Tarot Tales – Story Telling with the Cards

One of the most difficult things to do is interpret your own Tarot cards. This is where Tarot Tales comes in – the art of story telling with the cards.

For some reason it is often easier to read for others than it is for ourselves. With this technique of writing stories with your cards, making yourself the third person subject, really helps. It almost gives you free rein to be totally honest in your interpretation.

Tarot Tales and Story Telling

Here is an example of a recent tarot story that I wrote on 3rd October. You can also listen on the pod this week as I narrate this and one other.

How can I transform my consciousness?

Debi never liked being told what to do. As she sat, in a way that would make her grandmother’s hair curl, on her very impressive throne, adorned with sunflowers and lions, she contemplated how much she enjoyed the magic in life. Her little black cat sat at her feet and they both enjoyed the clear, blue sky.

Queen of Wands - story telling with the cards

She was in Egypt, finally visiting the pyramids that had held such appeal since she was a little girl. There was such power hidden in these ancient monuments. She was fascinated by the energy and technology of ancient civilisations and desperately wanted to tap into that.

Sunflowers surrounded her and she held one in her hand. She loved how they always turned to face the sun. Instinctively – sensing the cosmic energy. She knew that in order to transform her life and wake up her consciousness she needed to act on her instincts. She needed to birth her subconscious desires and create something powerful in this world.

What specific actions can be taken to awaken energy in the body?

What actions could she take? She moved now to a seat by the sea to contemplate how she could transform her consciousness. Coloured rocks and crystals lay all around her – she loves a good crystal – their power is so healing! The waters gently lapped at her feet and she stared into the covered chalice in her hands.

Queen of Cups - story telling with the cards

The black angel wings on the handles reminded her that often true power is hidden in the shadows. Perhaps the answer to her quest lay inside the covered chalice. She could tap into her inner visions and dreams – meditate more and connect more deeply with the other layers of reality – tap into different levels of consciousness. Perhaps she could learn about dream analysis and get back in touch with creative writing. Art most definitely should feature – perhaps the specific action needed is to tap more into expressing the subconscious through visual art!

What dormant ability lies within?

She looked up from her daydream and spotted a rather odd looking chap on a horse that was clearly far too small for him. He was dashing about with a big wand and was dressed in a bright yellow robe. Certainly not afraid to stand out! He seemed to be able to take risks without any thought for his safety – blazing a trail wherever he rode. Swiftly changing direction as he needed and seemed rather carefree and passionate about his life. 

Knight of Wands - story telling with the cards

He reminded her that lying dormant within her was a passion for life and for art that was being forgotten. He sparked a feeling of being carefree in her. A long dormant side of her that needed to awaken once more. She had become swept up in the routine of life – going through the motions each day. It was time to break free from the rut!  So what if she made mistakes – who cares? If you aren’t making mistakes you are not taking enough risks! You are not living! You can always change direction and keep growing and learning – yes -this dormant energy was awakening inside her. She could feel it rising and the creative spark was ignited once more!

What experiences are needed in life?

Strength - story telling with the cards

Her gaze now fell upon an angelic being who seemed to be taming a lion! No fear there! The angelic wore roses wrapped around her waist and an infinity sign above her head. Spirituality is an important experience but so is physical struggle. The stresses and strains of everyday life do lead to an inner strength. She certainly knew that.

Lately she had been experiencing difficulties in her mental and emotional health. It does build a certain fortitude. She contemplated that if life was always easy then she would never grow. Without the hard times she would never appreciate the good times. Gazing upon this scene, she realised that strength is built from hardship and it allows you to grow. She needs to now weave her desires around her waist like the angel’s flowers. Moving in the direction of her dreams and leaning into the strength she has built over the years of her life so far.

What knowledge awaits us?

Hierophant - story telling with the cards

She found herself at the doors of an ancient temple. Inside she saw the spiritual teacher sitting with 2 students. He was passing on great knowledge and wisdom, esoteric secrets and ancient ways. She listened in quietly from the back of the room. He spoke of the duality of life and the need to be grounded. He explained that duality is needed in our 3D universe but in deeper consciousness there is no separation. All is one. We are all source energy. This life is about working with the apparent duality and being the alchemist of your life. Drawing in the lunar and solar energy to feed your deep intuition. This is the knowledge that awaits her – if she can lean deeply into the ancient arts of tarot, art, energy healing and intuition!

How will life change as a result of this knowledge?

3 Wands - story telling with the cards

She closed her eyes and imagined how her life would change as a result of all this knowledge and experience. Ah, she would be out in nature, at peace – watching her ships come and go. No longer stuck in her head – analytical judgement would be less important than her deep intuitive knowledge. She would be in the flow of life. At one with source energy – peaceful and observant. No rushing about – she would have achieved a spiritual perspective and a true understanding of the Divine Feminine. Bliss!

Want to hear more?

To listen to more and hear the follow up story, based on the Full Moon in Aries spread on 9th October please listen to the pod.

Share with me in the comments – would this technique of story telling with the cards help you?

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