Reiki – Your Innate Healing Power

The Healing Power is already in You!

Reiki healing is about discovering your own innate power. The practices and meditations you use in your personal practice help you to discover your own inner light and power.

Our innate healing power doesn’t come from a teacher or from a Reiki practitioner. It comes from within you.

Remembering your True Self

The real healing power is our true self in its fullest – because in this state we are so open and expanded, like space – like the cosmos. And therefore we have a tremendous amount of free flowing energy at our disposal.

When we remember our true self – our source energy – our mind becomes clear, like a mirror. We hold up the mirror and see ourselves – clearly in our true light. But if our mirror is dusty with attachments, ego, worry, anger, fear, then we cannot see anything at all. Perhaps we get little glimpses of our true self and healing potential but that is all.

Holding up the Mirror

As teachers we hold up the mirror so the student sees themselves in their full power. As practitioners we hold up the mirror so the client sees themselves in their fully healed state. So the clearer your mind, the clearer the mirror and the stronger your innate healing power.

There is no separation between any of us.Separation is an illusion. we are all intrinsically connected to Source energy.

Reiki Healing in Soul Food Circle

Tonight in Soul Food Circle I will be in the Reiki healing circle with the members working on this concept. We will be doing a deep dive into remembering our connection. And a beautiful guided meditation to step off the front line of our mind and into the awareness of source energy.

Soul Food Circle

True Meaning of Reiki

It is important to always come back to the true meaning of Reiki.

Reiki is not something that we do. It is not about giving healing to someone else – we cannot do that. Each of us must heal ourselves! Reiki is something we ARE!

As practitioners it is vitally important that we remind our clients that we simply hold space for them to heal themselves. The real magic of Reiki lies in a person remembering their true self.

Be the Great Shining Light

The whole point of Reiki is to remember who you are. To be the great shining light. To step fully into your power and recognise that we all have this innate healing power within us.

No teacher or practitioner can give that to you. We can give you the tools and show you the way but you have to discover it for yourself.

Just like you can lead a horse to water but cannot make it drink, you cannot force healing upon another person.

It’s not a magic wand – you need to take action too

My art mentor quoted Davina McCall’s comments from one of her recent podcasts. You don’t simply put a destination into the sat nav and then wait for the car to take you there. You have to drive the car!

Reiki is not a magic wand. You can’t simply go to a Reiki healer and lie on a table for an hour and expect a miraculous cure. But what you can expect, from a good practitioner who is there to empower you, is space to heal yourself. Space to remember who you are. Reminders of your connection to Source energy. And the realisation that you are powerful beyond measure.

I will leave you with one of my most favourite quotes from Marianne Williamson – “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

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