Surrender Attachment – Be Creative

Surrender Attachment – Be Creative

This week – surrender attachment and be creative! Over the last few weeks we have been urged to take charge of our lives. To be the artist and designer of our path. And to be responsible for our intentions and thoughts, as they shape our reality. This theme continues as we move into the new month of June.

Tomorrow, 31st May, sees us finally leave the intense eclipse energy portal from the eclipses. We have a new moon today in Gemini. So this gives us a fresh new energy to work with. Which is awesome as we move into a new month. Now is the time to really set the foundations for your newly designed life.

What did you learn throughout May? How can you now integrate that knowledge and move forward? Sit with this and make your plans. As always, we want to work with the energy, not against it.

Cosmic Energy for the Week Ahead

June is likely to be less intense than May. Mercury will be moving direct again later this week . You will be able to move forward with greater clarity. Several planetary bodies will also be in Taurus so that will provide stable and abundant energy for the first half of June. Work that to your advantage. Create your foundations. Act on your plans for a newly grounded and inspired life. Toward the end of the week, Saturn moves retrograde for its annual 5 month journey. This will be a lesson in patience and seeing the results of work you’ve put in.

Cards for this week

This week I am using the Wisdom from the Hidden Realms oracle deck by Colette Baron-Reid. We have drawn The Phoenix, The Cosmos and The Hungry Ghosts.

Card image - theme Surrender Attachment - Be Creative
Cards from Wisdom of the Hidden Realms by Colette Baron-Reid

The Phoenix – Resurrection, Surrender to Change

This card is all about surrendering to change and resurrection. Are you holding on to anything that really needs to go? Have you been through a dark night of the soul? Has life been a struggle lately? If so, then this card offers hope that rebirth is imminent.

We have to let things go before new energy can come in. We see this in nature all the time. There is a time for life and a time for death. Cycles of birth, life, death and rebirth. This is the natural cosmic order of things.

But as human beings, we don’t like change. We find it difficult to accept when things have to change. If we have to let go of something, or someone. Even when we know things aren’t quite right. You may intuitively feel that it is time to move on from something in your life. Please don’t perceive this as any failure – there are no mistakes. Everything is a learning experience. We can often be really hard on ourselves. And if things don’t pan out how we expect them to, then we think we have failed. This is not the case at all!

Energy never dies. It simply changes form. This card reminds you that no matter what you have been going through, newness is around the corner. Often when we finally surrender to change and allow the old energy to leave, a bright new beginning comes in. And it is usually when we realise it was definitely for the best!

The Cosmos – Creativity & Vastness

This beautiful card reminds us of the vast abundance of the cosmos. It asks us to tap into our natural creativity. This card represents the principle of infinity. The vastness of the energeti exchange of consciousness, which influences all living things.

Remember, every intention you set is powerful. It has a profound effect on the energy around you. We have been learning this over the last few weeks and months. It is a recurring message from the cards. You are powerful. A powerful creator! Co-creating with the universe every day of your life. So what are you creating?

Where are your thoughts leading you? Are you mindful and conscious of them? This card asks you to pay attention. Be the inspiring creator of your life. Like last week, take charge.

We cannot truly understand the depth of our energetic entanglement with the universe. New quantum physics studies are coming out every day. We are learning more and more about the true nature of our consciousness and the conscious universe. It seems that our intentions have much more far reaching effects than we can even imagine.

Think about that. How responsible do we need to be with our thoughts? Our energetic imprint impacts even the furthest star in distant galaxies. Isn’t that amazing? Imagine how truly fabulous our world could be if we all harnessed this creative potential for kindness, love and joy!

It is easy to get disheartened, particularly after the events in the United States last week. But it takes one person to make a change. Because as one person shifts up their energetic vibration it has an impact all around them. And as more and more of us stand up for love, kindness and compassion – that ripple effect will spread into the world.

This card reminds us to keep going. Work on your own energetic imprint. Focus on positive intentions and joy. Spread that high vibration energy wave into the cosmos. And as more and more of us do that, the tipping point will come!

The Hungry Ghosts – obsessions, scarcity consciousness & attachment

This final card is another reminder to be conscious of your thinking. It asks you to take an honest look inside your mind. Are you focusing on the past, or on the future too much? Is it taking you away from being present, here and now?

This card asks you to look at your behaviour. Are you repeating the same pattern and expecting different results? How often do you say, “This time it will be different”? Only to find it is not. Often when we think we have control over something, it is a deep denial of the truth.

Surrender this way of thinking. Let go of these addictions and repetitve behaviours. Surrender to the higher consciousness. Look within and stop being distracted by the world. What does your Soul need?

We can get so sucked into the world around us. Particularly because of the fast pace of life. All that glitters is not gold. Look beneath the surface of material desires. What does your heart yearn for? Remember why you are here.

Take some time out this week to consider what this card may be saying to you. We all get drawn in to other people’s needs. And sometimes we lose ourselves in the process. Take time this week to recharge your batteries. Lean into your heart space and find out what makes your Soul sing. And then go do it!

Did this resonate?

I hope these have resonated with you again this week. I’ll be back live on Facebook at 1pm again next Monday with more musings for you. You an always catch the replay on YouTube or listen to the pod on Soundcloud.

Leave me a comment and let me know if the cards spoke to you this week. And if you haven’t already, join the mailing list here so you get all the content links emailed to you each week.

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