Stepping into the flow

2022 is the year I want to step into the flow of life. Every year I create a vision board. It helps me set my intentions for the year ahead. I also try to come up with a word for the year. This year that word is “flow”.

My 2022 Vision Board
My 2022 Vision Board

What do I mean by flow? For me, being in flow means allowing life to unfold each day. It means not pushing or striving for things. Instead, let them come to me.

Flow like a River

Imagine a river. The water simply moves. It flows from its source and has one objective – to get to the sea. The water doesn’t try and move upstream. It goes with the flow. No struggling – if it finds a dead end, it simply goes another way. Flexibility and flow – the keys to a less stressful life!

This year I want to be more like water. I intend to go with the flow. In my small business, in my art and in my personal life. All three aspects need to be in flow. These three aspects make up who I am and what I do. It is time to balance them into a flow that takes me where I want to go.

Goals are still important

This doesn’t mean I don’t have specific goals that I want to reach. I just want to flow towards them and allow them to come to me, rather than battling for them. I will still take the necessary action steps to move towards my goals. This is important because we can be in flow and allow actions to come effortlessly. If your goals are in alignment with your purpose then this works beautifully. I’ve found that it is only when my goals are not in alignment that I struggle. It is hard to make myself take action because I don’t feel like it. Or sometimes I procrastinate because taking action to a particular goal is taking me away from something else.

This is where the vision board process comes in. I sit with it and visualise what I want to achieve. By feeling the energy in your gut you can sense whether you are really in alignment or not. Of course, there is always fear! Sometimes we procrastinate because we are afraid of taking action. We fear stepping out of the comfort zone. But we must keep moving! Just like the water keeps flowing and cutting through the hard rock, we must keep moving.

I’ve set various goals – personal, business and creative. All of them link into the word “flow”. In my personal life I want to flow towards better health and balance. In work I want my business to flow with intuition, grace and service to others. And in my art I want to step into a more intuitively inspired creative flow.

Fluid art - piece of acrylic artwork
One of my new fluid art flow experiments

Combining my passions

I am excited to see how I can bring my creative pursuits into my main work. Rocks n Rituals is all about intuition, healing, empowerment and learning. I want my art to reflect this. I have started working on some fluid art projects and am loving the way they flow. As the year progresses I intend to bring this creative flow into Rocks n Rituals and let the two things inspire each other.

And you? What intentions and plans have you set for 2022? Tell me in the comments and please remember to like and share.

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