The time is now!

This week the cards are saying that the time is now! It is time to open your heart. Express your true nature and take that leap of faith. Step out of the comfort zone and live your best life. Are you ready?

The time is now

Cards from Radiant Rider Waite with the message that the time is now
Cards from the Radiant Rider Waite Deck

Ace of Cups

The Ace of cups is the first card that came up. Let’s have a look at this card. The card depicts a golden chalice coming sitting on a big white hand coming out of the sky. A dove is diving into the cup. Five streams of water are flowing from the cup. And there are lots of sprinkles of water going into a vast ocean below, covered with lotus flowers.

The cup respresents your subconscious self. Your authentic self, your inner self. The five streams that are coming down out of the cup are your five senses. And then the vast ocean bottom is all about your human spirit. Awakening with the lotus blossoms. The big hand coming out of the sky is you being aware of your spirituality. So there’s lots of different symbolism in this card.

Invitation to new beginnings

Aces are typically about new beginnings and invitations to accept a new path. So with the ace of cups, it’s all about compassion, love, creativity and spirituality pouring through you. So the invitation is to be your true creative and authentic self. To open your heart to be who you came here to be. It’s all about love.

I asked that the first card would indicate the focus. What should we be focusing on at the moment? Our primary focus. So it definitely symbolises that wealth of spirituality, intuition and love within you. The compassion and kindness that’s within you. For me, that really encompasses the energy of Reiki.

Loving Energy

Behind the scenes at the moment I am refreshing the Reiki training programme. To include more opportunities for learning between classes. As you know I am focusing on mentoring and teaching. So this card speaks to me about Reiki and tells me to place my focus there.

For me, this card really resonated because Reiki is love. Right? It is all about tapping into that beautiful energy that the universe is made of. Because that’s what it is.

An open heart

For you perhaps this is the perfect time for you to open your heart. The perfect time for you to tap into your creativity. To be more loving in your connections with people. Being more open to seeing the creative and spiritual opportunities all around you.

This card does appear in tarot readings whenever you’re wanting to let your true self shine through. Expressing yourself in what it is you’re doing every day. When you want to express your authentic self. Whenever you say I am. Who is the I? It is you underneath the layers of personality. That’s what this card represents.

Creative potential

Perhaps it’s about seeing fresh potential in things that you’ve already been doing. Or shifting your perspective slightly and seeing how you can do things better or more creatively. Maybe how you can work smarter instead of harder.

It can sometimes represent a new beginning in a relationship. Or perhaps a new friendship or partnership in some shape or fashion where the two of you can wholeheartedly be yourselves. To generate a new pathway together.

Be of service

This card indicates it’s really about focusing your energy on giving rather than taking. Of making the most of any opportunity where you can help others but also looking after your own inner self.

What is it that makes you tick? Consider what is it you really want to do. Do you want to go and take an art class? To go and learn how to salsa? Go and do it! What is going to help you express yourself? Do you want to learn the Tarot? Go and do it. The time is now! Do you want to learn how to do work with healing energy? Learn – find a teacher.

So the focus is very much is about expressing yourself honestly, with an open heart. Because an open heart is so much stronger than a closed one.

The Fool

The second card that came up is The Fool. All about unlimited potential. It’s number zero in the Major Arcana. The Major Arcana consists of 22 cards, and The Fool is ever present on his journey through those cards. The fool’s journey is like a metaphor for for all the trials and tribulations in life. When you learn to read the cards, you see yourself mirrored throughout the journey.

The Fool stands in his flamboyant outfit at the edge of a cliff. The sun on his back. Mountains around him, he looks to the sky. He carries all he needs in his little knapsack. A white rose in his head representing his innocence. The dog at his feet indicating protection and loyalty.

He is not afraid to step off this cliff into the unknown. He’s completely oblivious to the fact that there are potential dangers. He’s excited. This is all about new potential and excitement.

He’s not looking at the mountains. He sees no challenges. Looking wistfully up to the universe, excited. This is childlike energy. Only seeing opportunities and potential.

Subconscious Viewpoint

When I drew these cards, this card was to symbolise what’s going on underneath the surface in the subconscious. Subconsciously, you’re ready for this new beginning. You have perhaps been planning for it for a while. Perhaps you’ve been making some plans in the background but the time is now!

The ace of cups and this card says it is a new beginning. It’s a double whammy. If you have been waiting for a sign. This is it. The time is now! Take that leap of faith. You will never feel 100% ready. If you wait until all your little ducks are in a row and everything feels ready, you will never get there. Because you will never actually take that step.

How your brain works

Another thing about our human brain is that it really is designed for one thing only and that is to keep us alive and keep us safe. So it’s like a big computer programme. When you ask yourself, “should I do something”, the answer will inevitably come from your brain and say no. Because on a primal level, your brain just wants you to survive. And change is scary. So if you do anything new, it’s a potential source of danger. So therefore the brain says “no”.

Which explains why we sometimes have this battle between head and heart. A better question to ask is “How can I?” For example, how can I take this next step? How can I – insert whatever your project is in. Maybe you can ask how can I grow my new business? How can I get a better job? Or how can I improve my relationship?

Ask how

You ask how? The brain says, oh I don’t know. Let me work that out for you. And then starts the process of trying to work out how you can do something. And then lean into your intuition not just your rational thoughts. Let the answers come to you. Then you have an action plan.

So this is a really good card to meditate on. If you’re struggling with direction and letting go of fear. Because the fool invites you to play and have fun. To develop a sense of wondrous curiosity.

Childlike wonder

Do you remember as a child how vivid your imagination was? You could do anything you were so full of excitement and wonder. That’s what this card asks you to do. To tap back into that curiosity. That childlike wonder. The acceptance that anything is possible if you just simply set your mind to it.

You have a deep and true spiritual nature. Ask how and let it go. Watch the answers come in. Maybe a teacher shows up with the exact course that you need. It may be that a friend mentions something that really helps you. Maybe you see an article online or in a book. Or hear something on the radio. You maybe have a dream that tells you what to do. Perhaps when you’re sitting in meditation and quiet contemplation, the answers will come to you.

Ask how. The answers will come. The time is now!

Three of Wands

The final card that’s come up this week is the three of wands. This card is in the position about conscious action. So the first card was what should we be focusing on? The second card was what’s going on underneath the surface. And this one’s is what’s happening at the surface. The stuff that we need to move and take action on.

This card depicts a man in red and green robes. He is standing on a hill looking down over water. There are ships in the distance and mountains. He has three wands firmly planted in the ground. There is a gorgeous golden light about this card.

The card shows that your plans are in motion. Now you’re watching to see what’s going on. The way I teach Tarot is a progression of a story from Ace through to Ten in each of the suits. In the two of wands, he’s standing with just the two wands behind a brick wall in his castle from a place of safety. Whereas with the three of wands, he’s actually emerged from that comfort zone. He has taken a step forward.

Step out of the comfort zone

So the advice in this card is to leave that comfort zone. Take that step forward and actually put your plans in motion. He’s up high looking down. Looking down at these boats. His plans that have been sent out into the world. He is aware of the various challenges and pitfalls that may come but also is looking for opportunities. So be aware of the potential challenges ahead and plan for them. But also be aware of the opportunities and grab them with both hands.

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. You know, there are so many ways for you to broaden your horizons. You can study, travel, explore. But you have to be brave enough to take the first step.

Keep the faith

He is committed to his course. Three wands are lodged firmly in the ground which signifies commitment to the path. Perhaps you need to step out of your comfort zone a little bit? You maybe need to travel to somewhere new. Maybe it’s time to actually put your travel plans into action. Perhaps it’s time to take on new roles you’re thinking about taking. Maybe it’s time to simply look for new ways of doing things. To bring fresh energy.

Keep it fresh

People often ask me why I continually refresh and change things. The simple fact is if you don’t, things become stagnant. You get stuck in a rut. So every year I look through my course material and I try and refresh it. That’s what I’m doing with the online Tarot course at the moment. And that’s what I’m going to be doing with the Reiki training programme too. Everything gets a refresh.


So it is time to grab that new beginning. The opportunity that’s presenting itself to you with an open heart full of creativity. Full of childlike wonder and being really excited for the opportunities that lie ahead. So that’s what the cards have to say this week. Nice and uplifting, fresh new energy coming in. The time is now!

So as always, let me know if it resonated with you. Let me know what speaks to you this week. And again, if there’s something holding you back, tell me what that is. What are your pain points – what’s keeping you stuck? Ask yourself the question. how can I get unstuck? And then watch and listen for the guidance.

I’ll see you again next week!

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