Reclaim your Power! Weekly Musings 14th March 2022

Reclaim your Power

Here we are again – it is time for the weekly musings and to reclaim your power! I hope that things are going well for you. I have to say, it still doesn’t feel quite like spring with all the rain. And it is still very cold! At least we know that in the next couple of weeks, we have the Equinox. And we also have the clocks moving forward which will give us some brighter evenings. That is definitely something to look forward to.

Solar Flare – Northern Lights

Hopefully you can feel the lift in the cosmic energy. You may also know that we’ve had a solar flare coming directly towards earth. That will be lighting up the skies with the Aurora for those lucky enough to see it. A photographer that I follow, Tony Dalton photography, has managed to capture some fantastic pictures on Ballycastle Beach. So if you’re on the North coast of Ireland and it’s clear tonight, (if the rain stops long enough), if you look up you might just see the northern lights! I think that might be one of the most magical things to ever see.

Shamanic Oracle Deck

I wanted to read from the shamanic medicine cards this week. I taught a lovely shamanic class yesterday and it was very powerful. We were doing a lot of healing and transfiguration work. Whenever I came home I saw a beautiful double rainbow. It was one of the most stunning rainbows I’ve ever seen. It landed on the field just in front of the house. I was very tempted to go and look and see if the pot of gold was there! Because I had actually been in Dublin earlier in the week with my daughter for a rock concert. We visited the National Leprechaun Museum while we were down there. It was good fun – lots of magic and entertainment.

I think it’s important that we remember to notice the magic in life. I think more than anything, if we can hold on to our light and hold on to the magic in the world, then we can’t go wrong. It’s very easy to fall prey to the Fear Factory too. Yes, there are things going on in our world. Costs are rising. There’s lots of opinions about all these different things.

Empower Yourself

Stop giving away your power away to other people. Hold that back for yourself. Stand in your own heart. Judge your own actions through your own integrity. You know what’s right for you. So with that said, I drew three cards from the Shamanic Medicine Oracle deck.

Reclaim your power - Shamanic Oracle Cards
This week’s cards from the Shamanic Medicine Oracle


The first one is the Lodge card which was all about seeking wise counsel. Seeking advice from those who may be able to help you. You don’t have to do it all alone! In tribal communities the lodge would be the central hub. It would be the place where elders would gather. Where everybody would come to for advice and to seek counsel. Part of the community together.

I think in our society and others, we’ve really lost that community spirit. We’ve lost that ability to go to our elders and ask for advice, guidance and wisdom. I think we’ve lost our ability to connect with each other. Because we’re constantly all sitting on our screens and are obsessed with our phones.

Ask for help

So this card reminds you to seek out the wise counsel and take advice from others. Now, if you’re asking for advice, you may get lots of different perspectives. That can be very useful because it can let you start to see different ways of looking at things. If you ever get ridicule or laughter from those you ask, then you know never to ask those people again. It helps you weed out the people who are good for advice and the people who aren’t. Please know that it’s not a sign of weakness to ask for help or advice.

Likewise, if you’re thinking of embarking on a course, speak to the teachers. Speak to as many different teachers and course providers as you can. Get a feel for what’s right for you. And allow all the advice and guidance to come in. But then you sit with it. You discern what’s right for you.

So it’s not about getting the run-around by asking for advice from different people. If anything, you’ll find different perspectives. Alternative ways of looking at things. Just remember, you don’t have to do it all yourself. By staying silent and holding everything in, being afraid to speak your truth and ask for help, you actually do yourself a disservice.

Soul Retrieval

The second card that came up this week was the Soul Retrieval card. All about reclaiming your power. Again, back to reclaiming your yourself and your light. In shamanic cultures if someone feels that they have lost themselves, they’ve lost their spirit. They’ve lost the ability to laugh and play and dance and have fun or they have gone through a trauma. Quite often it’s seen as a fracturing of the soul or the spirit.

The shaman will travel to the Otherworld to reclaim those parts. This card also reminds you that you can call back your power yourself. As I said before, there’s an exercise I do morning and night. I wash off anything that’s not mine. And I call back any power I’ve given away. Then I surround myself in a bubble of healing energy as I go about my day. That really helps me to stay balanced.

The Soul Retrieval card asks you to reclaim your power. So look at where you’re giving it away. Where are you giving too much of yourself? Are you running on empty? Where are you constantly giving and giving but getting nothing back. Reclaim your power! You know as the first card said, yes, ask for advice. But you don’t have to blindly follow other people’s opinions and other people’s advice if it doesn’t feel right.


The final card this week is the Flute card. All about expression, speaking your truth and expressing yourself. One of my lovely students in my shamanic class yesterday had been to Sedona. She came back and had brought us all hand carved Native American flutes. Carved by the Navajo! It’s so beautiful! So it is lovely that this card has come up.

This card is all about setting outside in nature with the little flute and allowing the music to move through you. To help you express yourself. I am aware that we will not all have handcarved fluids from the Navajo. However, we can still use music to express ourselves we can still put a piece of music on and allow it to move us. Music helps you move your body and allows you to express emotions. Perhaps you could express yourself in different ways. By using your voice, by writing, or by creating something.

Where do you need to express yourself? Do you need to use your voice so that you can speak your truth? Reclaim your power!

In conclusion

These are just some thoughts for this week. It’s very short and sweet. I am in the middle of house hunting so please send all the positive vibes that you can! Hopefully these cards have spoken to you. So remember, the Lodge card. Seek counsel and ask for advice. Take all the perspectives on board. Weed out the ones that are relevant and the ones that aren’t. Reclaim your power with the soul retrieval card. Sit in your power and discern what’s right for you. And then you can express yourself. Use your voice to speak your truth because there’s only one of you. And even if other people are doing the same thing or it looks like they’re doing the same thing. They’re not doing it in the same way as you. Because you are unique and you have your own unique expression. Your own unique energy imprint and your own unique voice. So take from this what you will.

Have a fantastic week and I will be back again next week with more musings from the cards. Remember you can catch the full reading on Facebook or YouTube. If you prefer to listen you can find the pod on Soundcloud.

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