Samhain – Death & Rebirth

Samhain blessings to you and yours! This is my favourite time of year. I love this Sabbat as it reminds us that life and death are a cycle, with death comes rebirth. This is a time to honour those who have passed on before us and to celebrate new beginnings as we move forward into the new year.

Samhain – the Wiccan New Year

Samhain is traditionally the Wiccan new year. At this time we cut loose anything that we want to leave behind. It is time to shed our limiting beliefs and old habits. Time now to to focus on new birth – what do you want to bring into your life?

In order to make room for something new, you need to leave old things behind. Change can often seem scary but it is necessary to allow you to grow and give birth to new ideas, passions and abundance in your life.

Samhain Apple Magic

You can practice some apple magic to help you remove things from your life. Take an apple and cut it in half along the middle to reveal the five pointed star within. This is a symbol from the Goddess. Hold the apple in your hand and think about all the things you wish to leave behind. Pour in all the negativity and all the limiting beliefs you have. When you feel ready place the two halves of the apple together and secure them with wooden cocktail sticks. Take the apples outside and bury them in the ground to allow Mother Earth to transmute the negativity and restore balance to your life.

Crone Goddess

This is the time of the crone Goddess – the wise woman. She has a wealth of knowledge and power. Honour your elders at this time, remember your loved ones who have gone before you. You can hold a feast or supper at this time using the lovely produce from the harvest. Lay a place at the table for your departed loved one and they will join you for the celebration.

Honour your Ancestors

The veil is thin at this time of year – a perfect time for divination and communicating with our loved ones on the other side. Create a sacred space and envisage white protecting light all around you. Sit quietly and light a candle in remembrance of your loved ones. Bring them to mind and meditate for a while on the love you feel for them. Keep a notepad handy and jot down any insights or messages that you may receive.

You can also use your Tarot cards and ask for guidance. Or book a reading with a trusted advisor or card reader. Maybe you may even want to consider researching Shamanism. Shamanic Practice allows you to connect easily with your Ancestors.

samhain celebrations

Have fun & celebrate!

Although we may be living with restrictions in 2020, we can still have fun. There are lots of great crafts you can do to involve your children as well at this time of year. Why not carve some pumpkins together? Make apple pies or walk outside and enjoy the wonderful colours of Autumn. Dress up in fancy dress – did you know this is an old tradition designed to scare away malevolent spirits and to confuse the fairy folk who are said to wander on Halloween night?

However you celebrate Samhain may you be blessed and enjoy yourself. It is a celebration of life and death – the Witches’ New Year! Sing, dance and celebrate life and the abundance you have.

Blessed Be.

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