The Rocks n Rituals story

From a small idea to a thriving wellness business, Rocks n Rituals is here to serve you

Someone recently asked me how I got into this business. And asked where the name Rocks n Rituals came from. I thought it would help if I explained. 

Rocks n Rituals started with crystals

I always loved crystals and all things esoteric in nature. Angels, spirits, tarot, the paranormal, etc. So in April 2010 I decided to do a crystal healing course and I loved it. I got to learn all about the different crystals. I discovered their healing properties and how everything in the universe is interconnected. I also learned about working with energy. That eventually led me to Reiki but I will come to that shortly!

I wanted to start working with my new found knowledge. But I soon realised that not too many people were that open to crystal healing at that particular time. It was all a little to “woo-woo” for them. I realised I needed to offer some more traditional treatments perhaps before people would begin to trust me and work with me on an energetic level.

What’s in a name?

By early 2011 I had qualified in aromatherapy and reflexology. I was now in need of a good name for my fledgling business. I wanted a play on rest and relaxation – RnR.  I wanted to reference my love for crystals and magic somehow as well. I knew even then that I wanted more than just a spa type business. It was my partner who came up with the name Rocks n Rituals.

By mid-2011 Rocks n Rituals was bringing in customers for massage and reflexology but I still felt something important was missing. I wanted to work with crystals and energy healing but I was stuck. I started hearing about Reiki. Determined to find out more, I read everything I could get my hands on to find out more about this healing system. 

My ego brain however was still in charge at that point and was saying “don’t be silly – Reiki is even more woo-woo than crystals!” I was struggling to make a decision when I opened a magazine and there was a feature all about Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Reiki. The angels were telling me to go for it – two of the things I already did plus the one I was thinking about. It couldn’t have been clearer.

Finding Reiki

I found a lovely Reiki Master in Belfast and completed my level 1 and 2 training with him by mid-2011. Reiki gave my practice a whole new meaning and I was also able to use my crystals in part during the treatments. As many of you know who have had a Reiki treatment with me – I often lay crystals on your chakra points to help amplify the energy. In fact, nowadays I am also a trained Crystal Reiki Master.

Since 2011 I have trained as a Usui Reiki Master and have gone on to study many other modalities, including Shamanism. My passion though is for energy healing and crystals. With my recent Crystal Reiki Master certification, I feel now is the time to start bringing the crystal work back into focus so I now offer more sessions and training in this area.


Shamanic Practice has also been a complete game-changer for me. Rocks n Rituals has now morphed from being a small crystal healing business into a thriving training service offering accredited training in Reiki, Tarot, Crystals and Shamanism.

Shamanic Practice has opened up the world of Spirit to me. It has profoundly changed me as a person. It is a process of direct revelation – meaning you experience the non-ordinary Spirit realms for yourself. 

I absolutely adore working with Shamanic Practitioners and I have been offering training now since 2019.  To see the fabulous transformation that occurs in my students as they go through the Medicine Wheel training just makes my heart sing.

Nature and Spirit are your teachers in Shamanism and once you remember your connection to the Earth, your life will change for the better.

Love, light & blessings,


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