Timing and Perspective

Timing and Perspective – Keys to Good Energy

This week the cards are from Tarot of the Old Path. They speak to us about timing and perspective being the keys to good energy. Let’s dive in and see what they have to say. The full reading is also available on YouTube .

Cards for this Week

Cards from Tarot of the Old Path about timing and perspective
Cards from Tarot of the Old Path

Four of Cauldrons

The Four of Cauldrons is the first card that has come up. This card speaks to me about boredom and being emotionally drained. Looking at the card we see a woman pouring out a cup into that of a sleeping man. Is she pouring it out? Or is she siphoning off his energy? This is why I love the Tarot- always various nuances of meaning.

It also speaks to me about feeling emotionally drained. Are you pouring out your heart to others? Perhaps serving everyone else and not yourself. Constantly giving your energy away and getting nothing back?

Psychic Vampires

Maybe you are unaware of the psychic vampires all around you. Draining your energy. Are you an empath? Sensitive to the energy of others? If so make sure you are self aware. Know what is your energy and what is not. Be aware of what energy vibrations you are surrounding yourself with. And also be honest – are you feeding off anyone’s energy yourself?

Another aspect of this card is boredom. Being stuck in a rut. Sometimes we just go through the motions. Not really living. Just existing. Is it time to shake things up?

These are all some thoughts that come up when I see this card. Tell me in the comments what it says to you. Does it resonate in any way with you?

Seven of Pentacles

This card depicts a man wiping the sweat off his brow. Pentacles hang in the tree behind him. They are almost ready for harvest – but not quite. He looks a bit tired. Clearly he has been working very hard and needs a rest.

Do you need a rest? Some time out? Perhaps you need to consider the timing of something in your life. It may not be quite ready to bring it to fruition.

This card speaks of timing. Of waiting until the right moment to harvest the results of your labour. Have patience. Take a break and allow it to grow. You don’t have to be working all the time!

Like the former card, all work and no play is draining. Be aware of your energy. Listen to your body. What signs is it giving you? Do you need a break? I know I do!

Timing is key

I’ve recently been trying to grow strawberries. So I’ve discovered that if you pick them too soon, they don’t actually ripen in the bowl. You have to let them ripen on the vine first. Then take them off otherwise they are sour. It’s about finding the right moment to harvest them.

Just like divine timing. Sometimes we have to simply wait. And it can feed really frustrating! Because you think “I’m ready”. I am ready to take the harvest right now. So there’s an element I think at the moment where we’re we feel like we’re putting all the work in. But we’re not quite ready to reap the rewards. It’s not quite time yet. So you might be feeling a bit of frustration.

That’s why these cards are here. We have the boredom card. Feeling unfillled coupled with having to wait for what we want. It can cause us to put out negative vibes. Are you then starting to drag your own energy down? Maybe starting to put yourself into a vibration that you don’t really want to be in?

Five of Pentacles

And this is why I think this card has shown up! It depicts a man standing with his arm around a woman who has her head in her hands. She’s upset. His hand is bleeding and bandaged. The tree in the background has five Pentacles hanging on it. The tree looks weathered. Their clothes are tattered and torn.

This card is about financial hardship, lack and fear. Fear of not having enough. This is the card I see come up when people are having thoughts of lack. Their perspective is off.

Law of Attraction

What happens when you start focusing on lack – you get more of it. Because as we’ve established throughout the last few months in these musings, whatever energy you put it into the word is what you get straight back. And you get it back threefold.

So if you are sitting in a vibration of lack, expect more! More bills, more hardship and more lack. Change your perspective. Turn around the thoughts from fear to joy. Focus on the good things. Shift perspective. Timing and perspective – the keys to good energy!

Don’t fall into the illusion of thinking that there is not enough. There is always enough. We live in a wildly abundant universe. Remember we can tap into it by shifting our perspective.

Yes there are bills to pay. It can be difficult sometimes. It is easy to fall prey to the fear all around us. The media is whipping up a storm just now. We can choose to stand in our own power. Being mindful of the energy we create.

Are you choosing to see the glass is half empty or half full? The actual amount in the glass is exactly the same, but it’s a very different vibration depending on how you look at it. And life’s the same.


So I’ll leave you with those thoughts for this week. Share in the comments if this spoke to you in any way. Share your thoughts about fear. Sometimes when we shine the light on it – it goes away.

Thank you to you all for your comments, likes and shares. Please do continue to engage and let me know if there is a topic you’d like me to muse about! And remember that you can join my Tarot course if you want to learn more about the cards. It is my mission to make them accessible to all!

Much love, see you next week!

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