Thoughts for week commencing 7th February 2022

Thoughts for the Week commencing 7th February 2022

Deck Used – The Druid Craft Tarot

Welcome to Thoughts for Week Commencing 7th February 2022

Hello! Welcome to the transcript of my weekly live Facebook video. It occurred to me that many people aren’t on Facebook. Also quite a few prefer to read rather than watch. And others like to listen, so you can grab the audio file here if you like!

Here we are on Monday, 7th February. It feels like an absolute age since I did last Monday’s live. But I think that’s just because I’ve had so many different things to do. I was live every day last week on Facebook. Hopefully you managed to catch up on some of those videos about intuitive life design free series that was on everyday last week at one o’clock. You can catch them on YouTube as well if you like!

Hopefully you’ve seen that the programme is now live and you can sign up. I would urge you to sign up sooner rather than later. If you sign up this week, you get the freebies. So if you’re not sure what it’s all about, certainly message me and I’ll fill you in on all the details. Or better still watch all the videos from last week. You can also find out more on the coaching page on the website here.

How are you feeling as we progress into February?

As I sat down to do this one today, I thought I felt like it’s been ages since I lifted the cards to do the normal weekly Monday check in. So in any event, welcome in. It’s nice to see you. And here we are right into February. So the 7th of February. We’re a week into February. How’s it going for you? What do you feel about this month, the second month of 2022? With all the twos?

Do you feel balanced or out of balance? How are you feeling? Let me know in the comments, what’s going on for you. I’ve spoken to a couple of people over the last few days. And some people are finding that their energies quite erratic, and they’re not really sure what’s going on. Some of them have been feeling really stressed and angry and other ones are just feeling really chilled and laid back. So it seems to be two different extremes going on. I think as well, and I mentioned this last week, there’s a big sunspot growing. That is going to release a big flare our way and usually that can provoke a little bit of tetchiness. We’re also in what’s called a Capricorn stellium where there’s multiple planets setting in Capricorn.

Capricorn – the energy is about grounding your work and grounding yourself into this reality and letting things come to fruition. Some people don’t like that. It’s nearly like the energy of Saturn, the taskmaster. Having to take responsibility and a lot of people don’t like that energy. So I think that that’s maybe where the tetchiness is coming from a cosmological point of view.

If you don’t already, I really recommend following Elizabeth Peru. She is fabulous for her Cosmos tip off every week, and she’ll tell you exactly what’s going on with the planets. Absolutely stunning and definitely worth following. So I would urge you to follow her. Anyway, this week, we’re using the druid craft tarot this week. I thought I would actually go back to the Tarot. I’ve been using oracle cards for the last few weeks and this jumped out at me today. This is one of the decks that I like to read from, a very earthy deck, very nature based.

One of my favourite. I think that’s just gonna be my catchphrase every week, isn’t it? That’s my favourite deck. One of my favourites, I say it every week. It’s just because I love them all. You can never have too many tarot decks or oracle cards. Right? Just like you can’t have too many crystals!

Druid Craft Tarot Cards for week commencing 7th February 2022
The cards for this week

Two of Pentacles

So what came up this week, so the first one that came up, we have the Two of Pentacles. She’s juggling a couple of coins. In the background, we’ve got quite a stormy sea and lots of things going on. She’s firmly fitted on the rocks. The Two of Pentacles is an earth element card. It is a Capricorn card. So it actually is quite appropriate given that we have that Capricorn stellium in place at the moment, where the planets are all sitting in Capricorn. And there’s that grounded energy, they’re asking you to take responsibility and to make things happen.

The lady depicted on the card is quite chilled. She seems relatively happy. Happily juggling those coins. She’s not at all remotely bothered by all this storm that’s going on behind her. She’s perfectly safe and grounded. Luckily she has the shelter of the rocks and she’s got the earth energy all around her. And what this is really saying to me is that whilst there may be a lot of stormy emotions going on all around you, you can choose to be firmly planted and firmly rooted. And you can choose what attitude you bring to the situation so you don’t have to get involved with all the crazy that’s going on behind the scenes here.

All the boats, shown in the card, are being tossed and turned with the turbulent water. Water in the tarot refers to emotion. So it would say to me, there are turbulent emotions. Maybe turbulent emotions going on behind the scenes in your own mind. There’s stuff going on in your family, stuff going on all around you. And you may feel as well that you’re juggling too many things at the minute that you’re having to keep all the balls in the air. But what I would say to you is – can you approach that with an attitude of joy and playfulness rather than as duty and burden?

You’ll see a remarkable difference because it’s okay to have multiple things to do and to juggle, and multiple things to keep in the air. So long as it’s at your discretion, you’re the driver of your life. This is what I talked about all last week with intuitive life design and what we’ll be talking about in the coaching programme as it moves forward.

About you really taking control of your life. You take in charge of the attitude you come up with everyday, the attitude you show up with every day. Your attitude is absolutely key. The lady in the card could very easily be focusing so much on the emotions all around her that she drops those coins that she’s trying to juggle.
She’s trying to balance, you know, she’s really grounding in her ideas, but she’s kind of dreamy. She’s looking away off to the side, but trusting that the balls will land in her hands. So, what is it that you are doing right now? Have you decisions to make? Are you weighing up ideas? Weighing up thoughts? Have you two jobs you’re trying to juggle? Are you trying to juggle your finances? What’s going on? The Two of Pentacles says that the juggling is fine, so long as you bring that attitude of playfulness to it. You don’t need to worry too much. It’s not going to be a massive issue so long as you don’t let the emotions which are all around you get in the way of your concentration. Your attitude is paramount.

Four of Swords

This is followed up then with the lovely four of swords. There’s a lot of lovely brightness in the back of this card. A man is sitting resting beside the tree. He has got his swords here beside him. He’s got one across on his lap, and the tree behind him. Whereas the Two of Pentacles was an earth card, the Four of Swords is an air card. So what does that mean?

Well, air energy is all about thoughts, intellect, reasoning, trying to come up with your philosophies on life. It’s also about the words and the communication that you choose to use. From an astrological point of view, it’s a Libra card. Libra is ruled by Venus. So you’ve got the love and the beauty of all things in there as well. And trying to find that balance. Trying to find the love, trying to find the joy, trying to find the beauty in all things. Quite often you do that by taking some time out, particularly if you have been juggling and you’ve been getting swept away with other people’s emotions around you. It might be the time to withdraw, time to rest time and to recuperate. Particularly if you haven’t been very well, you might need to take some time out.

I’ve spoken to a few people lately who have fallen prey to the “Rona”. And they think that they should be able to bounce back really, really fast. I would say just take your time. Whether it’s been, you know, the dreaded lurgy that we’ve all been prey to these last couple of years, or whether it’s something else. It doesn’t matter what it is, it’s time for you to rest and recover. It’s time for you to learn to receive healing at your pace and to let other people help you as well.

So the four of swords is very much about that Libran energy of balance of finding the balance. So there’s two cards here that are talking about balance. This would say to me, that the message for this week is you have got to find your balance. You have got to find your default position and look at where you are out of balance. So take a look at your life where things may be not just going the way that you want them to.

Is it time to take a step back to get off the front line of your mind? To pause, to meditate, to get into a state of contemplation where you can really take a look. Be grounded. In the card, he has his back against a tree. Tree energy is very slow, very grounding. Despite the fact this is an air card with all the craziness the air can bring in, with all your thoughts coming at once. But when you ground that energy and take an intentional moment to pause, and centre the energy, you ground it into this reality. Then it gives you space that gets you off the front line of your brain and let you step back where you get a little bit of headspace, where you can then see more clearly.

Ten of Cups

The last card that came up for this week is the lovely Ten of Cups. This is the “Happily Ever After” card in the Tarot deck. It’s the card that most people want to see in their reading at some point. So the fact that came up today suggests that this is going to be a good week. We’ve got a happy family portrayed, with a rainbow in the background signifying the promise of good things to come. We’ve got 10 little cups all sitting upright on the table. It’s a lovely, yet stereotypical card of happy families. The only thing that’s missing is the white picket fence and the dog, which you would see on some other decks.

This card reminds us that our default position is love. Our default point of our existence is love. And when we do not have that, that’s when we fail out of balance. So going back to what I mentioned earlier, we are out of balance. I’m not talking necessarily about romantic love here I’m talking about compassion, love for yourself, love for your fellow humans. Love for the animals, love for the planet. That default position that everything this universe is made of is love. That’s the Reiki energy, the spiritual energy of love and recognition of everyone’s divinity. Seeing the divine in yourself and and other people.

This card is a Piscean card. So we’ve got that energy, that watery energy being an empath. Being sensitive to other people’s needs as well as your own. Modern day astrology says it’s ruled by Neptune. It has that sort of psychic vibe of Neptune going on too. But in the olden days, it was ruled by Jupiter, which is the planet of great expanse, luck and good fortune.

I feel that that’s what’s actually speaking to me more in this card rather than the more modern day interpretation of Neptune. Particularly because Jupiter is bringing in cosmic lines of energy with the moon just at the moment. It’s bringing in a real focus on whatever you reflect on. Whatever you’re focusing on, you’re going to get more of. You’re going to get more of it really quickly. So what are you focusing on? You have the power to tune into the energy of love, to the essence of love.

And you can bring enhancement to your life and you can bring manifestation in your life to anything you want, by placing your focus on it. If you’re wanting to find the sense of love, of feeling content. The sense of joy, and happiness. You know, that sense of just being completely content and at peace with your life.

This is what the Happy Ever After card speaks of. If you’re looking for that, you’ll find it inside. You’ll only find it inside yourself, not anywhere else. You have the power to tune into that love. That’s what this card says. And the Jupiter energy that comes in with that card is also saying, this big expanse of energy is here now. This big planet brings in that weight to bear with it and saying you can have this. But if you focus on the wrong things and what you don’t want, then you’ll get more of that. So this is how powerful you are, this is your time to be the creator of your destiny. You literally have the power.

If you heard me talk last week through the videos for intuitive life design, you’ll have heard me say that a few times because it is very true. That’s what intuitive life design is all about. And that’s why I’ve opened up that programme. So if you haven’t heard about it, check it out on YouTube or the website.

Summary of this week’s message

Two of Pentacles – what are you juggling? What are you balancing? Bring a sense of joy and playfulness to it rather than a sense of burden and obligation. And that shift in your mindset, that reframing that I talked about last week; that reframing will help you to bring more joy to bear. And then you can ground the energy and get things done.

So yes, you might have duties. Yes, you might have things you have to do that aren’t filling your heart with joy. But by doing them with an attitude of gratitude then you will actually find that you have more time to do the things you want. And then the balance comes into play. Likewise, as well, taking time out for yourself is not selfish. It is required. Absolutely self care is needed. You need time to rest, recuperate, recharge your batteries, get in touch with nature, meditate and step off the front line of your thoughts. That will then help you to bring to bear the happily ever after that you’re looking for.

So those are the cards for the week. Nice cards. And February is obviously the month of love and romance if you’re getting into all this sort of Valentine’s stuff. If you’re not into that, why don’t you love yourself? Bring that love and compassion to yourself. It doesn’t have to be about the commercialised side of it. So I want you to be thinking about that as the week goes on. But do let me know in the comments what’s going on with your life at the minute.


If you’re not already on the mailing list, please make sure you get on it. Because that’s where I keep people informed about new things going live. And if you have checked out the intuitive life design videos, and you’re still on the fence, send me a message. Let me know what’s going on in your head. I’ll answer any questions you might have. The programme is live it was switched on live on Friday. Apologies to those I sent an email to on Friday, I had a broken link in the email. But I fixed that this morning, thanks to one of my lovely people who let me know it was broken.

The Astro Tarot course finishes next Monday night, I’m going to take a couple of Monday nights off. But then from March I am toying with running either a development circle or potentially some form of Tarot get togethers. So if that’s something that would interest you, please leave me a comment.

Also, I am considering bringing creative coffee back. You may remember that in 2020, just before the big lockdown, I had started to bring in a creative coffee programme whereby you came along and you had some coffee or tea. We painted together or were creative in some way together. So I’m thinking of bringing that back. But only if there’s any interest. A few people have asked me about art classes. If it’s something you’d like to do, let me know. Leave it in the comments. Tell me what exactly you would like when it comes to art and what you would like to do what & you wouldn’t like. If you’re free on a weekday that’s even better. But let me know anyway, and hopefully you’ve enjoyed this week’s cards.

So Two of Pentacles, Four of Swords, Ten of Cups today. Find a balance, find your joy. Reframe your mindset so that you’re operating from a place of joy. Take time for yourself, meditate, look inwards and you can tune into the essence of love within yourself to bring about the happy ever after that you’re looking for. So have a great week. And I’ll see you all next week.

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