Tarot Insights: Embracing Creativity, Self-Love, and Mastery

This week our tarot insights are all about embracing creativity, self-love, and mastery. I’ve used the Light Seers Tarot for this week’s musings. I treated myself to some new cards in the last few weeks and, as usual, the cards do not disappoint.

We have the Moon, The Knight of Cups, Page of Wands and 8 of Pentacles. For me, looking at these cards, the vibe is deeply creative and intuitive. I feel we are being asked to step into our emotions more fully and to also embrace imagination.

Let’s take a closer look.

Light Seers Tarot Cards - Moon, Knight of Cups, Page of Wands and 8 Pentacles

The Moon.

This card depicts a red haired woman in a blue dress, sinking into watery depths. The full moon shines above and on opposite banks, there are wolves – one white and one black.

This card speaks to my soul. It reminds me of the story of the wolves that live inside us – one full of love and the other full of fear. They are in constant battle, but the winner will be the one we feed. So which one are you feeding right now?

As you tune into your emotional depths – are you operating from a place of love and trust or from fear and anxiety?

The moon illuminates our shadows. She taps into the magic and the wonder of life. There is a deeply feminine flow to this card. The water imagery being hugely symbolic of tapping into emotions. We need to go deep. There is no point just skimming the surface – the answers you seek lie within yourself.

Only when we are brave enough to look deeply within will be learn who we truly are!

Knight of Cups

And I think that is why the Knight of Cups has come along. He reminds us to love ourselves. That we are worth loving and we must start with self love before we can find true love. Again, the concept of looking within.

Sometimes when we are looking deeply into our truest selves we are afraid of what we might find. We may see things in our shadow self that we don’t like. But it is often in our shadows that our deepest power lies. And the Knight of Cups comes to remind you that you came from love and you are love. The source energy within you, the light within you, is pure love.

It’s time to practice loving yourself. Caring for yourself. And trusting the emotional flow of your life. We occasionally fall in love with the idea of being in love. But true, unconditional love is Source energy. It is where we come from and where we return to. Tap into this compassion for yourself. See that light in others. By feeding the love inside yourself, the white wolf wins. And we start to see this light, love, and beauty in everyone around us.

Page of Wands

The page comes to say don’t worry if you haven’t got it all worked out! The potential is there and your creativity will make it happen! She is passionate, fun-loving and playful. She reminds you to not take everything so seriously.

What makes you belly laugh? Do more of it! What makes your heart sing? Do more of that! How do you want to show up in your life every day? Then do it and be it!

Wands speak of passion, creativity and taking action. The page is about the pure potential of that untapped creativity. We are all creative beings – shaping our reality by the thoughts we think, words we say and how we choose to perceive the world.

If you look for fear and problems then that is all you will see. But if you look for the magic, the wonder and the love – then you’ll find it everywhere you turn!

The 8 of Pentacles

This card pops in at the end to remind us that mastering a new skill takes time and patience. But with diligence and daily practice we can achieve whatever we set our minds to.

This came up in conversation last night in Soul Food Circle as we talked about spiritual development. There is a need to put the foundational practice in place. We can read all about meditation and mindfulness but unless we actually sit down to do it, nothing changes.

We can go to the Reiki classes and get all the certificates, but unless we are giving ourselves Reiki each day, then it won’t do anything for us.

This card is often called the self-employment card as it speaks of mastering your trade and being successful. But in order to do that you have to do the work. You need to do the social media activity that will increase your audience. We must learn the skills to help us run successful businesses. When it’s time to seek help we must reach out and take it.

Not only for the business owners out there, this card reminds us all of the need to have diligent, solid practices in our lives. The “go to” things that allow us to build a live we love.

I love the imagery on this card – as it shows candles, books, feathers, moon cycles and lots more. Reminding us to tap into the spirituality all around us – and within us – because that is who we truly are.

In conclusion, our tarot insights really showcase embracing creativity, self love, and mastery this week don’t they?

I’ll leave you with this question – what are you going to do today and who are you going be today that your future self will thank you for?

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