Why learn the Tarot

Why would you want to learn the Tarot? Does the very thought strike fear into your heart?

For many people an instant fear arises and they quickly change the subject or avoid anything to do with the topic. Some people are even rather abusive and condescending about it – there is never any need for that! Others are more open to exploring how these cards can help them. Everyone is different but it can be a divisive subject.

Learning Tarot dispels fear

So why all the fear? Tarot cards are really nothing more than pieces of card with pictures on them. There really is nothing to be scared of.

The pictures on a set of Tarot cards are symbolic and archetypal in nature. They are often stereo-typical images which provoke a sub-conscious reaction. This is what makes the Tarot such a good tool for developing your intuition and self-analysis skills.

For centuries the Tarot has been used as a tool for reflection, self-analysis, intuitive development and divination. These cards help you tap into your sub-conscious and help you find solutions to problems or questions which you may have.

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Historical Times

In historical times, the Church decreed that these cards were the work of the devil and that they should be feared. This was really down to the fact that these cards allowed ordinary people to take control of their lives and to seek answers from within themselves without the help of the clergy. This meant that the Church was losing control of the masses and in order to combat this, they began to spread fear based messages about these cards. This fear has become ingrained in the collective conscious to this day.

If you treat the Tarot as a tool and use it in love and light for your highest good then there is absolutely nothing to fear. You are not opening up some portal to the gates of hell! There is nothing to fear except fear itself.

By all means if the Tarot makes you feel uncomfortable and you do not want anything to do with it, that is entirely your prerogative and nobody should force you into working with the cards. However, if you are interested and intrigued as to how these cards can help you learn more about yourself and others, then why not learn to decipher them for yourself?

You hold the power

Personally, I spent years avoiding the Tarot. My parents were deeply religious. As a result, I felt brain-washed into being afraid of anything that gave me back my own power and control. Since learning how to read these cards for myself, I now realise that they are not scary devil cards. The cards themselves hold no inherent power. The power of the cards lies in the hands of the reader.

I read from a place of love and light. I hold no fear based energy when I read and I operate in honesty and integrity. As a result my card readings can offer hope to those who need it, advice for those who seek it and solutions or answers to some of life’s difficult questions.

Learn the Tarot

I regularly run workshops and classes for beginners and more advanced students. I have also written a book, Rocks n Rituals Tarot Tales, to help you get to grips with learning this ancient art. You can check it out on Amazon – and take a free look inside!

I am so happy that I am able to work with the Tarot – I would love for you to experience the joy of interpreting the cards for yourself. Why not join me on one of my workshops or classes? You can check out the upcoming workshops here. On demand self-paced online courses are also available here.

I would love to hear from you. What is your experience with the Tarot?  You can leave a comment below or connect via my social media channels.

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