Moving your body – the path to healing mind, body & spirit

I don’t know about you, but I definitely don’t move my body enough. Never one for sports at school and certainly not into dance unless there was excessive alcohol on board back in the day! But I know that when I do move, I feel so much better. This week in my podcast, I had the absolute pleasure of chatting with Charlotte Wassell about moving your body.

Charlotte is the creator of Motion Beyond Pain and the Springboard programme – helping people move beyond physical aches and pains & back to enjoying life confidently, fearlessly & joyfully! Working in the fitness and movement industry since 2009, she is a Personal Trainer and Biomechanics Coach with a special interest in Pain Management and has taught across the UK and internationally. She is also a professional belly dancer and when she gets some downtime, it usually involves red wine and pizza.

She chatted to me about bringing physical movement into your body – which not only helps with reducing pain and inflammation but also brings healing to your mind and spirit. I know you’ll love listening to what she had to say. You can listen here on Spotify or alternatively why not watch us on YouTube.

Charlotte coaches groups and 1:1 online and teaches online and live classes in Brighton. 

For more information and goodies find her at , Charlotte Wassell on FB and @solarismoves on IG.

She has a free challenge starting 4th September “5 Minutes is Better Than No Minutes” – sign up here –

Get a taste of her teaching style by accessing one or both of these free videos –

“Strong & Mobile Spine Sequence”

“3 Exercises for Lower Back Pain Relief”

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