Staying Upbeat in Lockdown

I’ve noticed that people are finding it more difficult to stay upbeat in lockdown this time around. So, I decided to write this little blog to try and help.

Can we stay upbeat in lockdown?

Do you think somehow we all thought 2021 would magically be different? I don’t know about you, but it seems some folk thought there would be a magic wand on the stroke of midnight on December 31st. If only, eh?

However, there are things we can all do, to stay upbeat in lockdown. Like what, I hear you cry!

Focus on Gratitude

This is one of the quickest ways to boost your positive vibe. This is not just listing things to be grateful for. I have an activity that may help you with this. You can download it here (no email address needed – this is completely free for you). This journal practice is best done at night. You consider your day and give it a score, then work through the sheet. Where can you pat yourself on the back? What went well today? Did anything trigger you and if so, what can you learn from it. This practice is a wonderful way of bringing gratitude into your life. It works wonders for my coaching clients who have embraced this journal activity.

Unleash your Creativity

Being creative allows you to focus on something else rather than your problems. When you immerse yourself into a creative activity, you can lose yourself for hours. Honestly, this is my favourite way to stay upbeat in lockdown. If you’ve followed me for a while you may know I like to paint.

A time lapse of me painting

Art has saved me throughout lockdown. Whether you paint or not, everyone is creative in some way. Perhaps you love to cook or work in the garden. Maybe you can knit or sew. Some people are fabulous story tellers and poets. Everyone is creative in some way. Even if you can’t quite work out your creative vibe – grabbing some pencils and a page can work wonders for your mood. Try mindful mandala art or colour in with your kids.

Weed the Mind Garden

Turn off the constant negativity from the media. Check in with what you are allowing into your space. Is your social media feed full of toxicity? Turn it off. Follow positive pages and inspirational people. Practice the art of meditation. Declutter your mind and focus your energy within yourself. I am a huge advocate of meditation. It helps me clear out my mind. Would you eat your dinner of dirty plates? No, of course not. So why do you approach today with yesterday’s cluttered mind? Even taking a 2 minute pause to simply breathe can work wonders for your mood. Daydreaming is great too. When did you last let your mind wander and visualise fun?

Move your Body & Eat Well

Studies have shown that a 10 minute walk can elevate your mood. By moving your body you can improve your state of mind. Any form of exercise is good. If you can get outside into nature then even better! If not, why not try Qi Gong – it is a moving meditation. This way you get to exercise and meditate all at once. Perfect if you are pressed for time!

If you also look after what you put into your body, you will feel better. When we nourish ourselves our gut rewards us. The gut brain is responsible for your mood. Put junk in, get low vibes.

Practice random acts of kindness

Have you ever noticed that kindness makes you feel good? When we are kind to others it boosts our mood. Why not challenge yourself to do 5 random acts of kindness this week? For example you could pay for someone’s coffee at the drive through. Maybe you could be kind to yourself. Take the afternoon off work and pamper yourself. Have a look at the image below for some more ideas.

Ideas for Kindness to Yourself and Others

Tell me about you …

I hope you find this helpful. Tell me, what do you like to do to stay upbeat in lockdown? Are you finding this period tough or OK? Remember, if you are struggling please do reach out. If I can help in any way please get in touch.

One last thing to say – every storm runs out of rain eventually. This will pass. You are special. Remember, you are loved. You are needed.

Much love,


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