Seer, Sage & High Priest

The cards this week come from Angels and Ancestors by Kyle Gray. We have the Seer, the Sage & the High Priest An interesting selection indeed. The blog follows. Want a pod instead? Listen here.

Seer Sage and High Priest - cards from Kyle Gray's Angels and Ancestors oracle deck

The Seers, Sage and High Priest – Shaping our Reality

Following on from last week, I was thinking about how we all have the power to shape our own reality. To be the leaders of our own lives. And when we apply ourselves and take action, we can be whoever we want to be!

It’s all about reframing things and checking in with our mindset. And the cards have clearly agreed because all 3 cards this week help us see just that!

This is why I love oracle and tarot cards. They never miss the point. We can often misunderstand them but they never fail to point us in the right direction.

Seer – see beyond the current situation

This card reminds us that even though we may feel stuck, we aren’t. It is time to see beyond this situation. Rather than languishing in feelings of being stuck, why not reframe it? Why not say that you are in a holding pattern while the universe arranges the optimum energy to help you move forward? Is that not much more empowering?

For example, I’ve managed to catch a summer cold that has been doing the rounds in my household. I could feel sorry for myself and begin to think that none of my healing tools or techniques work because I’ve caught the cold. Or I could acknowledge that my body is asking for a little time out. That I need to listen to my body and have a rest. This head cold won’t be here forever – only a day or two. In fact, because of my healing tools and techniques I only have the cold, rather than the flu that others have come down with.

Do you see how you can reframe things?

This is not about toxic positivity and ignoring difficulty. It is about reframing how you speak to yourself – because your body is always listening. When we learn how to use our words and thoughts in a more uplifting way, we can raise our energetic vibration. And this allows us to see through certain situations. To see the bigger picture which is what this card is all about.

Being a clairvoyant or “seer” is now about telling the future. It is about seeing clearly. Looking at different perspectives. Finding new ways of seeing things clearly so you aren’t muddled or confused.

I find it often helps to do a brain dump when I am feeling foggy or tired. It helps me get all the ideas out of my head and on to a piece of paper. That way my mind becomes clear and I can decide what to focus on next. I can start to see if there are repeating thoughts or patterns. Being a seer means to see through the situation. You can do that in your own life, and if you use cards or other divination techniques then that is also a win-win!

You have the power to shape how you see things. So rise up. Look beyond the current situation – how can you reframe it?

The Sage – Be devoted and committed

Ah the Sage – my favourite archetype. Seeker of knowledge and wisdom. Teacher. Something I aspire to be every day! I love this card – it reminds us to be devoted to our craft. To our work and learning. Knowledge comes with learning and experience. We all create the lives we lead using our experience.

Sometimes we need to find a teacher and other times we must step up and be the teacher. Which is it for you?

This card is also about taking notes about your experiences. You can use them to help others. My friend Melissa Amos has just written her memoirs – her new book a Mystic in Training will be out soon. She is a key example of how you can use the story of your life to help other people.

This card also reminds us to walk the full path, and back again. To not take shortcuts and to be devoted to what we came here to do. When we fully commit to our passion and purpose we can achieve great things.

It also reminds us to look deeply within. To be the observer of our own life. Because when we understand our inner workings we are more self aware. And this awareness helps us navigate life. We begin to understand why we do what we do. And we can begin to observe our thoughts and words, so that we can use them in a powerful and uplifting way. To be the leaders and teachers in our own life and to also help others and serve.

The High Priest – Intend and Create

As if we hadn’t already been shown this with the first two cards, our third card hammers the message home. Whatever your intentions are, you will create them. This card is about taking action. About carefully creating your reality and your destiny by making powerful intentions.

It’s not a card about wishful thinking or manifesting. I saw a post the other day in a business group where someone asked if anyone had a meditation they could listen to that would help them make money while they slept. I mean, I’m all about the power of manifesting your dreams but you’ve got to take some action right?!

Even if you want to win the lottery you have got to buy a ticket at least! So this card reminds us to actually take action. Intention is a powerful force. When you intend to make something happen you put such a lot of energy behind it. You drive it forward. It sets in motion a series of events to bring the desired result to you.

So we can see from these 3 cards this week that we have the power within ourselves to create and shape our reality. That using the divine masculine force of the High Priest, along with the teachings and wisdom of the Sage, we can become the Seer. We can see beyond current situations and circumstances. We can use our experience and insight to inspire ourselves and others. And we can create the life we came here to lead.

So my question to you is this – what are you creating right now?

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