Reflect on Life – 4th July 2022

This week’s theme in the cards is all about how we need to reflect on life. Thinking about your dreams and how your life is a result of the actions you take.

Reflections on Life – Wisdom of the Hidden Realms

Cards from Wisdom of the Hidden Realms
Reflections on life with our cards from Wisdom of the Hidden Realms

This week I have used cards from The Wisdom of the Hidden Realms deck. It is a deck I turn to whenever I’m feeling a little bit stressed or frazzled. When I feel that maybe I’ve fallen out of my good practice. As you can imagine, my routine has been thrown quite significantly with all the changes that have been going on. And as a result I have fallen off my daily meditation & journalling practice. In fact I have stopped doing the things I need to do to keep myself centred and I can feel it.

For me it manifests as irritation and frustration. Getting really snappy with people. I have noticed that I don’t like the person I become whenever I don’t get into my meditation space. So I’m so grateful now to have my room back together. To have the house sorted so I can get back into that routine.

Nonetheless, I have tried to do things throughout these last few weeks. I have still tried to do things to keep me on an even keel. Like getting my bare feet on the earth and drinking lots of water. Lots of things like that. So there are always ways to bring things in that help.

Life is a series of changes and flows. And sometimes you really do struggle to keep things on that even keel. So if you’re struggling give yourself a break. Give yourself a break, take a deep breath and find one thing that you can do that will help. And that will make a world of difference for you. These Wisdom of the Hidden Realm cards are some of the most supportive cards. I use them to gain insight when my head is a little bit busy. When I maybe don’t have the clarity to interpret tarot cards and
their deep nuances of meaning.

The Dream Walker

The first one that came up was the Dream Walker card. But it came up reversed so it is a Challenger. When this Dream Walker card comes to you in any reading, it’s about understanding that your dreams can come true. That everything is going well. But whenever it’s reversed that reminds you not to give up on your dreams. We sometimes walk through life on autopilot. Sometimes finding ourselves in a collective nightmare. But we can wake up at any time. We can step out of that collective hopelessness. Step out of the collective nightmare and step back into our own dreams.

So have you forgotten what it is that you really love to achieve in your life? What are your dreams? It’s amazing how many people say they don’t know what their dreams are. But you do know. You just can’t express them. Sometimes you feel a bit selfish to express what it is that you want out of life. That it might hurt someone else that because that’s not what they want. Or perhaps that if you follow your dreams someone else will not be able to follow theirs. So you maybe say to yourself, well that’s okay then I just I’ll let mine go.

Why should you? Your life is equally valid. And your life is important. Nobody’s asking you to go out and hurt anyone. But at the same time you need to follow your dreams and follow your passion.

You can wake up from a collective nightmare that you may find yourself in. It is challenging you to remember your dream. Challenging you to understand where you may need to wake up from your slumber. And challenging you to see the bigger picture. To see through illusion. And to see through where you’re maybe allowing yourself to be hemmed in by other people’s expectations. Think about that. Consider how that might resonate in your life.

The Prison Waif

The card is The Prison Waif – self sabotage and poverty consciousness. This is a card again reminding you that thoughts are things. What are you telling yourself on a daily basis? I was having this conversation with a Reiki class on Saturday. A small class – just a couple of students on board. We were chatting about the importance of the words “I am”. What are you saying when you say “I am”?

Am I what I am actually saying? Are you saying things that are actually sabotaging yourself? Perhaps not following your dreams because you don’t think that you can? Perhaps you might say things like, “What’s the point because I will fail anyway?” Or I’m not good enough. What is going on? Are the words that follow “I am”, holding you back and sabotaging yourself? Where do you sabotage yourself? And we all do we all do it! I do it on all the time. But I have learned to catch myself on when I start to say things like that.

Things like I can’t. Or I don’t have time. You find when you’re feeling overwhelmed you hear yourself saying I’m too busy. Or I can’t do that. I haven’t got the bandwidth for that. It’s absolutely vital to say no to things whenever you need to but it is also important to say yes to the right things.

I see it all the time. People almost getting everything they are want. Then just as they are about to grab it they stop themselves. Because they have a fear. They have this inbuilt fear. Or they say, “Oh who do I think I am to get this fabulous dream come true?” Well let me ask you – who are you not to deserve this? Your light shines ever so brightly. Keep shining it. Take what’s rightfully yours. Live the life that you want to lead and stop sabotaging yourself. Because when you do that you give other people permission to do the same.

Lady of the Mirror

The last card that’s come up is both the Challenger and an Ally. The Lady of the Mirror. This one is about reflecting on where you are in your life. And how your choices have led you to where you are today. But it’s not a stick to beat yourself with. It’s a non judgemental card. So it’s simply to acknowledge and notice your life and the part you play in it. Because when we start to notice how our choices and our decisions lead to certain consequences, then we can actually start to make better choices and decisions. We consciously then drive our own lives. Rather than letting life happen to you and being the victim. You actually then step into being the empowered driver of your life. You’re no longer the passenger. So you’re driving your life the way it needs to be.

We need to reflect on life. It’s good practice to do this, you know, a journaling practice or keeping a diary at the end of every day. Noticing what choices you made today and how that worked out for you. You are not judging yourself. Just noticing. It allows you really to take a step back and detach so that you can objectively look at how your day went. Or how your week has been.

Regular reflection points

From a business point of view, every month I look back and think about what went well what didn’t go so well. As ambulance crew we’re encouraged to reflect. To write up reflections about patients, learning points and things that went well or not. So reflecting is a very very powerful too. And the lady of the mirror asks you to reflect. She asks you to look deeply within yourself. To look at your life and see how it is reflected back. Not to apportion any blame. It’s not to say that that you deserve anything. That’s that’s really limited thinking.

It’s about stepping out of those limiting beliefs and that fear based thinking. Looking at your life as it is right now. How have I contributed to this? What things have I done really well that have given me this lovely life? Or what things have I done that perhaps have led me into this place where it’s not so good right now? What can I do to change it? Because you can always make changes. You can always have a choice. There’s always something you can do. Even if it’s the tiniest little thing. You know even the grandest journeys start with one small step.

Final Musings

So we’ll leave those thoughts with you for now. Take a look at the bigger picture of your life. Look at the decisions you’ve made. Consider how you have come to be where you are. Notice your limiting beliefs. Observe the thought patterns that hold you back and sabotage yourself. And allow yourself to wake up from any collective dream, which isn’t serving your highest good. Tap back into your power as you reflect. You can also perhaps reflect on what your dreams are and what you would like them to be. We’re now in the second half of this year. Did you set any intentions at the start of the year? Why not check out and reflect on that as well? Check in and reflect where you are in the greater scheme of things. Are you closer to your plan you’d set in place or further away from it?

You’ll be able to readjust how you would like the second half of this year to go. The next six months, so that when you are looking back at the end of the year you can be where you want to be. These are all thoughts for you to muse about this week. Have a think about it. Leave a comment and let me know if it spoke to you. Let me know what you’re going to do this week. Feel free if there’s bigger questions out there that you would like answered, drop them in the comments. I can blog and muse on them for you. We can use the cards so please share your thoughts. Share any questions that you would like answered. I will ask you all again next week.

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