Resonating love, not fear

This week I want to chat about operating from a place of love, rather than fear.

A little story to begin with

Our bedroom door catches on the carpet. The door needs planed at the bottom. A sliver of wood simply needs removed and the door will move more freely, without catching. And without us needing to use all our strength to open and close it.

Last night I was sound asleep. Then the cat wanted out and my partner got up to let her out. Until the door caught on the carpet I was blissfully unaware and happily asleep. The noise of the door moving across the carpet woke me.

I lay there thinking why haven’t we sorted this yet? It has been 9 months now since we moved in and put the new carpet down. 9 months of saying “we must get that door fixed”.

Funnily enough there is another door downstairs that has a similar issue. It catches on the tiled floor in the hall. Again, it is a simple job to fix but one that we haven’t got round to yet.

Why am I telling you this?

Well it got me thinking. We have just got used to these doors being sticky. It’s just how they are and we are living with it. And every now and then it annoys one of us and then we forget about it again until the next time.

So I started to think what else in life have we simply got used to? What else do we just put up with because “that’s the way it is?”

For example, here in Northern Ireland we have had no functioning government for so long now that it seems normal. Normal that one political party can hold the entire country to ransom because they aren’t getting their way. And yet we carry on, giving off about it in our homes yet nothing changes.

Our NHS is on its knees. As a volunteer with St John Ambulance I have seen the carnage at Emergency Departments across the province. And as a recently bereaved daughter I saw the pressures first hand inside the hospital during my mum’s care before her passing.

Just how it is

And yet we are simply getting used to it. It is just how it is.

Yes, there are strikes and murmurings of protest and discontent. But ultimately we get used to the hardships. Used to the ever rising cost of living. And used to things that don’t sit well with us.

Why is that do you think? Is it because we feel powerless to change anything?

On a more personal note then perhaps we get used to being in a job we don’t particularly like. Or we stay in a relationship that is not good for us. Maybe we allow people to treat us badly or take us for granted. Because “that’s just the way it is”.

Why? Again, do we feel trapped or powerless? Do we believe we have no choice?

Taking back control

Is it not time that we took back our power and sovereignty?

Last week I heard of the death of an old friend. He had died suddenly and was only in his 50s. Only a couple of years older than me. I knew that he had, no doubt, made plans for the future like we all do. I wondered what he had perhaps put off to another day – only for that day to never come.

It makes you think doesn’t it?

Certainly makes me want to take full control of my life. OK, I still probably won’t get around to sorting that door any time soon but I most definitely will BE who I want to be.

love will always defeat fear

Love not Fear

I was reading the Map of Consciousness Explained, a book by the late Dr. David R Hawkins. He created this map of consciousness based on logarithms and it has been tested and calibrated over many years. I’ll not get into the how and why just now – you can read the book for yourself, and I recommend you do. One part stood out for me, so far. He talked about how one person resonating at the frequency of love holds the balance for 750,000 people who resonate at lower levels of consciousness, such as fear.

Wow. 1 person holding the balance for 750,000 people. Shows how powerful love is. What a powerful state of resonance to be in. And this is why 1 person can make all the difference.

If 1 person works on themselves to rise up out of fear, powerlessness and guilt and steps into courage, acceptance and love then more people are held in the balance. And eventually then we can tip the scale! So it becomes our natural state to be resonating in love, rather than fear.

Imagine if each of us operated from a place of kindness, love and powerful courage. Our world would be a totally different place. A place where we don’t have to put up with wars, disease, poverty, hardship and instability. Because those things simply wouldn’t resonate or survive against the powerful force of love.

Challenge – choose love not fear

So I challenge you this week to look at where you can take back your own power. Where can you show love – for yourself and for others – by doing something kind. Doing something brave that helps you step into who you truly are.

Remember – you have the divine light of creation within you and you can be whoever you choose to be. Choose love, not fear.

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