less than you deserve? Are you not speaking up for fear of abandonment?

You matter. Your truth matters. Don’t settle for disappointment. Great adventures await you if you are brave enough to step into your truth!

This ties in well with the cosmic energy this week. So amplify it. Speak your truth and put yourself forward. See how life accelerates as a result.

The Camel Boy

This card reminds you to ask for help and support when you need it. Take small steps towards your goal. You don’t have to do it all alone. Nor do you have to do it all at once.

It also reminds you to let go of the need to control how things unfold. Ask for assistance and be open to receiving it. Synchronicities occur when you step into the flow of life. Ask for signs and they come. Request help and the right people will appear to provide it.

If you feel stuck just now, or if life doesn’t seem to be moving, then pause. Meditate. Do the small, daily tasks that are needed. De-clutter your house. Clean the car. Wash the dishes. Chop wood. Do the mundane tasks and the big ones will take care of themselves.

Remember, these next two weeks are about amplifying the cosmic energy. So if you feel down and despondent then you will get more of that. When you become active and motivated by tackling small tasks, you increase momentum.

Do you have a Silent To Do List?

What is on your silent to do list? That list that silently sits there in the back of your mind. The one that you hear in your mind. For me, it’s the wardrobe. It needs re-organised and sorted. Clothes are not folded properly. Things are mixed up. It annoys me every time I look at it. It drains my energy – it is an item on my silent to do list.

So, this is a sign for me to sort it. And a sign that by doing this task which I can control, I let go of the bigger ones that I can’t. And that allows them to flow in their own way. In alignment with the cosmic energy. For really, what do we control as we hurtle through space on this spinning rock?!

The Lady of Lightning

This card is all about surprises or shocks. Things shifting. Perhaps things appearing chaotic or out of control. It is a little like the Tower from the Tarot.

Energy shifts and changes all the time. It is about allowing it to happen. Like I said above, we have to step into the flow. We can’t control everything.

Sometimes we have to simply wait out the storm. It will pass – it always does. And doesn’t it feel so fresh and wonderful when it does?

Look at what you are trying to hold on to that needs to go. What changes are coming that you need to allow? This is so in alignment with the cosmic energy.

If you have been doing your personal work over the last couple of weeks, then this card is congratulating you. It is reminding you that cosmic surprises will be coming your way as a result of your hard work. You can allow them to come to you and enjoy the freshness.

Cosmic Energy Prompts

If you have been ignoring your inner promptings. Or if you have been holding on to things that need to go. Maybe avoiding the issue or burying your head in the sand – then eclipses come and shift it for you. And this is when it can feel chaotic and shocking.

Step into the flow. Be non-resistant to change. Trust in the cosmic energy and divine timing. Whilst you may feel powerless, trust all is well. Wait out the storm – it will pass.

Does it resonate?

I hope these cards have resonated in some way with you. Thank you as always for your lovely feedback. Keep commenting, sharing and engaging with the social posts, emails and YouTube videos. I appreciate it so much.

Have a wonderful week and I will be back again next Monday with more weekly musings.

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